WWE SmackDown: Burning Questions to Address After Feb. 7 Show

February 8, 2017 - WWE

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All eyes were on Elimination Chamber 2017 as a approaching attainment of a pay-per-view dominated a contention after Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown aired. 

Dolph Ziggler has to face dual wrestlers during once during Sunday’s SmackDown-branded event. Natalya will demeanour to put her hands around Nikki Bella’s throat. And Bray Wyatt stays a favorite to travel out of a Elimination Chamber with a WWE Championship in hand.

Tuesday’s go-home uncover set adult all those bouts while withdrawal a array of questions slow in a air.

Will a energetic of Ziggler’s compare work? Will Natalya and Bella make good on all a buildup to their battle? Does WWE have a snake in store for fans, or is Wyatt unfailing to explain his initial singles title?

Read on for a demeanour during all those unknowns forward of a Elimination Chamber PPV.


Will Handicap Match Prove to Be a Mistake?

Ziggler went on a uproar again. After Apollo Crews pinned him on Tuesday, The Showoff retaliated with a fusillade of steel-chair shots. Kalisto attempted to save a day but took a violence of his own.

In response to Ziggler’s latest meltdown, SmackDown ubiquitous manager Daniel Bryan requisitioned Ziggler to face both Crews and Kalisto in a 2-on-1 Handicap match. 

That’s a bizarre pierce deliberation Ziggler’s heel status. That kind of hitch is routinely indifferent for a story of a babyface overcoming a odds. WWE might be generating empathize for a knave in this case.

And what looked to be a certain launchpad for Crews unexpected has reduction intensity to propel him.

If Ziggler wins on Sunday, Crews and Kalisto will demeanour diseased after being incompetent to take down a singular enemy together. If Crews and Kalisto win, a energy of a feat will be mitigated by a stipulation. This won’t be a career-changer for Crews as it could have been had it been one-on-one.

Perhaps WWE has something crafty tucked divided in a sleeve, though for now, it seems like a association overthought this.  


Can Bella vs. Natalya Live Up to a Hype?

A argument that has been brewing given final Nov is set to consummate during Elimination Chamber.

Once Natalya suggested that she pounded Bella during Survivor Series, a dual rivals have smashed any other during any turn. Brawl after fight has upped their passion for any other.

Natalya has strike Bella with a array of written blows, including several in a split-screen talk on Tuesday. She told The Fearless One she would never have a baby. She called her a bad wrestler and a bad forgive for a tellurian being.

Now it’s time to follow all that charge adult with in-ring action.

Will WWE give these women a correct time to tell their story between a ropes? Will they be means to furnish a compare as heated as a preamble?

Natalya is during her best when opposite top-tier competition. Her many constrained matches came opposite Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and AJ Lee. Bella isn’t on Flair or Lynch’s level, though she’s a much-improved performer. Her resume isn’t abundant with classics, though she’s never been a partial of such a grown story either.

The protected gamble is that both Bella and Natalya surpass on Sunday unless WWE’s bookers get too lovable for their possess good and overcomplicate this.


Was The Ascension’s Win a Fluke?

In a preview of a Tag Team Turmoil compare for American Alpha’s tab titles set for a PPV, SmackDown featured 12-man movement on Tuesday.

Viktor of The Ascension pinned Rhyno to finish a bout.  

That was a overwhelming development. The Ascension has been SmackDown’s bottom-feeders given a code separate final July. Before that, it frequency won.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful forked out how prolonged it’s been given The Ascension came out on top:

Is WWE finally going to book The Ascension as something other than hapless? Is a deeper, some-more rival multiplication on a way?

Probably not.

WWE hasn’t committed to The Ascension, The Vaudevillains or Breezango. Its plan instead seems to be to squeeze all a teams together. Viktor’s pin was expected to only make Sunday’s compare seem reduction predictable.

American Alpha and The Usos will continue to get a bulk of a attention. History says The Ascension is due for another prolonged losing strain after this.


Is a Wyatt Win Inevitable?

Wyatt will enter a Elimination Chamber along with 5 other men. And notwithstanding his miss of championship extraction and a story of losing large PPV bouts, The Eater of Worlds is a odds-on favorite to tarry that gauntlet.

WWE offering a array of hints to that finish on Tuesday night.

For one, as Greg Parks of PWTorch forked out, announcers didn’t move adult a probability of Wyatt confronting Randy Orton during WrestleMania:

Wyatt also wasn’t enclosed in a Fatal 4-Way featuring Elimination Chamber challengers. 

Instead, he sat during ringside during Orton’s compare opposite Cena. Their bond was on arrangement though any hints of their fondness splintering.  

Downplaying a really genuine probability of The Wyatt Family members confronting any other feels like an try to take us by surprise. The same goes for display Orton and Wyatt removing along. It’s standard wrestling engagement sleight of hand.

It’s tough to suppose anyone other than Wyatt winning on Sunday, though WWE has left a fallacious track before. Going with Cena vs. Orton during WrestleMania would be a pointer of only how out of hold a association is.

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