WWE Rumors: Examining Latest Buzz Around Sting, Jushin Liger and More

July 22, 2015 - WWE

Both Sting and Jushin Liger’s arrivals are during a core of a WWE gossip indent following Battleground.

For Sting, a headlines residence either he’s entrance behind to a ring and what WWE reportedly has designed for him if he does. And so fans now wait to see if new reports are all fume and no fire, or if The Icon is truly aligning himself with dual of a tip immature talents on a roster.

Liger is for certain creation his approach to WWE for an NXT event. The rumors involving him don’t understanding with either he’s competing yet with a outcome his NXT hitch will have on a attribute between wrestling companies. 

Other rumors plead what WWE officials have in mind for a Divas multiplication and since we have seen so many bumps on a ring apron as of late.


Backstage Word on Changes in Divas Division

Sasha Banks and association reportedly have absolute voices in their corner.

The NXT women’s champ, along with Becky Lynch and Charlotte, stormed onto Raw final week. Their attainment was apparently something that was cooking for some time.

According to PWInsider (h/t PWMania.com), Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are large supporters of a stream “Divas revolution” storyline. There have reportedly been large skeleton for a women’s multiplication in a works for a while. The news also records that there was argument about who should win during Battleground, with some pulling for Brie Bella to get a nod.

Charlotte finished adult winning, followed by Banks removing a win on Monday night. As of now, it looks as if WWE is indeed critical about a series within a women’s division.

This new news usually backs that up. It points to this storyline not being only partial of a whim. With Triple H and McMahon behind them, a women of WWE are set to see some-more open doors forward of them.


Backstage News on Jushin Liger’s Upcoming Appearance

Liger streamer to NXT is rumored to be formulating developments behind a curtains. The Japanese fable is set to face Tyler Breeze during NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, yet a offscreen conflict might be a bigger understanding than what happens between those dual men.

F4WOnline (h/t Wrestle Zone) reports that a pierce is argumentative since of New Japan Pro Wrestling‘s attribute with Ring of Honor. The news also records that NXT and ROH are creation large behind-the-scenes moves to serve their possess relationship.

NXT has already determined itself as a arrange of super indy company. It facilities ROH, Combat Zone Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla alumni. Its display is some-more streamlined and small-scale than WWE correct as well.

It’s not startling during all afterwards that WWE would wish to work with ROH. A talent sell of some arrange would be profitable for both sides. This is a story to keep an eye on as it progresses.

For now, though, a rumored contention isn’t value removing too vehement about.


Apron Bumps

Again and again, wrestlers used a ring apron during Battleground to hit a atmosphere out of their opponents. Moves one would suppose WWE would specify as too dangerous came mostly that night.

Credit: WWE.com

The boost in moves on a hardest partial of a ring is reportedly a outcome of an revelation from above.

Dave Meltzer mentioned on Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t PWMania.com) that WWE officials are carrying wrestlers take bumps on a ring apron. He records that a thought is associated to Ring of Honor.

It’s peculiar that WWE would approach a talent to take these harder bumps, given how most it has cut down on pierce sets in a past. As cold as these collisions with a corner of a ring look, one would consider WWE would be too endangered about injuries to underline them much.

The visible justification was abundant during Battleground, though. Everyone from Big E to Bray Wyatt used a ring apron to harm their foes.

It’s also tough to trust that WWE cares that most about what’s function with ROH. It’s not like with ECW where a association was producing a insubordinate product and WWE simply had to steal from it to stay relevant. 

Keep an eye on how many spines clap opposite a ring apron in a entrance weeks. That will contend a lot about how loyal this gossip is.


Sting on His Way Back?

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns could shortly have some famous backup. Sting is pronounced to be on his approach behind to a WWE shade before SummerSlam.

Before Battleground, Meltzer remarkable on Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t Wrestling Inc) that Luke Harper and Sting were both set to get concerned in a argument between Bray Wyatt and Reigns.

Of course, a Harper partial came loyal during Battleground. Sting entering a ravel is a reduction protected bet.

According to an refurbish from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Wrestle Zone), WWE wants to make Sting’s lapse a vital surprise, so it will expected save that impulse for closer to SummerSlam.

With WWE’s window to do something with Sting over his WrestleMania compare opposite Triple H closing, it creates clarity for a association to consider of ways to block him into SummerSlam. And a tab group compare helps facade his weaknesses while still regulating his name power.

The one adhering indicate is that Sting, Reigns and Ambrose would need a third foe. Erick Rowan’s biceps damage has him unavailable, and there’s no apparent choice for a new Wyatt Family member. 

Regardless, fans are going to spend each Raw between now and SummerSlam watchful to hear a caws of crows and for Sting to move his reliable ball bat into this battle.

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