WWE Roadblock 2016: 6 Reasons Roman Reigns Should Be WWE Universal Champion Headed Into WrestleMania

December 12, 2016 - WWE

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WWE has a tip male problem. Don’t trust me? Go behind and watch a categorical eventuality of Survivor Series and come behind in about 90 seconds. WWE doubled down on part-timers with a widespread Goldberg feat over Brock Lesnar that has spawned what is now a biggest argument in a company.

But forward of their subsequent strife during The Royal Rumble, a WWE Universal Championship between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens during WWE Roadblock: End of a Line will merely offer as an appetizer. That’s all that pretension has ever seemed like given it was unveiled. Just a big, red appetizer. Finn Balor couldn’t stay healthy prolonged adequate to reason on to it, and even if he did, who’s to contend he wasn’t going to be requisitioned like Rey Mysterio circa 2006?

Meanwhile, Kevin Owens has been one-half of a comedy act with Chris Jericho via most of his run. And that’s a origin of a Universal Championship. Like, all of it. This is really most a championship in despair, and come Roadblock, there are 6 reasons that advise Roman Reigns usually competence be a male to save it.

Universal Championship is Being Outpaced by Raw Women’s Championship

WWE Raw is commencement to collect adult steam, and Kevin Owens’ run as Universal champion has really small to do with it. In new weeks, WWE has positioned a Raw Women’s Championship argument between Sasha Banks and Charlotte as its main eventuality module and ratings have solidified as a result. The November 28 book of Raw, that featured a categorical eventuality between Sasha Banks and Charlotte, garnered a second-largest audience given a start of football deteriorate with a third-hour viewership of 3.039 million.

The follow-up one week later, that usually advertised a non-wrestling shred between Charlotte and Ric Flair, saw a rather small 4.3% decline. Compare this to a Nov 21 book of Raw, that saw a steep 11.6% first-to-third-hour decrease to 2.772 million viewers notwithstanding being headlined by Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins for a Universal Championship.

If WWE can accelerate a universe championship design a approach it has with a Raw Women’s Championship, Raw’s ratings can benefit, generally with football deteriorate sketch to a close.

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