WWE Rumors: Examining Latest Buzz Around Ronda Rousey and Lana

April 28, 2015 - WWE

WWE‘s reported skeleton for Ronda Rousey and Lana are during a core of a newest squared spin rumors.

The company’s inner greeting to word that Rousey‘s army was one and finished reveals what WWE Creative had lined adult for her during WrestleMania 32. As for Lana, she’s headed for a bigger share of a spotlight, with or nonetheless Rusev.

When fans can design to see Paul Heyman on TV again and an refurbish on NXT‘s new conduct tutor spin out a latest collection of WWE rumors.

Which of these stories need grains of salt, and that should be taken during face value? Let’s dive in, puncture by a backstage reports and investigate what WWE has hinted during so distant to find out.


Heyman‘s Return

Brock Lesnar‘s slippery manager has followed a large male out of frame. Heyman hasn’t been seen given WrestleMania season.

That reportedly won’t change until summertime. According to a Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Wrestling Inc), WWE skeleton to keep Heyman off TV until July.

Don Feria/Associated Press

If Lesnar is headed for a WWE pretension showdown during SummerSlam, it creates clarity to move Heyman behind then. However, Heyman can be partial of a uncover nonetheless The Beast Incarnate around. This rumored devise is approaching what WWE has in mind, nonetheless plans, generally in a wrestling world, are theme to change.

Should ratings for Raw drop or WWE needs a jar in general, don’t count out saying Heyman trip onto a shade progressing than scheduled.

He would be a extensive item to Finn Balor if WWE wants to call him adult in a nearby future.


Backstage Word on NXT 

After debate suspended Bill DeMott as NXT‘s conduct trainer, Jason Albert got his spin in that spot. Allegations of bullying, homophobia and endangering harmed prospects harmed DeMott‘s career. How is Albert now doing in his place? 

F4WOnline (h/t Wrestling Inc) reports that there have been no disastrous reports entrance out of NXT per Albert so far.

It would be positively stupid of Albert to abuse NXT wrestlers during this point. The spotlight is splendid on him and a whole developmental system. WWE officials are certain to be some-more settle to issues like that than ever before.

Anything other than squeaky-clean reports would be intolerable during this point. 


Divas on a Rise

Eva Marie and Lana fans have reason to celebrate. Both women are approaching to be bigger tools of WWE programming soon.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t PWMania) reports that Eva and Lana are set for large pushes in a nearby future.

Credit: WWE.com

Eva’s new training with The Brian Kendrick (documented on WWE.com) creates it trustworthy that WWE wants to underline her when she earnings to action. The association was peaceful to put her out there when she was terrible. If she’s distant improved now, it’s a protected gamble that she gets copiousness of courtesy from a essay team.

In Lana’s case, a signs are already rising that she’s in for a change.

At Extreme Rules and a Raw following a pay-per-view, Lana played to a throng before Rusev berated her. She has fast left from brash, unconcerned manager to a sensitive impression pang Rusev‘s abuse.

That hints during a babyface spin and a intensity separate from Rusev. If that happens, it’s easy to see WWE afterwards shifting her adult a label as a solo act.


Backstage Reaction to Dana White’s Comments on Ronda Rousey 

What WWE saw in Rousey‘s destiny doesn’t compare adult to a UFC president’s vision. White recently spoke with John Pollock for a Fight Network and pronounced that Rousey would not perform in any WWE matches:

That’s not usually a letdown for WWE fans, nonetheless for WWE itself. According to F4WOnline (h/t Wrestle Zone) a news dumbfounded a artistic team. It reportedly approaching to book Rousey opposite Stephanie McMahon during WrestleMania 32.

That’s one large compare off a list unless White changes his mind. Don’t design him to, though. Rousey stays one of UFC’s biggest stars. He’s not going to wish to jeopardise that by carrying her get harmed in a wrestling ring.

One would consider that WWE officials would have oral with White before starting to make WrestleMania plans. Rousey is underneath agreement with him, after all. 

Perhaps this was only a box of sad meditative and a WWE essay group hadn’t nonetheless indeed started prepping for a intensity Rousey-McMahon showdown. It’s a compare that stays only a anticipation for now.

WWE will have to find out WrestleMania-level draws elsewhere.

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