WWE Rumors: Company Interested In Bringing Rey Mysterio And Maria Kanellis Back

December 5, 2015 - WWE

The Dudley Boyz have come back. Tommy Dreamer finished an astonishing return. Alberto Del Rio is behind with WWE, and no one saw that coming. Injuries and categorical eventuality talent time off has had WWE doing whatever they can to build adult ratings and fill a voids. Now, there are rumors that both Rey Mysterio and Maria Kanellis could be creation a lapse to WWE before too long.

Reports of Rey Mysterio‘s rumored lapse to WWE have been going on ever given he split ways with a company, so that’s zero new. Wrestling Observer states that WWE would apparently like to get Mysterio behind underneath agreement and have a improved operative attribute this time around.

Mysterio is healthy now and WWE needs another big-time Hispanic star to support to that audience. Del Rio is good, yet carrying someone like Mysterio would make it that most improved for tours where that demographic is bigger.

Having Alberto Del Rio is good and it was some-more than required for WWE to have during slightest one vital Hispanic star on their roster. Seeing as how he’s customarily a heel though, fans would adore someone else to hearten for and that’s Mysterio.

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Not usually would WWE get a outrageous star behind in Mysterio, yet they’d also keep other promotions from removing him. AAA Wrestling has already had him make a series of appearances, and Lucha Underground has been perplexing to pointer him for utterly some time now.

Mysterio has enjoyed a looser report and being means to spend some-more time with his family, that is what he wanted. If a income is right though, and they can come to an agreement on a Brock Lesnar or Chris Jericho-type schedule, afterwards it’s not out of a doubt for Rey to return.

WWE would adore zero some-more than to take a outrageous star divided from a competition.

There is another name that WWE is rumored to be meddlesome in, and it’s one of their former divas who is with their competition. Maria Kanellis has been in Ring of Honor for 4 years now with her beloved Mike Bennett, and has finished zero yet improve.

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Cageside Seats is stating that WWE is presumably interested in bringing Kanellis behind into a overlay and carrying her get immediately concerned in a divas division. She was strictly expelled from her WWE agreement in late Feb of 2010.

Even yet they’ve been with Ring of Honor for years, both a contracts of Maria and Michael Bennett are expired. The agreement of Bennett’s tab group partner Matt Taven is also expired.

If WWE unequivocally wants to, they could demeanour during bringing in this contingent famous as The Kingdom in Ring of Honor. There is one some-more member of of a stable, Adam Cole, yet a tab group of Bennett and Taven along with Maria would make for a good signing by WWE.

As a tab multiplication continues to strengthen, some new teams would unequivocally freshen things adult a bit even more. With a Divas multiplication carrying a lot of new faces, it would disturb some fans to see a past Divas uncover adult to contend that she’s sleepy of all a new girls.

Not to discuss that Maria has gotten a lot improved in a ring given she was final in WWE.

In a past week, WWE.com has run articles on both Maria Kanellis and Rey Mysterio. That only goes to uncover we that they’re gripping those names in a minds of a fans, and also substantially perplexing to sign seductiveness in only how most those talents would wish to come behind as well.

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