WWE Rumors: Examining Latest Buzz Around AJ Styles, Sasha Banks and More

May 24, 2016 - WWE

AJ Styles isn’t going anywhere, or during slightest that’s what a latest collection of WWE rumors tells us.

After The Phenomenal One mislaid his second loyal pay-per-view compare to Roman Reigns, some fans started throwing around a word “buried.” There is a worry among many that he will slip down from his stream lofty mark atop a label to someplace obscure. One report, though, forked to WWE gripping him a high priority.

It’s not as transparent either fans should worry about Sasha Banks.

Her extended deficiency from WWE TV could good be a outcome of bad booking. But new information has emerged suggesting that she is instead nursing a conduct injury.

Elsewhere on a grapevine, there is speak of Cody Rhodes’ attribute with WWE before his exit from a association and what competence be in store for Kalisto.


The Boss Injured?

The Boss hasn’t been around most given WrestleMania. The prevalent suspicion was that WWE was biding a time with her until she rose to pretension row forward of SummerSlam.

There competence be another reason she has been out of sight.

F4WOnline.com’s Dave Meltzer wrote, “WWE womanlike wrestling star Sasha Banks missed residence shows this past week in Utica, New York, and Reading, Pennsylvania, due to an undisclosed conduct damage that happened on a May 15 uncover in Charlottesville, Virginia.”

He combined that other reports have labeled it a concussion, that would meant she could lapse “any day or [in] a few weeks.”

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

WWE has not reliable this injury. Neither has Banks herself.

If she is hurt, it will be easy to concede her time to rest, as she was usually wrestling on residence shows of late. And hopefully, it’s not serious. A ripped vinculum is one thing, yet WWE fans are hyper-aware of a sobriety of concussions after examination Daniel Bryan travel divided from a ring during age 35.


Potential Plans for Kalisto 

Kalisto gifted a wrong finish of a steamrolling during Extreme Rules. Rusev clobbered him and ripped a United States Championship from his grasp during a pay-per-view.

The King of Flight, though, could be removing some assistance in his quarrel opposite Rusev. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted (h/t Wrestle Zone) that WWE may be looking for a womanlike star to span with Kalisto to set adult a destiny churned tab compare opposite Lana and Rusev.

WWE didn’t residence that argument on Monday’s Raw.

And John Cena is set to return subsequent week, someone many design to face off opposite Rusev once more. If that happens, this rumored thought of Kalisto removing a new fan to even a contingency opposite Lana and The Bulgarian Brute is certain to sojourn one that doesn’t get executed.

Kalisto is, however, scheduled to face Rusev in a rematch for a U.S. pretension on Thursday’s SmackDown. That hitch should offer some hints about what WWE has in mind for both men.


Backstage Word on Rhodes’ Exit

Rhodes done headlines with a divulgence matter following his recover from WWE (warning: NSFW language):

The second-generation star commented on WWE Creative not listening to his ideas and not being authorised to strew a Stardust character. He was nonetheless friendly in his exit, nonetheless he and WWE competence have been during contingency as a dual sides parted.

Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t Wrestling Inc, F4WOnline) that a separate is “not amicable” and that WWE is “kind of putting a screws to him.” The association is reportedly perplexing to make it formidable for Rhodes to work for another wrestling promotion.

As most as WWE competence be dissapoint with how outspoken Rhodes was in his farewell statement, it’s peculiar to hear about him reportedly removing this kind of diagnosis after so many years of service.

WWE has to design that when it pushes wrestlers to a bottom of a raise and doesn’t given them loyal opportunities to stand up, there will be frustration. 

We have seen some-more of that newly with Ryback plainly discussing his agreement issues and Wade Barrett determining not to re-sign progressing this year, as initial reported by Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet.


What’s Next for Styles?

Don’t assume a misfortune for Styles’ engagement post-Extreme Rules. It seems as if WWE has something else in a works for him other than chasing Reigns’ title.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t Wrestling Inc, F4WOnline), WWE has large skeleton for Styles even yet he mislaid to Reigns during Extreme Rules.

Fans saw a spirit of that on Monday’s Raw. Styles pennyless divided from Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, his allies fast morphing into enemies. That has a makings of a good storyline, one that will expected get plenty spotlight.

That’s reassuring. WWE would be correct to keep showcasing Styles. He has been WWE‘s best performer all year.

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