WWE Rumors: James Ellsworth To Enter Royal Rumble 2017 Match? Booking Predictions For His Entry

October 22, 2016 - WWE

There’s copiousness of WWE rumors going around with courtesy to everyone’s favorite “jobber” in a ring, James Ellsworth. The latest of these rumors advise that he is a clever probability to enter a WWE Royal Rumble in 2017. After what was seen in his new matches on SmackDown Live and opposite Braun Strowman on WWE Raw, it seems like this gossip competence be a good one to inspect closer. Ellsworth’s WWE recognition has been flourishing week by week, so will he get a mark during a pay-per-view?

As Uproxx recently reported, Ellsworth has seen his fanbase keep flourishing ever given he mislaid to Braun Strowman on Raw. That was his large entrance in a ring, as WWE started to deliver some-more pledge “no name” opponents to fill compare spots opposite a likes of Strowman, Nia Jax, and others. After Ellsworth mislaid to Strowman, he started to turn a basement of memes all over a internet. However, his recognition usually grew incomparable when Dean Ambrose assisted him with a large feat over WWE World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles on SmackDown Live. That resulted in a championship compare a week later, and a genuine James Ellsworth t-shirt, now accessible during WWE Shop.

Much to a warn of a WWE Universe, Ellsworth won his championship match. However, it wasn’t a “David Arquette wins a WCW championship” form of pretension moment. Ellsworth won by a suspension of Styles, definition a champ keeps his belt and Ellsworth gets to gloat to his grandkids about defeating a vital champion in a SmackDown categorical event. Ambrose was once again concerned in Ellsworth’s popularity, that is many expected assisting him get over with those fans who weren’t too informed with him.

For those unknown with his background, James Morris is a 31-year-old pro wrestler who has left by a name Jimmy Deam and his stream ring name James Ellsworth. He not usually appears with WWE yet also with 302 Pro Wrestling and has formerly worked with Adrenaline Championship Wrestling. Morris teamed adult with Adam Ugly during his career to make adult a tab group Pretty Ugly and approbation they have won several informal championships. So regardless of him not winning AJ’s title, a male has positively put in his work on a circuit.

He’s also a family male with dual daughters and even mentions wrestling is his passion on his official Twitter account. The male also does unchanging live QA videos on Facebook to correlate with his fans and shows his piety by constantly thanking everybody for their help.

The WWE fanbase can be a picky garland and there are those feeling Ellsworth is undeserving of a mark in matches. Based on renouned opinion, it seems those hating on his waste or “tainted” wins will be outdone by a outspoken majority. Ellsworth has a good share of fans on his side who suffer a in-ring performances, including his “No Chin Music” superkick on AJ Styles. Yes, Styles helped sell that move, yet it gives Ellsworth his large heading pierce in a ring.

WWE connects with a Superkick on a champion AJ Styles on SmackDown Live. [Image by WWE]

Now to a rumors of Ellsworth removing concerned in a latest Royal Rumble. It consists of 30 entrants and a few surprises here or there. It creates copiousness of clarity during this indicate and he deserves a mark formed on his dual wins over a champion. Why would that not validate him for a shot during a WrestleMania categorical eventuality pretension match?

Ellsworth has even mentioned on a Hit a Ropes Podcast show that he wants a Rumble mark and so do fans on Twitter.

“A lot of a fans wanna see a rematch between [Braun] Strowman and I. we usually wanna give a fans what they want. And a infancy of fans on Twitter wish me to get an entrance to a Royal Rumble, that would be totally excellent with me. It would be so cool. So I’m large into giving fans what they want. So we wish we enter into a Rumble.”

Fans might remember several years ago that the Rumble in Boston came down to a humorous man, Santino Marella, and a throng was approach over for him to collect adult a win. Unfortunately, another former superstar, Alberto Del Rio, played adult a heel purpose by tossing Santino out and capturing a win. Ellsworth could positively cause into this year’s culmination to unequivocally get a fans revved adult in San Antonio, Texas. The fact there’s been rumors of Shawn Michaels removing concerned in some capacity, and James carrying that “No Chin Music” pierce compared with him, it all would fit together well.

A good prophecy could be that Ellsworth gets in there in one of a early spots and somehow manages to tarry all a approach to a end, usually to get tossed out by a heel. Or he could enter mid and during slightest bond on “No Chin Music” to discharge someone accidentally. If he was somehow concerned in Strowman’s rejecting it could unequivocally get a throng going.

Don’t be mistaken, though. Ellsworth won’t be winning a Royal Rumble in 2017. However, usually carrying him in one of a many renouned matches any year is all partial of a fun of a 30-man competition. Book it.

WWE fans, do we trust James Ellsworth deserves a mark in a 2017 WWE Royal Rumble? If so, where should his entrance mark be in a large match?

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