WWE SmackDown Recap: Bucking trends with interesting go-home to Money in a Bank

June 14, 2017 - WWE

12:44 PM ET

When The New Day done their enterprising opening into New Orleans’ Smoothie King Center with a high-octane jazz band, small did we know that this wasn’t usually about removing an already unruly throng even some-more riled adult for this trio, though a predecessor for a rest of a night.

By now, we know that these dreaded “go-home” shows can be a unpleasant rubbish with predicted melees and an all-around miss of enrichment in any of a storylines. But Tuesday night on SmackDown Live was different. It we didn’t know one of a many renouned and sparkling pay-per-views of a year, Money in a Bank, was usually days away, we would have looked during it in a opening as an energetic, tight, action-packed show.

Now, of course, a initial thing we’ll tell we is that a New Day and Breezango teamed adult to take on (and beat) The Usos and The Colons, and that compare lasted usually brief of 30 minutes. So yes, maybe a “tight” characterization is a bit of a stretch, though c’mon, this was a New Day teaming with Breezango. How fun is that?

SmackDown women are climbing a ladder and ruinous a potion roof during Money in a Bank

WWE luminary Natalya Neidhart reflects on a women’s series and how it has built adult to another ancestral impulse during Sunday’s Money in a Bank PPV — a initial women’s Money in a Bank Ladder compare — and how a women of SmackDown have warranted it.

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  • Jinder Mahal keeps it simple

    When Jinder Mahal’s career went badly 3 years ago, it was given he mislaid lane of his vision. Now that he’s WWE champion, Mahal is dynamic not to remove concentration by removing too wrapped adult in any one moment.

  • From start to finish, SmackDown delivered a common opening that should have Monday night’s artistic group wondering how Tuesday night roughly always seems to amour us with something new, even as a star energy spasmodic feels like it’s lacking by comparison.

    The infancy of SmackDown’s star energy was clever into a categorical eventuality in an heated six-man tab group to tighten out a show. Sami Zayn continued to stir — early with aged opposition Kevin Owens, and after opposite Baron Corbin, whom Zayn scarcely decapitated with a clothesline that echoed via a locus and finished off with a Helluva Kick for a win.

    Afterward, a disharmony between all a competitors, while not a new try usually days before a pay-per-view, sowed critical doubt as to who is indeed is going to win a desired briefcase and a giveaway shot during a WWE championship. The uncover went off a atmosphere with Shinsuke Nakamura holding a briefcase aloft during a tip of a ladder.

    A few weeks ago, when a participants were announced, we done a evidence that Corbin was a favorite because, well, his time should be entrance adult any time now.

    Is that still a case? Things haven’t left accurately swimmingly for a Lone Wolf, given he can’t collect adult a W to save his life opposite a many smaller Zayn. Does that matter? Momentum and story meant unequivocally little, if anything, and a few waste can eventually be suggested as subterfuge. Look no serve than stream champ Jinder Mahal if we disagree.

    But as a weeks have left on, it’s turn transparent there’s usually something a bit too blasé about Corbin, something lacking in his glamour that creates us consternation if his carrying that carrot behind and onward to a ring for weeks or months before creation a dash and cashing in a briefcase would be anticlimactic.

    Which brings us to AJ Styles. While he’s still a renouned figure on SmackDown, his altogether value to a code has diminished, if usually glacially, given he mislaid a WWE championship to John Cena during a Royal Rumble. Styles’ impression has left by a taciturn change in proceed for some time, as he’s now a babyface. But there wasn’t a “wow” impulse as his display changed. Styles has showed adult week after week doing his thing, though though a clear, obvious narrative.

    SmackDown needs to equivocate a conditions in that Styles goes down a identical trail to Seth Rollins’ on Raw. On mixed occasions given entrance behind from a knee injury, Rollins had an event for a vital impression change, though a artistic group unsuccessful to gain on it, instead opting for him to solemnly morph into a less-edgy impression who eventually doesn’t have a same clarity of appeal, good or bad. Yes, he was once a No. 1 breeze collect in a 2016 code split, and yes, he is still unequivocally many partial of a upper-echelon matrix, though Rollins is no longer a go-to male on Raw, and hasn’t been for utterly a while.

    Styles’ miss of a streamlined storyline has a identical feel, though extenuation him a win during Money in a Bank would during slightest concede him to be partial of a championship conversation, even if he’s not in a approach brew for some time. Let Mahal duke it out with Randy Orton, or Cena thereafter. Let Mahal get his shot to reason a belt and build himself as a tip actor — though also concede Styles any event to hang on to his standing as SmackDown’s tip attraction, not usually given of his pedigree, though given of what he can do for a code relocating forward.

    That briefcase is a good start.

    Hits and misses

    — Speaking of Mahal, this was by distant his best opening given apropos champ. He spent reduction time lambasting a throng given they don’t know him, and instead focused on his Monday in a Bank enemy Orton. Mahal’s mic work was glorious and believable. More so, a vocal, abdominal greeting from a New Orleans throng suggested they’re entirely on house with hating a modern-day Maharaja. His trash-talking promo usually done Orton’s RKO on Mahal that many some-more explosive. For a initial time given Backlash, I’m looking brazen to some-more Mahal-Orton.

    — This account is zero new, though some-more than anything Sunday night, a women’s multiplication is in need of a vital snake during MITB. The inconsistency between a dual factions, Charlotte Flair, Naomi and Becky Lynch on one side, and a members of a Welcoming Committee on a other, is apropos larger by a week. Booking Natalya and Tamina Snuka to remove Tuesday in apart matches separated any movement they had built up, and placed reduction faith into a thought that SmackDown has a low women’s field. Even if Natalya or Snuka won a briefcase, would we unequivocally trust in them?

    Flair and her new teammates would be improved off feuding with any other. But some-more so, there needs to be fundamental disregard between during slightest dual of them if SmackDown has any skeleton to assistance us get re-engaged with this division.

    — Did anything demeanour some-more inconsistent Tuesday night than Kevin Owens a peacemaker? In a backstage segment, he attempted to reason with Corbin and Dolph Ziggler to work together as allies. His logic was understandable, and eventually he had an bulletin — that if they could find a approach to kick a stuffing out of Styles, Zayn and Nakamura, afterwards they would have a many improved possibility battling it out among a 3 of them. But still — Owens, a diplomat?

    — It looks like Mojo Rawley competence have a unequivocally part to get his, well, mojo back. His tab group partner, Zack Ryder, seemed on radio for a initial time given mid-December. If Rawley and Ryder can precedence their lapse in a entrance weeks, SmackDown is going to have a ridiculously clever tag-team abyss that can keep mixed intriguing feuds going during once. Maybe American Alpha can get in on a action?

    Fandango flexed his possess pecs, saying, “I can’t wait to uncover them off to my male Breezy,” it would have been a good segment. But in a circuitously room, a beaten-down Breeze’s outline of who a culprits were who laid him out and left him slumped opposite a depressed list was plain stupid fun: monsters with greasy hair and dry skin, and one arm, he said. No, dual arms! His description was mark on; demeanour no serve than the blueprint of hang total Fandango drew as proof.

    Move of a night

    Move over, Rusev. Lana competence be a new tip Russian/Easter European in a biz. Who knew she had this in her repertoire?!?!

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