WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Results: Live Results And Updates

January 29, 2017 - WWE

Credit: WWE.com

9:12 PM EST Cena hits a Super AA for another nearfall to a startle and fun of a Alamodome. Styles comes behind with a Styles Clash. Styles goes for a Phenomenal Forearm though Cena catches him and hits back-to-back AAs and wins his 16th universe championship.

9:06 PM EST Styles counters a Figure Four with a cranky armbreaker. Cena deadlifts Styles and connects with a mutated powerbomb and we’re behind to an even matchup.

Cena ascends a turnbuckles and goes for a drifting leg drop. Styles counters with a powerbomb followed by a Styles Clash for another nearfall. Styles goes for a springboard 450 But Cena blocks it with his knees. Cena hits a Canadian Destroyer for a nearfall. Styles catches a charging Cena and hits a ushigoroshi for a count of two.

Cena catapults AJ into a tip turnbuckle followed by a knife for a nearfall.

9:01 PM EST Cena had difficulty throwing his exhale as Styles went on a descent and kicked Cena’s chest. Styles went for another flog though Cena countered with an electric chair facebuster. Cena and Styles strike behind and onward as fans disapprove and yay accordingly. Styles slaps on a Calf crusher though Cena powers out and slaps on a STF.  Styles roughly taps out though gets closer to a bottom rope. Cena drags Styles to a core of a ring and reapplies a hold.

Styles reverses a reason and slaps on an STF of his own. Cena rises adult and prepares for an AA. Styles tries to get out of it and sits atop Cena’s shoulders, though Cena shrugs him off and relates a Figure Four leg lock.

8:54 PM EST Cena starts adult with shoulder tackles, though Styles counters with a hurricanrana. Cena battles back, pushing Styles behind initial into a board and teasing a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Styles pops adult and hits a German suplex followed by a dumpcart face buster for a dual count. Dueling Cena-Styles chants start up.

Styles goes for a Phenomenal forearm though Cena dodges it and hits an AA for a nearfall. Cena followed adult with a clothesline though gets another nearfall as he sells frustration.

Cena cuts off Styles’ offense with a outrageous using clothesline. Cena smirks as he hits a Five Knuckle Shuffle and tries for a second AA. Styles escapes though Cena sets him adult on a tip rope. Cena lands a span of right hands and tries for a super plex. Styles escapes again and slaps on a Argentine backbreaker shelve followed by a spinout powerbomb for a nearfall.

Styles dodged a charging Cena and strike a Pele’ kick. Styles followed adult with a Phenomenal forearm for a nearfall.

8:42 PM EST Styles opens with a leg flog though Cena answers by tossing Styles into a corner. Styles explodes out of a dilemma a second time around with a behind elbow. Styles follows adult with a drifting knee dump and connects with a roundhouse flog to Cena’s back, followed by another drifting knee.

Styles taunts Cena and charges him though Cena hits a behind physique drop. Cena tries for an early Attitude Adjustment though Styles lands on his feet and connects with an enzuigiri.

Styles is behind in control as he pummels Cena.

8:32 PM EST Swann hits a using lariat followed by a station dash for a nearfall. Swann hits a superkick though Neville gets his feet on a rope.

Rich Swann climbs to a tip wire nonetheless again though Neville runs adult a turnbuckle and hits a superplex for two. Neville immediately follows adult with a Rings of Saturn as Swann taps out.

8:28 PM EST The throng has come to a finish delay as Neville slaps on a resthold that puts them to nap as well. Neville heads to a outward and tosses Swann around into opposite barricade. The throng comes rather alive as a arbitrate counts, though usually to roar “ten.”

Neville goes to a tip ropes and is met by a beautifully timed Swann strain superkick as both group are laid out.

Neville tries to go to a tip rope, though Swann hits a station Hurricanrana followed by an considerable rambling 450 dive to a outside. Back in a ring, Swann’s power rises as he hits a multiple of strikes, punctuated by a roundhouse flog to a conduct for a nearfall.

8:21 PM EST Rich Swann and Neville feel any other out though a compare picks adult steam fast as Swann dumps Neville to a outward and hits a drifting cranky physique dash to a outside.

Neville takes over and hits a really earthy barb dropkick right to a heart of Swann. Neville tries a crucifix rollup for a nearfall as he slows down a offense and a throng starts to disapprove him. Neville hits a snap suplex as he awaits Swann to get to his feet. Neville follows adult with a using forearm for a nearfall.

8:00 PM EST Reigns stalks around a outward of a ring as he stares down a list while Owens is laid out. Reigns picks adult Owens and hits a Shield-like powerbomb by a list by himself.

