WWE Rumors: Examining Latest Buzz Around Lana, Sheamus and More

November 25, 2015 - WWE

The latest WWE rumors indicate to a dichotomy between how a association perceives Lana and Sheamus.

The Ravishing Russian is reportedly in vital difficulty with WWE officials. She’s apparently been digging herself a hole with new amicable media posts. Sheamus, however, is rumored to be champion for a rest of a year.

Lana resides in a doghouse; Sheamus is set to lay flattering in a spotlight.

In other stories floating around a Internet, Solomon Crowe is reportedly headed elsewhere, and Seth Rollins’ deficiency led to a startling reaction. How most of this should fans buy? What do these rumors meant for what’s ahead? 

Let’s dive in and answer those questions, one news during a time.


Backstage Word on SheamusWWE Title Reign

If we didn’t see Sheamus‘ Money in a Bank cash-in coming, we weren’t alone. WWE itself roughly didn’t either.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer remarkable (h/t Wrestling Inc) that WWE done a preference to go with Sheamus winning a universe pretension only hours before Survivor Series. He also mentioned that WWE doesn’t wish Roman Reigns to still be receiving boos as champion and that Sheamus is approaching to stay champion until a Royal Rumble.

That matches adult with what went down on Monday’s Raw. In a transparent try to emanate magnetism for Reigns, WWE had The Authority squad adult on him, violence him down in a opening segment.

And with Reigns vs. Sheamus set to be a TLC compare during a arriving pay-per-view of a same name, a doorway is far-reaching open for The Authority to screw a babyface over again. 

The partial about a association determining how to finish a vital PPV on a day of a eventuality isn’t surprising. This is not a new phenomenon. With last-minute formulation like that, WWE assures itself of bad storytelling. 


Solomon Crowe Gone?

NXT is brief one wild man with a gusto for howling strikes. Crowe is reportedly no longer with a company.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider wrote, “The story creation a rounds is that Crowe requested and perceived his WWE recover yesterday. We don’t know some-more than that during this time.”

WWE has nonetheless to strictly announce this. As of this writing, there is no discuss of Crowe‘s exit on his Twitter account.

But while fans wait to hear WWE or Crowe endorse this, they won’t have any issues desiring a rumor. 

Crowe frequency wrestled on TV. Apollo Crews and others upheld him by on a NXT ladder as he unsuccessful to get a significant push. After a behind debut, he hasn’t perceived a singular long-term feud. Imagining him undone with his position requires no imagination during all. 

And with his ties to a eccentric circuit, he could leave meaningful that his phone would be toll aplenty.


Backstage Word on Seth Rollins

The common pant that transient fans when Rollins went down with an damage this tighten to WrestleMania time was reportedly not how WWE reacted.

According to PWInsider Elite (h/t Wrestling Inc), a inner feeling was reportedly that losing Rollins was not on standard with losing someone such as The Rock or John Cena. The news also remarkable that Rollins’ deficiency didn’t emanate a vital shakeup with WWE‘s WrestleMania plans, as it didn’t have categorical eventuality skeleton for him.

It’s tough to buy this. With as most as WWE had showcased Rollins, carrying him reason a pretension for months on end, confronting Brock Lesnar and Cena, etc., it was only going to slip him down to a midcard come WrestleMania time?

WWE looked to be teasing a destiny Triple H vs. Rollins bout. A babyface spin seemed to be on a way. Fans and critics comparison raved about Rollins’ work.

It would be baffling if WWE didn’t have skeleton to give him something large during WrestleMania. This might only be a box of officials personification down a damage to equivocate formulating a doom-and-gloom feeling with a audience. 


Rumored Heat on Lana

If a rumors about Lana are true, don’t design to see her strut onto a TV shade anytime soon. She might have halted her possess rise.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t Wrestle Zone), Lana has “nuclear heat” with a association right now. The news remarkable that a leaked Rusev rendezvous photos and comments done on amicable media contributed to this.

Lana and Paige recently got into an online quarrel about a former accusing a latter of bullying her during NXT.

If these accusations are unfounded, one can gamble WWE is indignant with Lana. For one, it doesn’t wish to deface a repute of one of a tip stars of a women’s division, and WWE‘s work with anti-bullying charities creates this an generally supportive issue.

It’s also value observant that Rusev returned to Raw on Monday night with no discuss of Lana.

If it’s loyal that WWE is dissapoint with her, she will have gotten in a approach of what looked to be a certain arise within a company. This is a sign to all wrestlers to be prudent about what they post online

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