WWE Rumors, Spoilers: Dolph Ziggler Gets Another Chance On ‘Raw,’ And ‘WrestleMania’ Build-Up Continues

March 19, 2016 - WWE

The time is removing ever closer to WrestleMania 32, and there are now eight matches confirmed and in place for a card. Still, some-more will be entrance for a large four-hour eventuality in early April, and it is approaching that some-more will be combined on Monday Night Raw. Roman Reigns is behind and has his sights set on Triple H, though Dolph Ziggler looks to get another shot during being on a biggest wrestling pay-per-view of a year.

WWE.com has expelled their preview for Raw on Monday, and there are a few noticeably absent names. The 5 points for this week don’t discuss Brock Lesnar, Dean Ambrose, The Undertaker, or Shane McMahon.

According to a WWE Live Events page, 3 of a 4 aren’t even scheduled to be there on Monday night. Ambrose will be there, though don’t design Lesnar until subsequent week for a go-home show.


One of a some-more engaging points of this week’s preview is that Dolph Ziggler is still not on a WrestleMania 32 card. He fought Triple H final week for a shot during removing any compare he wanted, though he mislaid to The Game. Still, all is not lost.

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WWE.com states that fans shouldn’t be astounded “if a former World Heavyweight Champion attempts to induce his approach into another all-or-nothing hitch on Raw.” One other important thing is that a pretension of Ziggler’s territory is “ZigglerMania” that goes right along with Kevin Owens’ new word of “KOMania.”

Friends no more

It should be no warn that Divas Champion Charlotte isn’t friends with Becky Lynch any longer and positively has no adore for Sasha Banks. Still, a 3 do have to have honour for one another and their impassioned talent and skill.

They’ve any been traffic with other divas here and there, though demeanour for all 3 of them to lapse concentration to any other on Raw and their large compare during WrestleMania 32.

Still a B.A.D.dest

Naomi and Tamina Snuka might have found themselves an fan in a “Ravishing Russian” famous as Lana. They’ve also done a series of enemies in Brie Bella, Alicia Fox, and Paige. It is rumored that these 6 divas might finish adult removing a six-diva tab compare during a large PPV.

Giant among men

So far, a 4 members of a Social Outcasts are a usually names that have combined their names to a 3rd Annual Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal. There are going to be during slightest 16 some-more names combined to a large match, and demeanour for many of them to be named on Monday Night Raw.

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WrestleZone is stating that this year’s compare will indeed atmosphere on a USA Network as partial of a 7 hours of coverage on WrestleMania 32 Sunday. It is expected going to be a partial of a Kickoff Show along with maybe one or dual other matches.

The Game has changed

After returning to WWE radio final week, Roman Reigns put a beatdown on a WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and his WrestleMania opponent, Triple H. It was a bit of payback, and now it’s expected going to outcome in a WWE Champion that isn’t happy during all.

After a few weeks off of TV, this categorical eventuality module is finally going to get a courtesy it deserves and unequivocally needs. There is also speak that another large surprise could occur before WrestleMania 32, and it could have a outrageous impact on a WWE Title match.

Once Monday Night Raw even begins, it will be reduction than dual weeks until WrestleMania 32, and a rave is ongoing. Roman Reigns and Triple H in a categorical eventuality is a focus, though a few combined twists could be thrown in. It’s going to be a large night on Monday, and there is so most that is set to take place.

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