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November 11, 2014 - WWE

Rey Mysterio is reportedly facing stepping behind into a WWE ring while Roman Reigns is operative on removing some-more well-rounded once he’s prepared to do so.

Those dual Superstars during conflicting ends of their careers pretension a latest WWE rumors. Both have been absent from WWE programming, with Mysterio apparently looking to keep it that way.

Backstage word on ECW Week and Survivor Series’ undercard is also noteworthy. The Bunny might be removing a mark on a pay-per-view, something that fans could see entrance once Adam Rose started pulling his hairy partner around.


Rumored Matches for Survivor Series

As of this writing, Survivor Series’ official card has 3 matches. Officials reportedly have dual some-more in mind.

F4WOnline reports (h/t PWMania.com) that Adam Rose vs. The Bunny and a tab group pretension hitch featuring Los Matadores vs. The Usos vs. Stardust and Goldust vs. Damien Mizdow and The Miz are designed for a arriving pay-per-view.

Rose has shown heel tendencies in a final few weeks, holding out his annoy on The Bunny. It would startle no one for WWE to have these lead to a compare on a Survivor Series pre-show.

The stream storylines are indicating in a instruction of that four-team compare apropos a existence as well. That party of teams have been trade victories—cheap, cheating-assisted and otherwise—as of late.

Miz and Mizdow defeated Los Matadores on Monday’s Raw. That comes usually days after a bullfighters knocked off Goldust and Stardust in non-title movement on SmackDown.

There’s an easy line to pull from a now-muddled pretension design to a rumored compare for Survivor Series.


Why WWE Wanted Acting Lessons for Roman Reigns

Reigns is spending his liberation time enlightening his mic skills. Acting manager Howard Fine tweeted that he finished adult a three-day category with Reigns:

This was apparently something WWE wanted him to do. As PWInsider.com’s Dave Scherer reports, “WWE feels that being some-more dull as a sense is something Reigns needs to work on.”

Even with Reigns’ alleviation on promos given his debut, WWE is positively right here. He’s radically a single-geared performer on a mic. Working with Fine was a good approach to enhance his behaving range.

It’s not startling to hear of WWE officials meditative this approach about Reigns. Should his written work locate adult to his earthy gifts, he’s firm for large things. 

Reigns isn’t a usually one who could use Fine’s expertise. WWE would be correct to deposit in his lessons for some-more members of a roster. Even will all a gifted talkers a association boasts, each Superstar could urge his or her acting.


Backstage Word on ECW Week

While WWE using a ECW-themed week on a WWE Network might not seem like news, rumblings entrance out about a behind-the-scenes routine is telling.

According to F4WOnline (h/t Wrestling Inc), a preference to run ECW Week on a WWE Network was done about 48 hours before announcing it. The news adds that a source suggested a association has all of a calm prepared for a Network and strangely that a dialect using it has a miss of wrestling knowledge.

There’s a lot to digest here. 

First, a ECW calm does have some amicable media presence. Imagine, though, what kind of hum WWE could have generated if it had designed this out progressing in advance.

The other large takeaway is this sense that a folks in assign of a Network reportedly have singular wrestling knowledge. While we don’t wish to usually sinecure a initial man in a Bullet Club T-shirt we see, it’s seems peculiar not to have wrestling-minded people in these positions.

The Network’s calm and how a promoted have to interest to a kind of WWE fans peaceful to bombard out income each month. The people using it have to know that shred of a population.


Update on a Potential Rey Mysterio Return 

Mysterio fans might have to wait until he and WWE disjoin ties to see him in a ring again.

A tale that has enclosed a forced agreement extension and a backstage meeting in Buffalo, New York, final week continues. The latest word is that Mysterio is pulling behind per a lapse to action.

According to a Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required) (h/t Wrestling Inc), a artistic group has been told to come adult with stories for him, though Mysterio has done it transparent to WWE that he doesn’t wish to come back.

As quarrelsome as his and WWE‘s attribute has been as of late, this is expected. WWE is left with a disaster now. Its usually choice appears to be operative out some arrange of allotment with Mysterio.

He’s not going to be shoved behind into a ring. The usually thing a association can benefit from strong-arming Mysterio is bad publicity. 

It’s time to let him fly elsewhere.

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