WWE SmackDown: Potential Spoilers, Rumors, News and Preview for Aug 23

August 23, 2016 - WWE

AJ Styles will charge into Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown roving a burden sight of momentum.

He has copiousness to swank about after knocking off John Cena during SummerSlam. Is WWE universe champ Dean Ambrose subsequent on his list? Will Cena direct a third go-round with The Phenomenal One?

WWE will answer those questions, as good as those per Bray Wyatt’s intentions and a tab group multiplication hierarchy, when SmackDown invades Uncasville, Connecticut.

The initial uncover after SummerSlam will demeanour to build on a play that unfolded on that pay-per-view. The Usos dissapoint their allies, Randy Orton ran into a beast and Styles scored a biggest win of his WWE career. 

The SmackDown preview on WWE.com, backstage reports and news updates yield an early glance of Tuesday’s SmackDown before it front on a USA Network during 8 p.m. ET.


News, Potential Spoilers

The register will be a bit thinner for a subsequent month. WWE dangling SmackDown Superstars Alberto Del Rio and Eva Marie for 30 days after violating a company’s wellness policy, as announced on a executive website.

At SummerSlam, WWE explained Eva Marie’s deficiency by observant she went on vacation to redeem from exhaustion.

And Orton isn’t expected to contest on Tuesday night after a heartless collision with Brock Lesnar during SummerSlam. The hitch finished with him purgation blood onto a mat. WWE announced that Orton “received 10 staples to tighten a break on his forehead.” 

The call of injuries that swept by SummerSlam didn’t impact Dean Ambrose.

But a WWE universe champ could still be derailed interjection to backstage heat. According to a Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc), WWE officials were unfortunate with some of Ambrose’s answers in his live talk with Steve Austin progressing this month.

Ambrose wasn’t low adequate into a doghouse to remove a universe pretension during SummerSlam, though it’s value gripping an eye on his engagement for a subsequent few weeks.

Will Cena be around during that time? Speculation is prevalent about either he is set to go on interregnum again.

After losing to Styles on Sunday, Cena left his “Never Give Up” wristband in a ring, clearly a symbolic, farewell gesture:

Couple that with another deteriorate of a Cena-led existence TV series American Grit on a way, per Denise Petski of Deadline Hollywood, and it creates one consternation if a powerhouse is going to step divided from a SmackDown spotlight for a time being.


SmackDown Streaks

American Alpha is a hottest group on Tuesday nights.

Since nearing from NXT, Jason Jordan and Chad Gable are undefeated. Their win final week as partial of a 12-Man tab compare pushed their SmackDown record to 3-0 on SmackDown, per CageMatch.net.

Add a fact that they were distinguished total in a 12-Man rematch during SummerSlam, and it’s transparent WWE is pulling Gable and Jordan toward a tip of a division. 

Erick Rowan is in a different position, as he continues to demeanour adult during a rest of a roster.

Last Tuesday, he fell to Ambrose in non-title action. That remarkable 8 true waste in one-on-one contests in a row, per CageMatch.net. His final singles win on a blue code came approach behind in November 2014.


SummerSlam Fallout

As remarkable in a WWE.com SmackDown preview, Styles is set to residence fans after his large win over Cena on Sunday.

The Phenomenal One notched his second PPV attainment over WWE‘s golden boy. That’s a vital feat, and WWE wisely looks staid to build on it.

The subsequent judicious step is for Styles to go after a WWE universe title. Many will design his proclamation to core on that really prize.

Once SmackDown introduces a possess women’s title, Nikki Bella will be in a brew to be a initial to explain it.

After recuperating from neck surgery, Bella done a warn lapse to a ring during SummerSlam. She took Eva Marie’s mark in a tab group compare opposite Becky Lynch, Naomi and Carmella.

The former Divas champ done it transparent in a backstage talk that she is partial of a blue brand. She said, “Now, I’m only prepared to take over SmackDown.”

If American Alpha wants to do that same thing, it looks like it will have to go by The Usos.

The teams were on a same side during SummerSlam, though Jey Uso forced his approach into a compare and claimed a winning pinfall when it looked as if Gable had a attainment sealed up. That tragedy promises to lead to American Alpha’s initial argument on a categorical roster.

And while a members of both a tab group and women’s groups wait for a pretension to quarrel over, Ambrose is station by to see who will plea him for the WWE World Championship.

Will Ziggler acquire himself a rematch after losing during SummerSlam? Will Styles step adult to The Lunatic Fringe? Wyatt is a probable contender, too.

That is, if he isn’t too dreaming by a splintering of his family. On final week’s SmackDown, Wyatt seemed to provoke a separate between him and Rowan.

The SmackDown preview asked, “Will The New Face of Fear be focused on inner matters, after he forsaken Erick Rowan’s facade when his footman was degraded by a WWE universe champion one week ago?”

As these stories develop, SmackDown has a graphic advantage of not carrying to rewrite a executive account on a fly interjection to an injury, as Raw did on Monday. That, in theory, should make a blue code a higher uncover this week. 

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