WWE Rumors: Examining Latest Buzz Around Daniel Bryan, Paige and More

April 14, 2015 - WWE

Injuries, of both a real-life and storyline variety, led to a dual biggest WWE rumors of a week as fans reason their exhale about Daniel Bryan and maybe wish Paige adieu for a moment.

A backstage refurbish on what’s going on with Bryan’s health will discourage his fans. As for Paige, she was “hurt” on Monday’s Raw yet expected usually to do some film work with The Miz.

Other stories floating around a Internet have to do with intensity changes entrance to a Hall of Fame and WWE‘s skeleton for Fandango. We begin, though, with a No. 1 contender to a Divas Championship. Her non-WWE news might lift her out of her arriving strife with Nikki Bella.


Paige’s Title Match Off? 

Claiming feat in a Battle Royal on Monday’s Raw in her home nation gave Paige a right to plea Nikki during Extreme Rules. Naomi cut her jubilee short, though. She pounded Paige and left her injured.

WWE announced on a website that Paige suffered inner injuries and that “doctors have suggested her not to contest until offer notice.” 

In today’s world, however, a association can tell a story like that, yet fans will see by it. As Paige told us on YouTube during a commencement of a month, she is set to star in Santa’s Little Helper with The Miz:

That has fans wondering if Naomi’s conflict was meant to write Paige off TV so she can work on a film. One news suggests that a association has another contender in mind.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Wrestling Inc), WWE has been formulation for Naomi to acquire a pretension shot. 

Going with Paige as a leader on Monday night authorised WWE to play to a London crowd, presumably explain because Paige would be divided and offer as a procedure for Naomi’s heel turn. It creates a lot of clarity to go with that devise then, as it would accomplish so most all during once.


Changes to Hall of Fame Coming?

The 2016 Hall of Fame category might not be as superfluous with stars as new classes have been. WWE could be slicing down a groups of inductees.

PWInsider‘s Mike Johnson reports, “There’s been speak of doing a smaller Hall of Fame category subsequent year in sequence to keep a eventuality shorter.  As we remarkable a few weeks ago here on PWInsider.com, WWE officials felt this year’s eventuality ran distant too prolonged and wasn’t interesting adequate for a fans in attendance.”

The eventuality was excellent from an party perspective. Not all a classes will have speeches as noted as a ones Jake Roberts and Ultimate Warrior delivered final year.

Even so, pleat down a classes is smart. It helps widespread a talent around and creates a respect of removing in some-more prestigious. 

And WWE has a advantage of creation adult a possess manners for a Hall of Fame. There are no time constraints to when honorees can be welcomed in, and there are no manners about how many folks go in during a time.


Fandango Classic

Fandango is set for another change.

The ballroom dancer seemed during final year’s Survivor Series with darker attire, a Latin strain in a credentials and Rosa Mendes during his side. On Monday’s Raw, he seemed to embankment all of those new elements of his gimmick.

That’s reportedly a predecessor to an even bigger change.

According to Johnson, “At slightest as of now, what happened on Raw was designed to be a Fandango babyface spin and a finish of his fondness with Rosa Mendes.”

As remarkable and astonishing as a pierce is, it certain looks like that’s a instruction WWE is heading. The dancer has already begun to have a opposite opinion toward his fans:

Fandango has struggled to locate on as a heel. A face spin feels like another unfortunate try to reinvigorate him. Heel or face, he has to wish for an angle that blossoms out of nowhere as Damien Mizdow’s run as The Miz‘s attempt double did.


Daniel Bryan Health Update

Worry is about to raid a Bryan fanbase. After a lapse to movement a few months ago and nabbing a Intercontinental Championship during WrestleMania, bad news is rising about a bearded warrior.

According to F4WOnline (h/t Wrestling Inc), Bryan is reportedly not doing good from a health standpoint. He is pang from slow issues compared with his injuries from final year. The news also adds that this is because WWE has kept Bryan in six-man tab movement or offscreen over a past few weeks.

That’s disheartening. It seemed that Bryan was behind to his normal self. It was time to suffer his in-ring poise once again.

Now one has to consternation if Bryan’s career is in trouble. Neck issues forced both Steve Austin and Edge out of a ring. It’s too early to start essay Bryan’s career obituary, yet a fact that these injuries haven’t privileged adult is concerning.

This is a story to keep a tighten eye on.

Perhaps WWE is only being overly discreet here. It’s not as if he’s been dead lately. He’s been bustling during a European debate despite in six-man matches.

Here’s anticipating that he has a full liberation and that we can start referring to his injuries in a past tense.

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