WWE Rumors: Examining Latest Buzz Around The Rock, Kevin Owens and More

August 19, 2015 - WWE

Will The Rock be during SummerSlam? Does a WWE writer have it in for Kevin Owens? The newest turn of WWE rumors triggers those questions yet doesn’t accurately yield gratifying answers.

A criticism in a new speak has fans wondering if a already built SummerSlam eventuality is going to also embody The Great One. The Rock display adult during an eventuality that WWE has billed as “The WrestleMania of a Summer” wouldn’t be a shocker.

Owens will many really be there. He has a showdown with Cesaro lined up.

There is clearly some-more seductiveness in how Owens is viewed backstage than what will occur in that match, though. The Internet is flush with speak of because Randy Orton called Owens “fat” on final week’s Raw. It turns out it’s a unsubstantiated variety, however. 

Other rumors indicate to what WWE‘s skeleton are for a lapse of Divas Search and what guest fans can demeanour brazen to during SummerSlam weekend.


Kevin Dunn vs. Kevin Owens Rumor Killer

Word widespread fast final week that WWE‘s longtime writer had issues with Owens and educated Orton to take shots during his weight on final Monday’s Raw. The story going around was that Dunn sought to undercut Owens, as he was not a fan of his.

Many fans took it to be true, interjection in partial to it being attributed to Dave Meltzer, who has run a Wrestling Observer Newsletter for decades. The usually problem is he didn’t write it.

Meltzer denied stating a Dunn-Owens story:

Closer investigation reveals that no convincing opening published a story. Some of a movement of a gossip seems to have stemmed from a contention on Reddit.

Dunn might or might not be a large Owens supporter, yet this was clearly a box of fans holding an unsubstantiated gossip and using with it. There’s no genuine justification to support a story.  


Divas Show Update

Months ago, word flush that a Divas Search foe was set to return. There has been small new info given on what a uncover will demeanour like.

A new news sheds a bit of light on that subject.

According to a Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Wrestling Inc), WWE skeleton to move behind a uncover as a WWE Network disdainful after this year. The initial suspicion reportedly was to denote it after a new Tough Enough format, yet with that uncover carrying issues, that has changed. 

Tough Enough’s mix of live and taped programming has led to a really incongruous feel for a program. The biggest issue, though, has been a fan voting.

Some of a best talents went home early due to fans voting them off. Mada and Patrick, dual of a favorites to win a whole thing, lay during home. It’s not startling afterwards to hear of WWE meditative about going in a opposite direction.

Having fan submit and communication is a good approach to boost interest, yet a peculiarity of a uncover has suffered with a assembly picking obtuse gifted prospects like ZZ to hang around.


SummerSlam Weekend Star Power

WWE talent galore is headed to New York City for SummerSlam weekend. Steve Austin, who has been during a core of a WWE 2K16 ad campaign, is pronounced to be among those set to transport to a pay-per-view’s horde city. 

PWInsider‘s Mike Johnson reported, “Austin is scheduled to be in New York this week for some of a Summerslam festivities. We are told that Austin is not slated to be during a PPV yet will be entrance in to work on some of a other events holding place over a weekend.”

Meltzer added on F4WOnline, “Steve Austin will be in New York during slightest for a 2K video celebration on Thursday night.”

WWE might have a warn in store, yet it looks like Austin’s gig doesn’t embody indeed display adult to a SummerSlam event. That might be loyal for some of his aged rivals as well.

According to PWInsider Elite (h/t Wrestling Inc), WWE is bringing both Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to New York for a weekend. They might only be doing signing events and panels.

Austin, Hall and Nash were all distant some-more concerned during WrestleMania. There’s no early denote that SummerSlam will be a repeat affair. Then again, if there were skeleton for The Texas Rattlesnake to play a partial during a event, WWE would positively do a best to keep it secret.


The Rock On His Way as Well

In The Rock’s case, there appears to be some-more of a probability he will uncover adult to SummerSlam.

Roman Reigns might have supposing a spirit of what’s to come on that front. In an speak with Fox Sports’ The Buzz with Jimmy Traina podcast, Reigns was asked about either The Rock was going to be during a PPV. Reigns said, “I wanna tell you, yet we don’t wish to give anything away.”

Not observant “no” or “I haven’t listened anything” here has set off a sequence greeting on a gossip mill. Fans are buzzing about a probability of The Rock creation his approach to SummerSlam.

Jonathan Bachman/Associated Press

According to Meltzer of F4WOnline (h/t Wrestling Inc), there had been rumblings to that outcome even before Reigns’ interview. 

Don’t take that news and Reigns’ criticism as a certainty that The Rock is streamer to a Barclays Center on Sunday, though. Rumblings aren’t a same as removing something reliable from an inside source. And who knows if Reigns was only teasing fans with how he phrased that answer.

Still, it’s tough to shake a thought now. Until SummerSlam goes off a air, there will be a territory of fans gripping their eye out for The Rock and his People’s Eyebrow to seem on a screen. 

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