WWE Royal Rumble 2015: Undercard Matches Fans Deserve to See

January 6, 2015 - WWE

Since there are no Divas in a Royal Rumble match, it should go though observant that their inclusion on this pay-per-view would need a compare on a undercard.

At a moment, there is no improved compare to put together than Natalya removing a pretension shot opposite Nikki Bella.

The seeds have been planted and not most some-more work needs to be finished to set it up.

For a subsequent dual weeks on Raw, these dual could continue to cranky paths and build adult this argument with relations ease.

Now that Paige seems to be removing involved, this compare could even presumably embody her or have her reinstate Natalya, nonetheless Neidhart would be improved served as a sacrificial lamb with Paige removing her shot during Fast Lane.

Naturally, Natalya will come adult short, as a story of Nikki’s pretension power only doesn’t seem to be building to that conclusion. The same would expected request to Paige.

Fans wanting a Divas compare on a label will be happy to see these dual face off, and it will do zero though assistance a title’s credit in a process.

The worst-case unfolding for anybody not too meddlesome in this compare is that it would offer a purpose as a lavatory mangle between a WWE World Heavyweight Championship hitch and a Royal Rumble compare itself.

So what matches would we like to see combined to a card?

Are there any not listed here that mount out to you?

Leave your thoughts and predictions in a comments below!


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