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December 18, 2016 - WWE

The final WWE pay-per-view of 2016, Roadblock: End of a Line will start to set a theatre for a Royal Rumble — 6 weeks from now — and play a vital purpose in determining a instruction of a product as WWE moves into a many critical 4 months of it’s year.

With 4 titles on a line, dual prerequisites and many of a Raw brand’s tip stars in action, this is an eventuality we need to compensate courtesy to Sunday night in Pittsburgh.

CBS Sports will refurbish this post with live formula around Roadblock, that starts during 8 p.m. ET. For now, check out a full label and compare predictions below, along with information on how to watch a eventuality no matter what device we are using.

Live results

Tag Team Championship — Sheamus Cesaro def. The New Day (c) around pinfall to win a titles: Cesaro got a event to browbeat early, though Sheamus incidentally attack Cesaro supposing an event for multiplication by New Day, including a Big Ending by Big E. Cesaro, however, kicked out, and interjection to a Brogue Kick from Sheamus to Big E on a outside, placed Kofi Kingston in a Sharpshooter. Just as Kingston began to daub out, Xavier Woods got a referee’s attention. Cesaro afterwards strike a Neutralizer usually for Kingston to be saved during a final notation by Big E. Woods stepped in again to take a brunt of a Brogue Kick, permitting Kingston to strike a S.O.S. on Sheamus, who kicked out. A missed tab by Sheamus to Cesaro — played off as eloquent by Cesaro — had Kingston consider Cesaro was a authorised man, so he strike him with Trouble in Paradise. Seeing as Sheamus was indeed a authorised man, he sprang into movement and immediately rolled adult a astounded Kingston for a 1-2-3. New Day’s WWE-record tab group pretension power is over, finale with a extensive compare and a good “out” for a many over group in a company.

Sami Zayn def. Braun Strowman around survival: This compare had a 10-minute time limit; Zayn usually indispensable to final a full time in sequence to win. Strowman positively dominated Zayn by a initial 6 mins as Mick Foley began to travel down to th ering with a white towel. Strowman demanded Foley chuck it into a ring to finish a match, though Zayn begged him not to, stole it and threw it into a crowd. Still outward a ring, Zayn pacifist divided from a charging Strowman, who threw his physique into a ring post. Zayn avoided Strowman again as a large male crashed by a ringside separator and one final time inside a ring into a turnbuckles. With 30 seconds left, Zayn climbed to a tip wire and splashed Strowmanfor a two-count. He afterwards strike a Helluva Kick only seconds before time lapsed to stay alive. It’s a large win for Zayn, who will expected continue his argument with Strowman; a unchanging compare should be adult next.

Adam’s Roadblock predictions: 1-1

Predictions (remaining matches)

Cruiserweight Championship — Rich Swann (c) vs. TJ Perkins vs. The Brian Kendrick: The cruiserweight pretension has existed for 3 months and there’s already been 3 champions — a guys competing in this match. The multiplication has been utterly underwhelming so far, and a final thing it needs is a belt that binds no value. Pick: Rich Swann wins and retains a title

Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho: This is an early contender for compare of a night. Rollins and Jericho work good together, both on a mic and in a ring. With Royal Rumble a month divided and WrestleMania only around a corner, a Rollins pull needs to start as he’s not had many success as of late. It should start Sunday as going over Jericho, who’s been given his satisfactory share of wins during this many new comeback, means some-more now than it did a year ago. Pick: Seth Rollins wins

Women’s Championship (Iron Man Match) — Sasha Banks (c) vs. Charlotte: Talk about a pretension changing hands too often. Since a finish of Charlotte’s initial reign, a belt has left back-and-forth between her and Banks 5 times in as many months. The iron male chapter — wrestler with many falls in 30 mins wins — adds a bit of amour as a adversary is using out of “firsts.”

If they’re going to block off again during WrestleMania, a mangle in a head-to-head matchup needs to be taken, and that is best achieved with a pretension influence and no imperative rematch. It’s time for Charlotte to remove on a pay-per-view. Pick: Sasha Banks wins and retains a title

Universal Championship — Kevin Owens (c) vs. Roman Reigns: Considering a initial preference was to put a tag on Finn Balor, Owens has finished a extensive pursuit heading a Raw code as champion. Reigns, who was holding a violence from fans, has likewise finished good removing some feverishness off his back, and he has Rollins to appreciate for some of that. That said, a time is not right to put a pretension behind around Reigns’ waist, nor would he make clarity as champion during this time. Jericho could be in for a full face turn, Balor will find his approach behind shortly and both Rollins and Reigns will be pretension contenders. WWE needs Owens to sojourn a clever heel atop a roster, and a best approach it can do that is by gripping a championship on his shoulder, not vouchsafing Reigns reason dual simultaneously. Pick: Kevin Owens wins and retains a title

Prediction record given SummerSlam: 33-9-4


How to watch

Kickoff — 7 p.m. ET: WWE Network

Roadblock: End of a Line — 8 p.m. ET: WWE Network or pay-per-view [List of providers]

WWE Network: Web | Apple TV | Roku | Amazon Fire | PlayStation | Xbox | iOS | Android

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