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January 7, 2015 - WWE

As 2015 begins, it’s a missing-in-action Superstars who are winning WWE rumors, with questions about when Daniel Bryan will dropkick folks again and where Randy Orton has been.

Bryan fans competence have to wait a few weeks before saying him combat again. The same is loyal for Orton after word of him reportedly wanting teenager medicine has come out.

The wait for Rey Mysterio could widen good over that. By a time he does soar again, it competence be for Lucha Underground.

CM Punk, left from WWE for roughly a year now, popped adult in rumors as well. This time, his correspondence in a comic book is a core of a discussion. The dismissal of Punk from WWE continues.


WWE Reportedly Removing Punk From Comic Books

Punk fans can see him coop Thor Annual or Startling Sports Stories, yet they won’t see him seem in WWE‘s possess comics.

According to PWInsider Elite (subscription required, h/t Wrestling Inc) WWE has sensitive Paper Cutz, that produces a company’s comic books, to take Punk out of any destiny reprints of a Superstar-centered striking novels. The news records that WWE doesn’t have a right to use Punk’s name or image.

As GameSpot reported final year, Punk’s authorised group discussed his probable dismissal from a WWE 2K15 video game. He didn’t win that quarrel yet appears to have scored a feat this time.

Either that or WWE usually doesn’t wish to remind people of Punk not being around or all a disastrous things he has pronounced about a association after his exit.

Add to this to a collection of peculiar stories that have come out given Punk left.


Orton’s Absence

Orton didn’t uncover adult on Monday’s Raw nor did he combat on a Dec. 29 book of a uncover notwithstanding being behind from his movie-shooting duties. It looks like fans of The Viper will have to keep watchful for him to lapse from his hiatus.

Credit: WWE.com

According to a Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required, h/t Wrestling Inc), Orton has a deviated septum. He is set for medicine shortly and liberation is approaching to final a few weeks.

That would explain because Orton has competed on live events as of late, yet usually for brief matches. At a residence uncover in Los Angeles on Dec. 30, he went usually 3 mins and 30 seconds opposite Kane, per ProFightDB.com.

Depending on when Orton has this reported surgery, he competence be means to still make it behind in time for a Royal Rumble.

As Nick Paglino of Wrestle Zone notes, Orton is still scheduled to seem during a Rumble and residence shows on both Jan. 17 and 18 before a pay-per-view.


Is Mysterio Headed Elsewhere?

Mysterio has shown adult in a gossip indent distant some-more mostly than a wrestling ring over a past year. The latest word about his subsequent pierce is conjecture combined by a criticism from Chavo Guerrero.

When a fan talked online about Guerrero and Mysterio going to battle, Guerrero teased that it would occur before long:

Guerrero now works for Lucha Underground, an appendage of Mexico’s Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion promotion. While one competence boot Guerrero’s twitter as him toying him fans, one AAA worker has already pronounced that a Mysterio is headed behind to Mexico.

In August, former WWE commentator Hugo Savinovich told KGB-Wrestling.com (in Spanish) (h/t Wrestling Inc) that Mysterio would be entrance to AAA once he staid his agreement conditions with WWE.

It’s not tough to trust possibly Savinovich or Guerrero. WWE hasn’t brought Mysterio behind to TV given April, even for a vocalization role. And the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported (h/t Wrestle Zone) behind in Nov that a assembly between him and WWE officials didn’t solve any issues.


The Plan for Bryan

After Bryan announced final week that he is healthy adequate to contest during a Royal Rumble, he didn’t uncover adult for a following book of Raw.

The former WWE champ is rumored to not edging adult his boots until a pay-per-view arrives. PWInsider.com’s Mike Johnson and Steven Fernandes report, “We are conference a stream devise is that Bryan won’t indeed combat until The Royal Rumble match.”

That creates one consternation about Bryan’s health. Is this plan innate out of regard for Bryan? Is he not entirely recovered yet?

Saving Bryan for a large impulse creates clarity from a engagement standpoint, though. Delaying his lapse to a ring after months of being out of movement will usually ramp adult expectation for him. When his series is called, a throng will erupt.

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