WWE Should Implement Daniel Bryan’s King of a Ring Concept

January 20, 2015 - WWE

When Daniel Bryan is not dropkicking folks in a ring, he’s apparently formulating ways to urge a product. He dreamed adult an suspicion that would both pierce behind King of a Ring and rouse SmackDown.

A gone pay-per-view and a weekly TV uncover struggling with its identity is a ideal marriage.

SmackDown needs to feel some-more special, charity something opposite than Raw. King of a Ring is an inherently entertaining tournament that would need revamping to attain in today’s WWE. Bryan believes WWE should combine those dual entities, and he is positively right. 

Bryan told FanSided’s Cody Schutlz a following:

I would like to have a King of a Ring contest on SmackDown. The King of a Ring contest is something that a WWE used to do on a common basis, and they’ve gotten divided from it.

One, we adore tournaments. Two, we consider if we do a contest exclusively on SmackDown the fans will get unequivocally vehement about it and they’ll get geared adult for it. Then crowning a King of a Ring champion on SmackDown, we consider that would be awesome.

WWE would be correct to run with Bryan’s idea. It’s a simple, effective pierce that has a series of benefits.


SmackDown Will Feel Less Like a Retread of Raw

Moving SmackDown behind to Thursdays and into a some-more fascinating time container are good moves. If it doesn’t start to offer some-more strange material, though, a fad about a switch won’t last.

SmackDown doesn’t feel must-watch anymore.

After all, if we don’t locate a hitch on that show, WWE mostly usually offers it adult on Monday night. SmackDown hosts a share of Raw rematches as well.

For example, Big E and Adam Rose clashed on a Jan. 5 book of Raw. The subsequent SmackDown presented a same set of foes usually 4 days later.

If we missed The Miz taking on Jey Uso on a SmackDown from Dec. 5, we usually had to wait until a Dec. 22 book of Raw, when they collided once again. The Miz‘s matchup against Jimmy Uso on a SmackDown after Christmas was a rematch of a clash on Raw from Dec. 15.

WWE can’t assistance yet have overlie between a dual shows, yet a some-more it can do to heed them from any other, a better. Bringing behind King of a Ring as a SmackDown disdainful gives a uncover a possess subplot and a series of show-specific matches.

It also aids grapplers who destroy to get on Raw.


Midcarders Will Have Added Motivation, Opportunities 

Darren Young has remained on a sidelines notwithstanding being healthy post-ACL surgery. Curtis Axel frequency wrestles on Raw; per CageMatch.net, he hasn’t competed on that uncover given September. 

With Raw being a heart of WWE‘s vital storylines and giving so most airtime to a tip stars, it’s distinct that guys like Young and Axel don’t get some-more shots. That’s a rubbish of their talent, though.

A King of a Ring contest opens a doorway for astonishing runs from wrestlers like these. Even subordinate matches offer a theatre for them to shine.

Credit: WWE.com

Reviving King of a Ring also gives them matchups they wouldn’t differently get. Perhaps we’ll see Cesaro vs. Young in a first-round battle, or Axel go face-to-face with Roman Reigns. 

The contest structure naturally creates some-more play as well. Victory means more. If R-Truth and Titus O’Neil accommodate adult in a customary match, there’s small reason to emotionally invest, yet if a possibility during a subsequent turn is on a line, that hitch unexpected becomes some-more interesting.

Once a contest shrinks down to fewer competitors, some potentially good matches would be on tap. Imagine if Sheamus and John Morrison from 2010 had been on SmackDown rather than pay-per-view.

Giving guys something to fire for besides titles is always welcome, too.


The Tournament Format Adds Entertainment Value

Bryan isn’t a usually one who loves tournaments. They are a surefire recipe for fun.

Upsets, high stakes and a esteem available whoever survives all make for good wrestling.

There’s a reason a playoffs are some-more stirring than a unchanging season. WWE doesn’t take advantage of that scarcely adequate and hasn’t finished so with a King of a Ring for 5 years now.

That’s a mistake. While a “crowning a king” component of a tourney is outdated, a conflict to a tip around single-elimination matches still has good potential.

It offers new pairings of foes such as babyfaces holding on babyfaces. It creates a series of stories, either it’s an loser going serve than approaching or a argument starting interjection to someone intrigue to advance.

There’s a cohesiveness from week to week with Bryan’s suggested format as well. With a new set of contest bouts on daub for a uncover ahead, fans are speedy to watch for several weeks in a row, culminating in a SmackDown that hosts a finals.

As fun as all that is, it’s a no-brainer to pierce a King of a Ring back. Just reinstate a climax with a prize to have it feel reduction cheesy.

Bryan’s suspicion to acquire King of a Ring to SmackDown would allow WWE to keep a pay-per-view calendar inexperienced and pierce a “B” uncover an A-level product. It’s an suspicion Bryan is clearly vehement about, and with good reason.

It would twice inject electricity into a WWE product. 

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