WWE Rumors: Examining Latest Buzz Around Sting, Chris Jericho and More

September 22, 2015 - WWE

Sting and Chris Jericho, a span of Superstars who didn’t seem during Monday’s Raw or hoard some-more than a flitting plead during a show, pretension a latest collection of WWE rumors.

Sting’s condition after battling Seth Rollins during Night of Champions is a biggest story to come out of that pay-per-view. WWE is being deceptive about what’s wrong with The Vigilante, so fans have to spin elsewhere for updates.

As for Jericho, one news finished it seem like his Night of Champions coming was a one-and-done deal.

Other rumblings concentration on what WWE has in mind for Hell in a Cell and a company’s reported position on communication with a banished Hulk Hogan. Did Monday’s Raw provoke a pretension hitch for a arriving PPV? Is Sting in risk of carrying his detriment to Rollins be his final match?

The following is a demeanour during what a rumors now floating around a Internet tell us about those questions.


Chris Jericho Not Around?

Jericho’s fondness with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose finished in disappointment on Sunday night. After rising as a poser partner in a six-man bout, Jericho bickered with his teammates.

That seemed to be indicating toward a heel spin and some arrange of angle involving Reigns and Ambrose. Instead, Jericho didn’t spin adult on Monday’s Raw.

Y2J might have usually been around for a one-match appearance. PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported, “I was told he was usually scheduled for a Night of Champions PPV.”

It’s peculiar afterwards that WWE would provoke that something was in a works for Jericho. Perhaps it will come later, nonetheless it wouldn’t be a shocker if Jericho was indeed out of a design for now.

He has come and left some-more frequently of late, including a brief debate as partial of a residence uncover circuit progressing this year. If he doesn’t uncover adult on a subsequent Raw or two, start formulation on carrying to wait until WrestleMania deteriorate to see him contest again.


More Hulk Hogan Drama

The Hogan story refuses to die down for any poignant widen of time. 

After going on a new media debate to plead his leaked argumentative remarks (link contains censored NSFW language), Hogan finished a WWE news cycle again in a apart opposite way. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Wrestle Zone) reported that WWE has asked stream talent and those in good station with a association to stop communicating with Hogan.

WWE appears to truly be going all-out to stretch itself from The Hulkster.

Nixing him from WWE.com, the WWE 2K16 video diversion and finale his agreement with them was reportedly not enough. WWE positively doesn’t wish a stream stars being buddy-buddy with Hogan in open right now, nonetheless this latest pierce is excessive.

That should change, though, over time. The conditions is still uninformed and Hogan continues to move it to a public’s courtesy by vocalization out about it.

When this debate starts to turn some-more of a apart memory, WWE is approaching to start relaxation a position on Hogan.


Backstage Word on Hell in a Cell

At Night of Champions, WWE let fans know that Undertaker and Brock Lesnar will conflict inside a Hell in a Cell during a subsequent PPV.

If we approaching that showdown to occur during WrestleMania instead, we were roughly right. According to Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t Wrestle Zone), a strange devise was to have Lesnar and Undertaker face off during WrestleMania 32.

It’s intelligent of WWE to change a mind here. Waiting until WrestleMania to tighten this trilogy would make it tough to means a bout’s momentum. Choosing Hell in a Cell instead creates that uncover feel like a marquee event, something that is loyal about WrestleMania with or though this match.

And after Paige busted Charlotte’s championship jubilee on Monday’s Raw, it looks as if The Anti-Diva would be relocating into a contender mark shortly rather than sojourn a champ’s ally.

A new news confirms those suspicions. Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t Wrestling Inc) also remarkable that Paige vs. Charlotte is now slated for a PPV.

That is approaching after Monday night, nonetheless one could suppose WWE adding Nikki Bella and creation it a Triple Threat match. Nikki is due a rematch. There are 5 weeks until a PPV, so she might get it on Raw before Hell in a Cell arrives.


Sting Injury Buzz

Sting is hurt. That most we know for sure. The astringency of a damage is unclear.

WWE announced on a central website that Sting “sustained an injury” during Night of Champions. There was no plead of what kind of damage nor any other details.

TMZ reported, “Sting is recuperating during home Monday, after nutritious a critical neck injury…so critical doctors are not means to give a long-term prognosis.”

In his Monday refurbish on F4WOnline, Dave Meltzer reliable that it was The Vigilante’s neck that was a issue. He wrote that Sting suffered a “significant neck injury.”  

Credit: WWE.com

Meltzer also mentioned, “The finish they did was a designed finish, nonetheless they immediately went to it when Sting fundamentally insisted on finishing a match. 

Sting’s manager, Steve Martinez, posted on Sting’s Facebook page that while doctors would continue to weigh him, “We are confident he will have a rapid liberation and lapse to full health soon.”

There is a lot of conjecture among fans that Sting’s career is over, nonetheless there’s no reason to buy into that yet. He positively seemed to have a ruin of a shock in Houston, nonetheless there is not nonetheless adequate information to count on him being done.

WWE has finished a robe of not being stirring with damage sum lately, so to find out what a doctors have to contend about Sting’s neck and how his liberation is going, one is going to have to gaunt on a subsequent turn of rumors for now.

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