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July 7, 2015 - WWE

Brock Lesnar‘s unintended plant and Steve Austin’s ostensible beef with Roddy Piper pretension a latest WWE rumors.

What fans didn’t see during Lesnar‘s on-air deconstruction of a Cadillac was that a member of a assembly got hurt. A backstage news lets us in on what happened to a assembly member who felt Lesnar‘s energy firsthand. 

As for Austin, he refuted new rumblings about him ousting Piper from his podcast home.

Other rumors yield discernment into what WWE had in mind for Finn Balor, either Jim Ross had issues with Big Show and what tenure competence be criminialized on a air. Let’s puncture into all of those nonetheless not before anticipating out about a issue of Lesnar‘s conflict on Monday’s Raw.


Update on Brock Lesnar-Fan Situation

The Beast Incarnate left JJ Security’s Cadillac looking like it had been by a stage in Mad Max.

Lesnar destroyed a car as a means to get punish on Seth Rollins and The Authority. It was an enthralling, noted shred that incited frightful for one fan.

Bill Neville tweeted a video from Wrestle One that shows a assembly member removing strike with a drifting automobile door:

WWE hasn’t mentioned a occurrence as of yet. A news from PWInsider.com, though, provides an refurbish on how things reportedly worked out for a fan. Mike Johnson writes, “The final word on a fan who was struck by Brock Lesnar tossing a automobile doorway is that he was OK and left final night’s taping with a LOT of giveaway merchandise.”

The conditions could have simply been distant worse. It’s good to hear a fan came out of this though wanting a outing a puncture room.

And, boy, does he have a story to tell to go along with all that WWE gear.


Backstage Word on Finn Balor‘s Title Win

At a Beast in a East special, Balor knocked off Kevin Owens to win a NXT Championship. The feat was apparently something that WWE had in mind for him prolonged before it had announced a bout.

According to PWInsider.com (h/t Wrestling Inc), Balor‘s win was something that had been in a works for a while. It was partial of a a devise that WWE mapped out beforehand.

That positively felt like a case. Balor had been showcased distant some-more in new weeks. He degraded Rhyno and pinned Owens in tab group action.

The clearest sign, though, that WWE was prepping a assembly for a Balor pretension win was a fact that it aired a three-part video on Balor‘s credentials and career.

It’s lovely to see WWE build adult to a large impulse like this. Too often, it feels like titles change hands on a whim. The Prime Time Players holding home a tab titles final month is a ideal instance of that.


Steve Austin and Jim Ross Clear adult Rumors

A span of Hall of Famers privileged a atmosphere on new word of their issues with other members of a WWE family.

Unfounded rumors forked to Ross disliking Big Show. The story one mostly listened on a Internet was that J.R. attempted to keep a hulk down when he was in energy with WWE.

Ross discharged that completely. He wrote on his blog, “One doubt I’ve been asked many times regarding a Big Show apparently observant on a podcast that he was ‘never one of my guys’ while we was in assign of talent register in WWE. That’s news to me.” 

J.R. went on to explain how most he valued Big Show’s contributions and how tighten they were. 

Austin done certain to debunk his possess rumors this week as well. Word got around that he was indignant about Piper carrying a podcast guest do impressions of Stone Cold. Rumors afterwards began to aspect that Austin used his lean to get Hot Rod kicked off Podcast One.

Todd Williamson/Associated Press

Austin explained on his podcast that this isn’t loyal in a least. He said, “I had zero to do with Roddy Piper withdrawal Podcast One. End of story.”

These stories are a sign that not all that creates a rounds on a Internet is loyal even nonetheless we competence wish a juiciest things to be.


WWE Banning in-Ring Term?

Sheamus‘ Irish Curse backbreaker competence need to get a new name. Vince McMahon competence reportedly be looking to take another word from a WWE dictionary.

Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline reports (h/t Wrestle Zone) that McMahon competence have criminialized a tenure “backbreaker” from WWE broadcasts.

The fact that Michael Cole simply called Sheamus‘ pierce a “knee to a spine” on Monday’s Raw has usually served to have this gossip locate glow quickly.

This isn’t something one should take as fact only yet, though. There is no reported reason for creation a switch. The tenure has been a partial of a WWE dictionary for years.

McMahon can be guileless during times, nonetheless this would be an peculiar move. Until we see some-more wrestlers strike a pierce and a announcers bashful divided from job it what it is, take this bit of info with a self-evident pellet of salt.

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