WWE Rumors: Examining Latest Buzz Around Daniel Bryan, The Miz and More

April 21, 2015 - WWE

It’s not transparent how prolonged Daniel Bryan and The Miz will be gone, yet rumors indicate to both WWE Superstars blank Extreme Rules and beyond.

Bryan’s Intercontinental Championship compare opposite Bad News Barrett is in danger due to a champ’s health. Beyond that, WWE is being tight-lipped about what’s going on with a well-maned warrior.

As for The Miz, he is rumored to be out of a design for a time being as well. It’s another eventuality in front of a camera that is pronounced to be pulling him away, not injury. In other WWE rumors, there is difficulty surrounding Seth Rollins’ signature pierce and Orton apparently pushed behind opposite a organisation of fans. 

The biggest story stays what figure Bryan is in and what to design from him going forward. 


Questions about Bryan’s Health

Last week, a European debate finished early for Bryan. WWE pulled him as a “precautionary measure,” per a association matter (h/t PWInsider.com). The matter offering no reason as to since WWE finished a move.

However, Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t Wrestle Zone) reported that WWE removed Bryan from a debate due to concussion-like symptoms. That might not be a case, though.

PWInsider‘s Mike Johnson reports that “WWE sources have denied that and pronounced he was pulled since he had been banged adult and a association wanted to give him some rest.  If there is a deeper, some-more critical reason over that explanation, we have not been means to endorse it.”

Even after those reports, fans have small clarity about a situation. Bryan is clearly not well, yet either it is a aftereffects of his neck medicine final year, concussions or something else entirely, we don’t know.

Credit: WWE.com

On Monday’s Raw, a announcers mentioned that Bryan was out. Of course, they didn’t mention what was wrong with him. The association did announce on WWE.com that “Bryan is undergoing evidence contrast to see if he can urge his pretension during Extreme Rules.”

That could good be a array of concussion tests.

It would explain since WWE is so misleading about a calendar of his return. The association is certain to be additional clever with that form of injury, generally with Bryan’s story of concussions.


The Curb Stomp Gone?

Rollins used a DDT/Facebuster pierce on Monday’s Raw rather afterwards strike a Curb Stomp. That has fans wondering what’s going on and if new rumors that WWE has criminialized his finisher are true.

According to F4WOnline (h/t Wrestling Inc), a Curb Stomp is not banned, per se, yet Rollins will be regulating his new pierce instead. The news goes on to note that WWE doesn’t wish to call courtesy to a pierce not being used anymore.

Call it what we want, yet that sounds like it’s banned.

It’s an peculiar pierce for a accumulation of reasons. For one, there are series of other moves that engage a head, if WWE is endangered with causing concussions. Isn’t a superkick usually as expected to ring someone’s bell? 

The timing is bizarre as well. WWE is about to put on a uncover where a Chain match, a Chicago Street Fight and a hitch inside a steel enclosure will all be featured. Suddenly, a Curb Stomp doesn’t sound so bad.

The news creates Extreme Rules intriguing for a new reason. Fans will be watching—not usually to see if Rollins wins, yet if he uses a Curb Stomp to do so.

If he retains a pretension by that DDT various that we saw on Monday night, cruise a Curb Stomp finished with.


Randy Orton‘s Reported Incident with Fans

Orton reportedly played a heel purpose in genuine life. He went off on some fans who might have been too pushy.

PWInsider‘s Johnson reports:

I listened from a few WWE sources final night that when a WWE organisation landed in Albany, NY following a moody behind to a United States, there was a flattering large organisation of fans watchful in a container explain area perplexing to get photos and autographs. we was told that Randy Orton flattering most ‘berated’ a fans for bothering a wrestlers after an intensely prolonged moody and tour.

That’s not startling deliberation a hours a wrestlers work during a European tour. It’s a exhausting week superfluous with travel. The suspicion of Orton being testy by a finish of it is easy to buy.

Before anyone starts to tag him a bad man since of this, they should put themselves in Orton’s boots. It’s unfit to be a smiling, giving association deputy 100 percent of a time.

Besides, this is a same man who usually final week finished a kid’s day by a Make-A-Wish Foundation:


The Miz Off TV?

With The Miz “brand” on a line opposite Damien Mizdow on Monday’s Raw, many fans wondered if this was a approach to write The Miz off TV in sequence for him to fire his latest movie. After all, his co-star Paige took a beating final week that seemed to be her exit off WWE programming.

Miz won on Monday night. That left it misleading either he was still headed for Hollywood or going to hit with Mizdow during Extreme Rules.

According to PWInsider, “The Miz will be doing promotional work for WWE currently to foster ‘The Marine 4’ in New York City and is afterwards slated to conduct to Canada to film ‘Santa’s Little Helper’ for WWE Studios.”

It looks like a Miz-Mizdow argument will be put on hold. And Paige’s scheduled pretension compare with Nikki Bella is presumably going to be altered before a event. 

It’s not a large detriment if The Miz isn’t around for Extreme Rules. That was a expectancy with rumors of his movie-making report going around. It’s Bryan’s deficiency during a eventuality that will have a biggest impact.

A no-show from a IC champ will have fans disturbed about what’s subsequent for him. 

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