WWE SmackDown: Burning Questions to Address After Jun 27 Show

June 28, 2017 - WWE

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Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown privileged adult a difficulty and debate surrounding a women’s Money in a Bank ladder compare situation, though it left a assembly wondering about several other unknowns.

Jinder Mahal supposed Randy Orton‘s plea for the WWE Championship during WWE Battleground. But a chapter The Maharaja comparison for their Jul 23 pay-per-view bout leaves one wondering if this argument is going to finish with a tailspin.

Sami Zayn and Mike Kanellis’ brief communication planted a seeds for a probable feud. A mangle in a poser Tyler Breeze and Fandango are operative on caused them to rethink things. And Lana’s detriment to Naomi wasn’t as definite as it looked during initial glance.

The following is a demeanour during all those scenarios, violation down a biggest questions a latest SmackDown left lingering.


Lana couldn’t final dual mins with Naomi this time around.

The Ravishing Russian perceived another shot during a SmackDown Women’s Championship on Tuesday night. Naomi pummeled her. She kick a challenger decisively and quickly.

That argument is over with now, right?

Maybe not. It’s not transparent if this was an blunder or a partial of a script, though Lana’s shoulders weren’t down on a pad during a final three-count.

Lana pleaded her box on Twitter that she didn’t technically lose:

Is this usually her sparking conversation, or is this an angle in a making? The best pierce would be to arise Lana outward of a pretension picture. The proof of her removing these championship chances is tough to swallow. She needs to go get some wins elsewhere, even if she is angry that she never got a satisfactory possibility opposite Naomi.

WWE should let her separate swindling theories a la 1998 Chris Jericho and assistance her strength out her impression that way.


Breezango suspicion a box of their trashed bureau was solved. It turns out, however, The Ascension didn’t do it.

Someone again vandalized The Fashion Police’s headquarters, though this time The Ascension had an alibi. Breeze and Fandango were interrogating them during a time of a incident.

Who is behind this then? Who will finish adult being Breezango’s enemies during a finish of this tale?

There aren’t a ton of options. The Usos, The Colons and The Ascension are a usually heel teams on a roster. Breezango has ruled all 3 of them out.

That means possibly Breezango’s investigator work is inadequate or someone astonishing is a culprit. Could WWE be looking to turn American Alpha heel this way? Is a new group removing combined to a blue brand?

Please don’t let it be The Spirit Squad. That would be utterly a unsatisfactory exhibit if Kenny and Mikey finished adult being a criminals Breezango has been chasing.


Kanellis has nonetheless to combat a compare for SmackDown, though he might have found his initial rival.

He seemed with Maria on Tuesday’s SmackDown, snuggling with his mother and being sickeningly affectionate. Zayn interrupted their adore fest. The Underdog from a Underground detonate past a integrate to get to a ring.

The tiny impulse could vigilance what’s forward for both men.

In a universe of WWE, it doesn’t take most to make enemies. Zayn hidden Kanellis’ rumble would be plenty inducement for a visitor to wish to hunt him down.

Vaughn Johnson of Philly.com, for one, wondered if a Zayn-Kanellis argument is on a way:

It creates clarity for both Superstars. Kanellis needs a babyface to work with to deliver himself to his new audience. Zayn has valid he can make stars on a arise demeanour excellent.

And if Baron Corbin starts tangling with Shinsuke Nakamura as expected, Zayn will be reduction a rival, as well. 


Mahal and Orton will go during it for a WWE Championship once again.

SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon announced that The Maharaja could name his possess chapter for their third clash. Mahal chose a Punjabi Prison.

That hitch is positively a philharmonic though has constructed dual clunkers out of dual in his brief history. It’s tough to see a movement in these bouts. And a manners are involved compared to other enclosure matches.

There’s a reason it’s been 10 years given WWE has pulled out this gimmick.

The prior Punjabi Prison matches have featured a series of logging performers. Mahal is a improved workman than The Great Khali. Orton is some-more interesting in a ring than Big Show. 

Still, a gimmick is staid to get in a way. Rather than see Orton flinging The Singh Brothers around or champion and challenger govern a customary back-and-forth in a ring, we’re set to see a whole lot of climbing.

Orton and Mahal will have their work cut out for them in creation a Punjabi Prison compare anything other than a bust.

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