WWE Rumors: Big E May Turn Heel, Xavier Woods Could Be Red Herring

July 8, 2016 - WWE

The WWE World Tag Team Champions The New Day are now unresolved in a argument with The Wyatt Family, whose mantra has been “New Day Falls” given a stable’s lapse to WWE programming a few weeks ago. It hasn’t been announced yet, though it is usually a matter of time before WWE sets a compare between a dual groups for Battleground after this month.

The engaging energetic has been a behavioral change of Xavier Woods given a pregnancy of a argument with Bray Wyatt and his monsters. The Eater of Worlds appears to have gotten underneath Woods’ skin, and it poses a really genuine hazard to a destiny of The New Day on WWE programming.

However, a genuine hazard to New Day is a backstage artistic instruction of a group. The arriving WWE Draft and code separate threatens a finish of a trio, given WWE officials have to make a preference as to either to separate them adult or keep them as a unit. The stream storyline implies that New Day will fall, though many are looking during Xavier Woods when they should be looking elsewhere.

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Earlier this week, it was suggested in a prior article that WWE officials were on a blockade about violation adult The New Day. It is a tough preference to make, though many within WWE are certain about a destiny of Big E if a fast breaks adult over a subsequent few weeks or someday soon.

WWE has vital skeleton for Big E for apparent reasons. First and foremost, he’s got a demeanour and in-ring skills that WWE officials favor, and his run with The New Day has proven a good glamour he can have when given a leisure to do so on WWE TV. Big E will substantially accept a biggest singles pull out of a contingent whenever New Day’s run ends on WWE programming.

The concentration has been on Xavier Woods and his fear of Bray Wyatt. The conjecture among many of a WWE Universe has been that Woods will misuse or directly lead The New Day to remove a WWE Tag Team Championship to a Wyatts during Battleground, or Summerslam if WWE is formulation for that to be a consummate of a feud.

So many of a concentration has been on a impression change of Xavier Woods that it doesn’t seem trustworthy for Big E or Kofi Kingston to spin opposite a group. However, a gossip reported by Ring Talkk has some people meditative that Xavier Woods could be a red herring going into WWE Battleground, and it could be Big E that turns heel opposite his brothers.

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The WWE Universe loves The New Day. It took a powers that be in WWE a prolonged time to spin a organisation face, though they took off using once they were strictly a face group. If WWE is going to mangle them up, permitting them to be separate by a WWE Draft is a easy approach out and takes divided a lot of calm that a contingent spent roughly dual years building.

Simply put, a fast deserves a many improved ending, that would many expected means a heel spin by one of a trio. If WWE believes that Big E is a dermatitis star of The New Day, he’s a many judicious choice for a heel turn. On paper, Xavier Woods doesn’t have a demeanour of Big E or a knowledge of Kofi Kingston to be a categorical eventuality actor in WWE. Kingston is some-more likely, though he has a many stronger tie with a WWE Universe formed on a time he has had in WWE.

A heel spin for Big E creates a many clarity creatively if WWE is formulation to pull him when a code separate is official, and it would be something new for him as he rises adult a ranks of a association to turn a large time player. It’ll be a contrition to see a finish of New Day, though moving Big E to a subsequent turn of WWE seems like a really slightest WWE officials could do to gain on one of a best fast runs of a final decade.

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