WWE rumors: Roman Reigns still scheduled to win 2015 Royal Rumble

January 1, 2015 - WWE

Despite a extraordinary lapse proclamation of Daniel Bryan, it still seems as if a Royal Rumble competence still go to Roman Reigns. 

There are a few weeks until a Royal Rumble during a finish of January, and of course, all of a concentration is on who will be a leader of a chronological compare that will go on to title WrestleMania 31 in March. Throughout a march of a past year, a easy answer to this doubt has been Roman Reigns.

However, many have been of a faith given this past Monday that a position competence not go to him anymore. After Daniel Bryan went out and announced that not usually would he not be retiring, he will make his lapse from neck medicine during a Royal Rumble event, competing in a 30-man match. After a greeting that he perceived from a live crowd, folks now trust that Bryan competence be on another highway to WrestleMania.

But, according to a news from a Wrestling Observer, all is still in place for Reigns to win a Royal Rumble match, and afterwards go on to win a WWE World Heavyweight championship during WrestleMania.

For utterly some time Reigns has been penciled in as a leader of a match, yet there are also a lot of signs indicating toward a association maybe changing their minds. Since he came behind from hernia medicine after being out for a few months, Reigns’ throng reactions have been lukewarm, during best. The people only are not responding to him a approach they’re ostensible to perspective their subsequent large superstar, and this is a legitimate concern.

Right now, though, he still is on a quick lane to a categorical eventuality on a biggest theatre of them all. But as we’ve seen before, skeleton can change in a heartbeat and we still have a few weeks to go.

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