WWE Rumors: Examining Latest Buzz Around John Cena, Jeff Hardy and More

September 16, 2015 - WWE

John Cena haters and Jeff Hardy fans will have copiousness to speak about after reading by a latest collection of WWE rumors.

Recent backstage reports have overwhelmed on a futures of both men. In a box of Cena, it is rumored that he will not be in a universe pretension design for a while.

Hardy, now operative for TNA, has reportedly been a theme of discussions within WWE. Whether that leads to anything over usually speak stays to be seen.

Other WWE rumors underline a company’s skeleton for Nikki Bella and a Divas Championship, as good as who is pronounced to be a close for subsequent year’s Hall of Fame class. Cena‘s name pops adult in a rumblings about Nikki. That will usually boost a fury many fans are feeling over her violation AJ Lee’s record as a longest-reigning Divas champ of all time.

Let’s puncture into those stories, in further to a Cena and Hardy reports, in an bid to apart surmise from reality, a improbable from a believable. 


Early Hall of Fame Buzz

The 2016 Hall of Fame category won’t mount on theatre for some-more than 6 months from now. However, WWE might already have motionless who will make adult one apportionment of that group.

Michael “P.S.” Hayes and his famous rock-and-roll organisation are pronounced to be front-runners.

PWInsider‘s Mike Johnson reported, “There’s been a lot of speak internally that Hayes and The Fabulous Freebirds will finally be inducted into a WWE Hall of Fame in Dallas in 2016. Obviously, zero executive will be announced for months, though I’ve listened from a lot of people [that] it’s flattering many deliberate a lock.”

Inducting The Freebirds is a no-brainer. They sojourn one of a many famous heel teams notwithstanding being in their primary decades ago. They were innovative, memorable and during a heart of one of wrestling’s all-time good rivalries opposite The Von Erichs.

Doing it when WrestleMania is in Dallas, where Hayes and association achieved their biggest fame, would be fitting. It’s a an long-overdue induction, though there are no guarantees with a Hall of Fame.

This year, for example, WWE was set to supplement Ray Stevens to a Hall, according to PWInsider, usually to eventually leave him out of a 2015 class.


Buzz About a Potential Return

The Dudley Boyz, Sting and Samoa Joe all left TNA for WWE in a final year. Another large name could potentially join them.

F4WOnline (h/t Wrestle Zone) reported that Jeff Hardy’s name has been talked about a lot backstage.

WWE has formerly distanced itself from Hardy. His issues with drugs have to be a partial of that. But even with all a container he brings, a association has to during slightest perform a thought of welcoming him behind if a event arises.

Unlike with Joe and Sting, Hardy has a prior resume with WWE and a pre-existing tie with a fans. He’s younger than Sting and The Dudley Boyz as well. 

Hardy would make an ideal foil for a new collection of rising stars. Fans would positively welcome him on his return. But we can’t censure WWE if it is heedful of signing Hardy again, deliberation his story with drugs.

Don’t forget too that he’s still recuperating from a damaged leg that he suffered in a dirt bike accident in late April.

It’s too early to start forgetful adult anticipation matches. It’s a prolonged highway from articulate about Hardy to essay him a check.


Rumors Surrounding Nikki Bella’s Title Reign 

Conspiracy theorists now have some ammo. Speculation that backstage politics and a attribute with Cena helped Nikki strech her new miracle as Divas champ got some backup in a form of a news from a longtime wrestling journalist.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer (h/t Wrestling Inc) remarkable that WWE officials went behind and onward on what to do about a Nikki vs. Charlotte match. He also mentioned that if Nikki were to retain, Cena‘s change would have played a partial in it.

Well, Nikki did retain. The arrogance from many, then, will be that Cena had his hands all over her victory.

While backstage politics are positively a reality, this story is tough to swallow.

Nikki defeating Charlotte on Monday’s Raw to safeguard that she would transcend AJ as a lady to reason a Divas Championship a longest sets adult a large compare during Night of Champions. It creates Nikki a many hated lady on a roster. Those reasons for a outcome on Raw are logical.

To buy a Cena story, one has to prognosticate that Vince McMahon gave adult artistic control to greatfully his golden boy.

And there are other expected motivations to keep Nikki on top. Besides being a pivotal figure on Total Divas, she and her sister Brie do a lot of print shoots and open appearances for a company. She’s also a executive heel in a Divas Revolution angle.

Wait until some-more than whispers come out on a theme before being certain that Cena played a puppet master here.


Backstage Word on John Cena and a World Title

Cena seeks to turn United States champ again on Sunday’s PPV. Win or lose, it looks as if we can design him not to pierce adult to a universe pretension stage for a moment.

According to F4WOnline (h/t Wrestling Inc), WWE‘s reported devise is to keep Cena divided from a universe pretension for now, permitting Roman Reigns and others to contest for it first. 

Credit: WWE.com

That’s surprisingly essential thinking. Cena doesn’t need a boost of being a universe titleholder. It doesn’t matter what place he has on a card; he still seems like a star.

That’s reduction loyal for yet-to-be-established guys like Reigns. They need their career-defining moments, their large triumphs on large stages. 

One has to imagine, even if that is a plan, that if a TV ratings get low adequate with Reigns wearing a gold, WWE will be tempted to lift Cena behind onto a tip rung.

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