Reigns sets adult for a spear, though Braun Strowman comes out of nowhere. Strowman hits a chokeslam on a table, though it didn’t break. Strowman hits a powerslam by a list in a dilemma and walks off. Owens pins Reigns and retains a Universal Championship.

7:56 PM EST Roman gets behind inside, sets adult a list in a dilemma and hits a Superman punch for a nearfall.

Owens goes for a stalk and Owens blocks it followed by a Stone Cold Stunner for a nearfall. Owens stomps a mudhole on Reigns and follows adult with another cannonball dash as he becomes frustrated.

Owens tries to super plex Reigns on a Jenga chairs though Owens counters with a Superman punch and Owens falls by them.

7:52 PM EST Reigns sells his ribs as he battles behind though Owens cuts him off. Jericho has a span of coronet knuckles and he drops them into a ring for Owens. Graves says “it’s good to have friends in high places.”

Owens connects with a coronet knuckles though Reigns kicks out during two. Owens picks adult Reigns in a firemans lift position and hits a Samoan dump on a chair. “Roman” chants start adult as Reigns heads to a outward and grabs a table.

7:47 PM EST Owens mocks Roman Reigns in a dilemma and goes for a using cannon ball, though Reigns answers with a large foot and a sitout powerbomb for a nearfall. Roman Reigns sets adult for a Superman punch though Owens gets out of harm’s way. Reigns hits a drive-by flog on a apron.

Owens gains a advantage and sets adult a list on a outside. He follows adult with a Frogsplash by a list and pins Reigns for a nearfall.

7:44 PM EST Owens teases a powerbomb though reigns fights out of it and teases a suplex. Owens fights out of a suplex on a inside and tries to hit Reigns off of a apron. Reigns fights behind and connects with a outrageous clothesline. Jericho cheers Owens on as Reigns gains a advantage.

Reigns sets adult a list though Owens pounces with a Backstabber for a nearfall.

7:40 PM EST Owens pounces as Jericho ascends into a sky, though Reigns gains a tip palm as a dorky, uncertain males in a building take exception. The movement goes to a outward as Reigns and Owens continue brawling.

Owens starts environment adult a chairs together to one another. Owens acknowledges Jericho, permitting Reigns to benefit some offense before being cut off. Owens sets Reigns adult on a retard and hits a running cannon ball.

Owens appears to be personification Jenga with a steel chairs as he stacks them adult on a outside.

7:37 PM EST Chris Jericho gets set to get in a shark cage, though both Jericho and Kevin Owens conflict Roman Reigns. We are told a compare won’t start until Jericho is in a shark cage. Right on cue, Reigns gets a tip palm and shoves Jericho in a cage.

7:21 PM EST Charlotte slaps on a Figure 8 as she is draining from a mouth. She beam a tip wire and goes for a moonsault. Bayley puts adult one knee and rolls adult Charlotte for a nearfall.

Charlotte hits a Natural Selection on a apron and wins a compare as she goes to 16-0 on pay-per-view in singles matches.

7:17 PM EST Charlotte continues to taunt Bayley by observant she’s “just a fan” as she slaps Bayley around. Bayley starts battling behind and both women go down with a double clothesline. Charlotte behind Bayley down with a array of chops. Back comes Bayley as she launches into her comeback, capped off by a springboard cranky physique splash.

Bayley connects with a array of axe-handle splashes and connects with a retreat DDT. Bayley goes to a tip ropes. Bayley connects with a drifting bend pound for a nearfall.

7:11 PM EST Bayley and Charlotte start with some pad wrestling and Charlotte has a advantage. The movement fast spills to a outward as Bayley hits a drifting cranky physique block. The announcers keep articulate about a champions advantage, that could presumably be telegraphing a suspension finish.

Charlotte continues to request vigour with a chinlock in. a center of a ring as a throng gets behind Bayley. Charlotte counters a expire with a neckbreaker and follows adult with a large foot for a nearfall.

7:06 PM EST Michael Cole announces a throng of 52,020 (I was close!) as a Royal Rumble kicks off and Bayley’s song plays and a Alamodome erupts. Bayley is followed by Charlotte, who receives an icier response.

During a pre-show, Nia Jax degraded Sasha Banks around pinfall in discerning fashion.

6:39 PM EST Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick on a arbitrate on collision as everybody spills to a outward solely Cesaro and Karl Anderson. Cesaro hits a Cesaro Swing and slaps on a Sharpshooter.

Sheamus goes off on Gallows and Anderson and roughly loses it on an official. Anderson rolls adult Sheamus and pulls his trunks for a 3 count and we have new tab group champions to flog off Royal Rumble.

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