WWE Rumors: Is Roman Reigns Cheating?

September 5, 2016 - WWE

The WWE rumors surrounding one of wrestling’s many argumentative total continues. Now, a rumors are free-flowing that WWE luminary Roman Reigns is, in fact, cheating, yet on what, and with what? What are these rumors unequivocally all about?

According to Rolling Stone, this many bomb of WWE rumors stems from a whole “illegal vest” debate that has managed to find a approach to a online petition site Change.org. The petition on a site states that Reigns — who has had his share of woes from a association interjection to his defilement of a cloudy “wellness policy” — has an “unfair advantage” over his opponents since of a vest, that has shop-worn a firmness of a sport. The petition serve reads as follows.

“Roman Reigns has been evenly violation a manners of Admiral-Lord Mountevan’s Unified Rules of Professional Wrestling by a use of bootleg physique armor to strengthen himself during a march of matches with legitimately dressed competitors, and has been doing so around his career. We need quick movement that prohibits a use of this physique armor in all destiny WWE contests by Mr. Reigns and anyone else.”

The postulant promises to broach a sealed petition to people such as Barack Obama, Jack Tunney, John McCain, “Mankind” Mick Foley, and a McMahons, if it reaches a idea of 5000 signatures. As of this writing, a petition has perceived roughly 3700 signatures. No doubt, of course, that President Obama will be gay to enter this into law before he leaves bureau in Jan 2017. (That was sarcasm…)

The vest debate aside, other WWE rumors surrounding Roman Reigns’ intrigue has, literally, divided a wrestling universe in half. Forbes Magazine reports that when Reigns surfaced PWI‘s Top 500 wrestlers list, a WWE fandom mislaid a common mind. Stemming in vast partial from a “illegal vest” controversy, fans have taken to Twitter to broadcast to PWI that, literally, anyone is improved than Reigns to tip a list, trimming from complicated favorites like Kevin Owens A.J. Styles to “old time” classics like Nakamura and Samoa Joe.

Despite a fan’s discontent, a selecting of Roman Reigns as a tip wrestler in a universe by PWI is a pointer that a embattled luminary is good on his approach to gaining mainstream respect, regardless of a debate that plagues him along a way. And Reigns, himself, seems to be gratified with a new honor, giving his response to a “haters” on receiving a news.

Regardless of all a WWE rumors surrounding either Roman Reigns did, in fact, cheat, there are still copiousness of publications in a wrestling universe who trust that Reigns is a good wrestler, and honourable of all a accolades he receives. Bleacher Report’s in-depth research on a Roman Reigns intrigue liaison — and his PWI win — breaks it down for everybody in really elementary (and reasonable) terms.

According to a reputable sports site, they trust that various WWE rumors have tormented Reigns from a notation he left The Shield and struck off as a solo fighter. While many fans understand him as lacking technical skill, his fights conflicting Rusev infer utterly a opposite. Second, for a man that has no skill, he certain has managed to give five-star performances conflicting A.J. Styles, John Cena, and Randy Orton. Finally, even yet he’s positively a wrestler that garners news headlines, his “story line” has never been scrupulously grown until recently, and it can simply be argued that he was a WWE luminary that reached a tip before his time came due.

Do we trust a WWE rumors about Roman Reigns? Leave your thoughts about these latest WWE rumors in a comments below.

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