WWE Rumors: Examining Latest Buzz Around Brock Lesnar, Stardust and More

June 2, 2015 - WWE

The newest WWE rumors gleam a light on why Brock Lesnar motionless to work a residence uncover in Japan and what Stardust competence be adult to come SummerSlam.

Lesnar‘s appearances are rare, so it’s newsworthy when he decides to combat on a non-televised event. A backstage news gives a probable procedure for a choice, one that’s not as luscious as one competence expect. As for Stardust, a showdown with a luminary during SummerSlam is possible, nonetheless it’s distant from reliable during this point.

In other stories, Samoa Joe sealed a bone-fide WWE deal, and Seth Rollins reignited a gossip about his new change in finishing moves.

We begin, though, with Lesnar, who only done a residence uncover in Jul strong interesting.


Why Lesnar is Working a House Show 

Although he frequency appears on Raw and hasn’t been on SmackDown in over 10 years, Lesnar will conduct to Tokyo to combat in non-televised movement on Jul 4.

What desirous this serve to his schedule? Apparently, it was a box of “Well, we was already going to be there.”

According to F4WOnline (h/t WrestlingInc), Lesnar motionless to work a uncover since he was formulation to go to Japan to revisit Masa Saito. He reportedly figured it would make clarity to get WWE to compensate for his moody there in sell for operative that live event.

This sounds identical to when The Rock done a surprise appearance on Raw final October. As PWInsider (h/t WrestlingInc), reported then, The Rock was in New York on business when WWE was headed for a city.

This newest box of felicitous timing is good news for fans in Tokyo, who get a special provide interjection to Lesnar‘s attribute with Saito


Backstage Word on Samoa Joe’s Deal

The Samoan Submission Machine has concluded to a full-time WWE contract. The association altered his NXT understanding to pierce him aboard in earnest.

His initial success with WWE is reportedly a reason for that switch. PWInsider‘s Mike Johnson reports, “The evident sell sales of Samoa Joe T-shirts as good as a fact that Joe’s appearances for Ring of Honor would now be promote on inhabitant wire TV both played into a decision, as did Joe’s opening during a WWE NXT taping final month.”

It sounds as if WWE wasn’t certain what it was removing with Joe and how a fanbase would react. Clearly, things have worked out good in a early going.

Bringing him on as a full-time wrestler is smart. This isn’t a man WWE has to husband and wish he gets improved over time. He has valid during TNA and Ring of Honor that he belongs in a spotlight.

It’s lovely to see WWE pierce in a man who done his name elsewhere, regardless of what accurately gathering a association to that choice.


More on a Curb Stomp 

Rumors of a anathema on Rollins’ finisher done headlines progressing this year. There was some confusion, though, about a blank move. PWInsider reported that WWE didn’t take a pierce divided nonetheless rather wanted Rollins to go with something “that could be used on anyone, anywhere.”

At a QA event at Wizard World in St. Louis, Rollins spoke about a Curb Stomp’s absence. He seemed wavering to get into sum nonetheless did endorse that he would no longer be regulating it.

When asked if WrestleMania 31 was a final time we would see a Curb Stomp, Rollins said, “Yes. Yeah, it’s gone.”

The tinge in his voice will have fans serve assured that WWE criminialized him from regulating it. He sounded apologetic and resigned. If he was only removing a better, some-more versatile move, he wouldn’t be so sad about his aged weapon.

The Curb Stomp story stays one intensity in secrecy. As prolonged as WWE is not upfront about a change, a rumors of a being a plant of a PG Era will live on.


Stardust vs. Arrow?

Stephen Amell, a WWE fan and star of Arrow, competence conduct to a wrestling ring this summer. After his confrontation with Stardust as an assembly member on Raw, a news has emerged that a dual will accommodate in an central capacity.

Writing for HollywoodLife.com, Evan Real reports, “Stephen is set to take on Stardust during this year’s WWE SummerSlam.”

Before fans of Arrow or Stardust get too excited, though, they should take this story with a self-evident pellet of salt. For one, sites like Pro Wrestling Torch, PWInsider and F4WOnline have nonetheless to endorse this.

In addition, Amell took to Twitter to repudiate that a hitch was happening:

That denial, however, competence only be a ploy to get people to speak about a intensity clash. The fact WWE announcers brought adult Stardust’s issues with Amell during Elimination Chamber points to this a probability that it will turn a reality.

Keep an eye on this story, nonetheless don’t take it as law only yet. When some-more voices carillon in and some-more sources send this info, it will be protected to let a expectation build.

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