WWE Rumors: Eva Marie to Win ‘SmackDown’ Women’s Championship?

August 16, 2016 - WWE

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Eva Marie gets out of a compare on Aug 2nd’s part of SmackDown. (WWE.com)

A new WWE gossip suggests that Eva Marie will turn a first SmackDown women’s champion.

Since a new code split, SmackDown has been lagging behind Raw in that it does not have a possess Women’s Championship, nor does it have a possess Tag Team Championship. Daniel Bryan has been hinting that both of these things will change soon, being introduced someday after SummerSlam.

But according to Inquisitr, Eva Marie is rumored to turn a show’s new women’s champion. After wrestling on NXT, Marie was sealed to SmackDown during a 2016 draft, nonetheless she has nonetheless to make her in-ring debut. Over a past few weeks, she has been functioning flattering brilliantly as a heel, invariably entrance adult with excuses as to because she can’t face Becky Lynch. In one show, she calculated an damage to get out of a match, while final week, it was a “wardrobe malfunction” that prevented her from wrestling.

That habit malfunction shave finished adult being a large strike online, racking adult scarcely 5 million views on YouTube and apropos a most-watched WWE shave of a week. If a WWE is looking for a lady who can get a large greeting out of her audience, Eva Marie competence be a luminary they need, as evidenced by that clip’s recognition and by her large throng reactions.

Backing adult a gossip about Marie becoming a initial women’s champion, Ringside News reports that she will accept a vital pull on SmackDown going forward.

Becky Lynch pronounced in a new out-of-character interview that she has zero though honour for Eva Marie.

“She gets so most flack from fans for being this beautiful lady who, apparently, they contend can’t wrestle, though she puts in a tough work,” Lynch said. “I adore operative with talent like that.”

Becky Lynch herself is a fan favorite who many have hoped would become SmackDown‘s initial Women’s Champion.

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August 16, 2016 2:18 pm

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