WWE Rumors: Dean Ambrose Almost Stabbed By A Fan At WWE Live Event

August 31, 2015 - WWE

Reports have been entrance in from a WWE Live eventuality in Providence that state a fan allegedly attempted to gash Dean Ambrose. One of WWE’s tip talents, Ambrose was apparently walking behind down a aisle, though stopped to pointer some autographs and hail a few fans when a assailant hopped a block and ran toward him with his arm above his head.

TMZ is stating that a occurrence happened right after a WWE Live eventuality in Providence. As Ambrose was walking toward backstage adult a aisle, he stopped to accommodate with some fans and shake some hands.

Ambrose had his behind incited nearby a block when a fan jumped over a distant block and sprinted toward a WWE star. The fan was pronounced to be holding a pointy intent in his hand, and he indeed reached Ambrose before confidence fast took him down.

Multiple reports have opposite people observant that a fan was indeed holding a blade and attempted to gash Dean Ambrose.

Other reports, such as one by PWM Scoops, state that a fan had no blade and was simply perplexing to get tighten to Ambrose before confidence got him.

There has been no updated word on what accurately a fan was holding or what happened to him after a event. He was apparently incarcerated by locus and WWE confidence before possibly being escorted out of a building or to watchful police.

This isn’t a usually new occurrence of a fan aggressive a luminary during a WWE Live event.

Earlier in August, Roman Reigns was in a compare with Bray Wyatt when a reproduction Money in a Bank briefcase was thrown into a ring by a fan. The briefcase indeed strike Reigns in a conduct and momentarily knocked him out.

Reigns fast recovered and finished a match, though a fan was approached by confidence and ejected from a building. Roman Reigns suffered no critical injuries.

As for a fan allegedly stabbing Dean Ambrose during a WWE Live event, either he had a blade or not, it wasn’t a good thought to go after a wrestling superstar. Not usually was he taken down tough by security, though he’s expected confronting rapist charges now, as well.

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