WWE Royal Rumble 2015: Greatest Superstars Never to Win Battle Royal

January 9, 2015 - WWE

Not a singular Royal Rumble goes by in that a commentators don’t state a apparent that a biggest male in a compare has a poignant advantage over everybody else.

Andre a Giant finished it demeanour easy in many conflict royals in that he participated, so it seems peculiar that Big Show doesn’t have this fame to his name.

If we name it, Big Show has finished it. He has won each championship in WWE during his tenure, save for a Cruiserweight Championship for apparent reasons.

He is a Triple Crown champion, Grand Slam champion, warranted a Bragging Rights prize and mixed Slammy awards.

Not usually has Big Show been in a universe pretension compare during WrestleMania some-more than once, he warranted that categorical eventuality mark in 2000 by being a runner-up in a Royal Rumble.

That year, a Rock was means to take a win. Big Show was also runner-up in 2004 when Chris Benoit dumped him over a tip and went on to win a title.

For over a dozen years, Big Show has been a largest contestant in a match, who, for all intents and purposes, should not be means to be picked adult and thrown out of a ring, though it has happened each singular time.

Now that he is in impending a finish of his career, it’s doubtful it will ever occur for him, that is astonishing, deliberation he’s achieved each other fulfilment in wrestling.

Who else do we consider deserved a Royal Rumble win? Tell us your thoughts in a comments territory below!


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