WWE Rumors: Examining Latest Buzz Around Seth Rollins, Chyna and More

June 17, 2015 - WWE

The latest WWE rumors offer discernment into what a association has baked adult for Seth Rollins during SummerSlam, yet even an inside source is uncertain as to only what Chyna was doing during WWE domicile this week.

For Rollins, a rumored skeleton for his subsequent vital competition after Brock Lesnar won’t be startling to many fans; indication has forked that approach for a good while.

In Chyna‘s case, though, warn is plentiful. A new revisit to WWE HQ has fans wondering what her intentions are and either her coming in Connecticut says anything about a state of her attribute with a company.

In other stories, rumors strew light on how officials perspective a Samoa Joe-Tyson Kidd conditions and yield sum on what we can design from the WWE Network ahead.


SummerSlam Plans for Seth Rollins

After Monday’s Raw, it’s transparent who Rollins is contrary with during Battleground: Brock Lesnar. Triple H announced a new No. 1 contender in a shred that finished with a champ in retreat.

Following that collision, it might be Triple H himself whom Rollins faces next. According to F4WOnline (h/t WrestleZone), WWE skeleton to have Rollins combat Triple H during SummerSlam.

That would be an intriguing charity for a marquee event, one that creates a lot of clarity from a storyline standpoint. Rollins has spent a final few weeks scornful and enmity himself from The Authority.

In a process, his attribute with Triple H has corroded. 

It would take only one large dust-up between a dual to go from allies to enemies during this point. And Triple H offers a domicile name to rouse a stream champ.


Backstage Word on Tyson Kidd Injury

WWE has been rather sly about it, yet Kidd suffered a vital damage in a dim compare opposite The Samoan Submission Machine. WWE.com simply reported that Kidd “sustained an injury.” But word has emerged that he’s severely hurt, yet Joe isn’t being blamed.

Credit: WWE.com

According to a Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Wrestling Inc), there is no feverishness on Joe for a injury. It is reportedly seen as a portion incident, not a outcome of Joe’s being unsafe.

This kind of occurrence can hurt a wrestler’s career if he develops a repute for being dangerous in a ring. That appears not to be a box with Joe, thankfully. It creates clarity for WWE officials to perspective things this way, as Joe has no prior story of spiteful his foes.

More importantly, Kidd is hopefully on his approach to liberation soon. If it’s neck- or spine-related, as unconfirmed rumblings have suggested, afterwards Kidd is presumably traffic with a frightful situation. 

This serves as an worried sign of only how genuine pro wrestling is.


Rumored WWE Network Plans

WWE fans will reportedly have plenty programming to take in. The WWE Network is set to keep adding to a inventory.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t PWMania.com) reported that association officials are deliberation creation a Slammy Awards a standalone eventuality that will atmosphere exclusively on a WWE Network. Normally, a endowment uncover is worked into an book of Raw, that customarily creates for an disproportionate night.

In addition, a rumored devise is to furnish live specials like Elimination Chamber or a arriving uncover in Tokyo for a network on a quarterly basis.

All of this is ideally logical. The Slammys are an easy uncover to produce, one that will be an combined inducement to get a network.

As for events like Elimination Chamber being thrown on tip of a pay-per-view schedule, that is clearly a trail WWE is taking. In only a past year, WWE has extrinsic King of a Ring, several live podcasts and a lapse of a Elimination Chamber into a list of network exclusives.

There’s no reason to wandering from this strategy.

Subscribers numbers surpassed 1.3 million this March, according to WWE‘s press release. The some-more live disdainful calm a WWE Network can offer, a some-more those numbers will climb.


Chyna during WWE Headquarters?

Chyna has remained in a WWE news cycle, customarily interjection to controversy,unfortunately. Her tale continues with something distant reduction unfortunate than her attack accusations, that Sean Waltman recently confronted her about, as remarkable by ProWrestling.net.

A print of Chyna’s apparent revisit to WWE domicile has circulated around a Internet. Filmmaker Erik Angra common a image, finish with a couple to a Kickstarter account for a documentary about Chyna:

Questions immediately came into fans’ minds. Was she assembly with WWE officials? Does this vigilance some arrange of remade relationship? Was she simply invading a offices as a stunt?

One chairman with a association doesn’t trust that Chyna was during WWE in any arrange of central capacity.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson wrote, “While a print might have been taken in WWE HQ (or it might not have), a well-placed WWE source remarkable that a association has had no communication with Chyna and that she was not in Stamford, Connecticut, for any scheduled assembly of any kind with a company.”

This might be a box of what fans suppose is function being some-more engaging than reality. Chyna substantially only arrived unannounced, acted for a print and maybe got some footage for her film project. 

As shop-worn as her attribute with WWE is, there’s small reason to trust things will get improved between them anytime soon. When Vince McMahon, Triple H and Chyna all poise for a design together, afterwards we can start a wild-speculation routine in earnest.

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