WWE Roadblock 2016: The full outline and because we should care

March 12, 2016 - WWE

As of right now, Triple H is scheduled to urge his WWE World Heavyweight Championship opposite Roman Reigns in a categorical eventuality of WrestleMania 31 in April. That could all change, however, depending on what happens Saturday night in Toronto, as WWE presents Roadblock.

This will be a final live WWE special before a biggest uncover of a year — and maybe a biggest pro wrestling eventuality of all time — WrestleMania, that will take place in front of between 80,000 and 100,000 people in ATT Stadium in Arlington on Apr 3.

Roadblock — that was creatively to be called “March to WrestleMania” — usually has 4 announced matches, yet a categorical eventuality has a whole lot of wrestling fans anticipating for a reorganization to a scheduled WrestleMania categorical event.

That’s usually one of a reasons we should caring about Roadblock. Let’s run down all of them, shall we?

The uncover will start during 8 p.m. ET Saturday night, usually on a WWE Network.

Note: There competence be additional matches combined to a card, yet a following are a matches WWE has betrothed we will see.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: The Revival (c) vs. Enzo Amore Colin Cassady

What am we looking during here? The Revival include of villains Dash and Dawson. They’re old-school bruisers, finish with relating satin jackets. They pertain to a propagandize of wrestling that isn’t flashy, yet it’s effective — or as they put it, “No flips, usually fists.” They’ve finished all they can to reason onto their tab titles, including assaulting their Roadblock opponents in parking lots.

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady have a Chester and Spike relationship. They also occur to be a realest guys in a room. Enzo’s standing as a G is certifiable and his bona fides as a timber are over reproach. Meanwhile, Big Cass stands a full 7 feet tall. Neither of these gentlemen’s attributes can be taught.

Why we should care: This is a initial time that a NXT Tag Team Championship will be shielded on a live WWE special. It’s also expected to be a lot of people’s initial bearing to Enzo and Big Cass, arguably a many dear act in NXT history. The dual organisation will expected be streamer to a categorical register shortly after WrestleMania, so you’d improved get proficient with them now.

Of course, there’s also a possibility that Enzo and Cass will win a titles, that they’ve somehow never been means to constraint before. If that’s a case, they’ll enter WrestleMania weekend’s NXT TakeOver: Dallas as a conquering heroes … maybe for one final hurrah. It could get emotional, people.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day (c) vs. League of Nations (Sheamus King Barrett)

What am we looking during here? The New Day have hold a tab organisation titles given Aug of final year and uncover no signs of negligence down as we tub along toward WrestleMania. By contrast, a League of Nations’ tab organisation win on Thursday’s SmackDown has been usually one of a handful of victories given a organisation shaped in January. Both teams will have an additional male (at least) during ringside, so a personification margin is some-more turn than a New Day are accustomed to.

Why we should care: The New Day are one of a many interesting things about a WWE right now and they’re entrance off their best compare ever this past Monday, when they had a classical compare opposite Chris Jericho and A.J. Styles. They’re also on a fork of apropos full-time good guys.

In all honesty, it wouldn’t be a many intolerable thing in a universe for a New Day to remove a tab titles here, usually so they can have a WrestleMania impulse when they win them behind subsequent month. Don’t bank on that, though. Just wish for an interesting match. These dual teams are some-more than able of providing that.

Brock Lesnar vs. Bray Wyatt

What am we looking during here? Bray Wyatt is a scary Bayou reverend whose hillbilly cult has been significantly enervated as of late. Still, Bray will have 3 really clever and vast organisation sneaking around a ring, prepared to meddle on his behalf. That’s flattering many what we need when your competition is Brock Lesnar, a tellurian meat.

Why we should care: The strange devise (if Royal Rumble was any indication) was to have these dual organisation accommodate adult during WrestleMania. Now Brock is scheduled to take on Dean Ambrose in a no-holds-barred compare (if zero extreme happens during Roadblock). This competence finish adult being a good thing for we fans, however, as now we get TWO pay-per-view-level matches from Brock Lesnar in as many months.

It’s a Lesnarsmas Day miracle!

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Triple H (c) vs. Dean Ambrose

What am we looking during here? Triple H managed to smoke-stack a rug and win a universe pretension during a Royal Rumble in Jan — his initial championship in about 7 years. He’s looking brazen to violence Roman Reigns in a categorical eventuality of WrestleMania, yet initial he’s anticipating to pleasure in violence a stuffing out of Reigns’ best friend, Dean Ambrose.

Dean Ambrose, likewise, is inextricable in a argument with Brock Lesnar, yet child he certain wants that universe pretension for himself. The WWE Universe has gotten some-more and some-more solidly in Ambrose’s dilemma with any flitting week and he’s reaching Daniel Bryan levels of folk heroism.

Why we should care: Dean Ambrose is one of a many easy-to-root for WWE good guys given … well, given Daniel Bryan. Everyone is failing to see him win a title. This is his initial universe pretension compare this year and he’s never hold a belt before, so we know he’s going to go all-out. Triple H, as is his modus operandi, will also be anticipating to take a show.

Just know that roughly each wrestling fan is hoping, praying, begging for Ambrose to win on Saturday. If a expected happens and Triple H retains, a ensuing throng greeting should be value a cost of your WWE Network subscription for a month. That is, if your heart isn’t too damaged by a outcome to entirely suffer a throng revolting.

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