WWE Rumors: Examining Latest Buzz Around Randy Orton, Sting and More

November 25, 2014 - WWE

Survivor Series fueled a latest WWE rumors with rumblings around both who didn’t uncover adult (Randy Orton) and who did (Sting).

Backstage word on Orton’s lapse gives some clarity on what WWE has designed for him. It doesn’t offer a time frame, though. Reports about Sting don’t offer most in a petrify info dialect either, yet it looks as if he’s gearing adult for some-more than one match.

Other rumors core on what AJ Lee’s detriment meant for her destiny and what happened with what was ostensible to atmosphere after Survivor Series.

We start with a male who got everybody articulate by ensuring that The Authority went out of power.


Sting’s Schedule

From a impulse Sting overwhelmed down in WWE for a initial time, a Internet has been flush with questions about who he will eventually battle.

He has prolonged campaigned for a WrestleMania showdown with The Undertaker, yet his actions during Survivor Series forked to a probable strife with Triple H. We might in fact get both.

According to PWInsider.com (h/t WrestleChat.net), Sting has sealed a performers contract, with him presumably wrestling some-more than one match. The news also records that WWE intends to provoke Sting’s subsequent coming a lot until he’s indispensable for a large event.

It creates clarity to block Sting into a Royal Rumble compare opposite Triple H to build toward WrestleMania. 

Credit: WWE.com

That can scrupulously hype his subsequent bout, be it opposite The Undertaker or someone else. Thanks to his age and worn-down body, fans aren’t awaiting a full-on run, yet a probability of a span of matches is intriguing.

WWE would be intelligent to span him with wrestlers who can lift a match’s bucket and ask really small of him. For that reason, Bray Wyatt is an choice WWE needs to cruise with him during WrestleMania.

Being a final male to face Sting would rouse Wyatt’s career like few things could.


Survivor Series Aids AJ Lee Rumors

Rumors have persisted about AJ withdrawal a WWE in a nearby future. The fact that she mislaid and did so in usually seconds during Survivor Series usually served to fan a abandon of that story.

Credit: WWE.com

Reports continue to diffuse those rumors, though.

PWInsider.com’s Mike Johnson reports that after vocalization with WWE sources, he was told “it was simply a approach a compare was requisitioned that led to a discerning finale and loss, not Lee requesting a release, perplexing to quit, or any of a other stories that seem to be creation a rounds.” 

The thought that AJ is on her approach out has mostly been built around speculation. Whispers of her wanting to start a family or her matrimony to CM Punk inspiring her standing during work continue, yet so do debunking reports like this one.

WWE engagement a Divas pretension compare during Survivor Series this approach is likelier a box of a association not respecting that championship and division. It’s distant from a initial time that we’ve seen a women get shafted in terms of ring time.

And a association is clearly in a short-reign settlement with a belt. Since a night after WrestleMania, there have already been five pretension changes

AJ was a partial of each one of them.


What Happened to Survivor Series Post-Show?

In a pointer of how last-minute decisions on Survivor Series contingency have been, a pay-per-view ran prolonged and WWE chose not to promote a post-show.

The association had advertised that a WWE Network-exclusive fallout uncover would atmosphere after Survivor Series. Vince McMahon was ostensible to offer his thoughts on what went down. He did not.

F4WOnline reports (h/t Wrestling Inc) that WWE had already taped a footage with McMahon yet chose not to atmosphere it.

Credit: WWE.com

Perhaps a sour debate he gave on Raw a subsequent night was radically what he would have said. McMahon’s comments are not something fans are going to demonstration about not removing to see, yet it’s bad business use not to broach on what’s advertised.

That’s a surefire approach to build dread with your patron base.


Where Was Randy Orton?

The timing was ideal for Orton to make a warn appearance.

Survivor Series was in Orton’s hometown of St. Louis and his issues with Seth Rollins were proclivity aplenty to have him screw over Team Authority. As fans who scour a mud sheets knew going into Survivor Series, Orton was during a arena, prepared for a impulse that never came.

Instead, Sting done his WWE debut. Backstage word is that The Stinger is a reason a association hold behind an Orton return.

According to PWInsiderElite.com (subscription required, h/t Wrestling Inc), Orton was backstage during Survivor Series, yet WWE officials motionless opposite carrying him seem during a pay-per-view. The news records that WWE believed it didn’t need both Sting and Orton on a show.

It also indicated that WWE still skeleton to have Orton argument with Rollins when he does come back.

Sting’s attainment was distant bigger than Orton’s coming would have been, hometown or not. It appears that a association done a preference during a final minute, as it had both special guest prepared to go backstage. This was a right choice.

The Orton conflict can come during any time. Sting’s entrance was a outrageous approach to accelerate a pay-per-view and get folks articulate and vehement usually as a giveaway month of a WWE Network is set to end.

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