WWE Royal Rumble 2017: Featuring Female Entrants Will Raise Profile Of Division

January 25, 2017 - WWE

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Last year, Forbes released a list of a highest-paid WWE Superstars. Of a 10 athletes listed: John Cena ($9.5 million), Brock Lesnar ($6.0 million), Triple H ($2.8 million), Randy Orton ($2.7 million), Seth Rollins ($2.4 million), Roman Reigns ($2.1 million), The Undertaker ($2.0 million), The Big Show ($1.5 million), Kane ($1.3 million) and Dean Ambrose ($1.2 million), nothing of them were women.

Of course, a list was expelled during a time where women’s wrestling was jolt off a ghosts of a ended Divas epoch as NXT lerned WWE’s assembly to take womanlike competitors seriously. Through a fibre of rarely rival matches and some-more bearing on television, womanlike WWE Superstars have fast sealed a opening with a males. Two years ago, Charlotte boldly claimed she would one day categorical eventuality WrestleMania, something Triple H reiterated during a media discussion call.

This no longer seems like an maudlin tagline, though some-more of a picturesque goal. And as women continue to mangle barriers by Raw categorical events, pay-per-view categorical events and first-time enclosure matches, it’s time for womanlike WWE Superstars to turn frequently deliberate for spots in a Royal Rumble match.

The final time Charlotte and Sahsa Banks categorical evented Raw, it drew one of a highest ratings of any WWE uncover competing opposite Monday Night Football with 3.039 million viewers. A categorical eventuality between Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins or a Universal Championship a week before saw an 11.6% drop from a first-to-third hour, and drew a rating of 3.002 million.

Women in WWE have never been one some-more equal balance with a men, and if WWE is promulgation a summary that they can contest in dangerous Hell in a Cell matches usually as good as their masculine counterparts, it’s time to send a same summary by a Royal Rumble.

Women competing in a Royal Rumble is frequency revolutionary. Beth Phoenix, Chyna and Kharma have all seemed in past Royal Rumble matches. The one premonition with that is that all 3 women were presented in a capillary of a she-hulk whose above-average build was allied to a masculine WWE Superstar. In today’s WWE, however, women of all sizes have been means to lift their profiles due to a peculiarity of their wrestling. So while Nia Jax would be a odds-on-favorite to turn a initial lady in 5 years to seem in a Royal Rumble match, WWE’s whole swift of gifted womanlike performers should be deliberate as well.

Having women seem in a Royal Rumble further plants a seed that they intend to title WrestleMania. Last year’s WrestleMania grossed over $17.3 million, and with fans shopping sell in bunches during a week-long WrestleMania celebration, a lady could finally mangle into a boys bar of a highest-paid WWE Superstars.

If women truly are going to categorical eventuality WrestleMania one day, not usually does it make clarity to attend in a Royal Rumble, it creates even some-more clarity to win.

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