WWE SmackDown Results: Bigger Winners, Losers and Moments from Nov 19

November 20, 2015 - WWE

Just 72 hours before World Wrestling Entertainment crowns a new universe heavyweight champion during Survivor Series, a 4 Superstars competing in a semifinal turn of that contest rolled in to SmackDown, any looking to leave one final sense on a a WWE Universe. 

It was needed that someone other than Roman Reigns apart himself from a others and give fans a reason to be meddlesome in him forward of Sunday’s WWE Network broadcast.

Enter Kevin Owens, who shined brightly on Miz TV, hidden a host’s rumble and dubbing a shred “The Kevin Owens Show.” From there, he dinged Alberto Del Rio, revelation him that no one missed him while he was gone.

There was something about a finish insouciance with that he approached a whole ordeal, never removing overly charcterised or worried by anything that went on, that helped him mount out on a night when everybody else was endangered with removing a final word.

The stream intercontinental champion was a night’s biggest winner, though not a usually one.

And that of his associate WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament competitors was a broadcast’s biggest loser?

The answers distortion below.


Credit: WWE.com

Loser: Alberto Del Rio

“Do we know who missed we while we were gone? No one.”

And with that sentence, Kevin Owens summed adult a whole Alberto Del Rio experience.

No one buys him as a hazard to hit off Roman Reigns in a semifinals of a universe pretension tournament. Worse yet, no one cares about him, his Mex-America transformation or his pairing with Zeb Colter. He is a one-dimensional and uninteresting character, to a indicate that a greeting for his attainment is probably nonexistent. 

For someone who was brought behind into a overlay and given a singular purify feat over John Cena during Hell in a Cell, one would have suspicion he would worry to change his impression or that WWE Creative would opt to supplement abyss to his persona.

Instead, he is accurately a same tired, tedious male he was when he left a association in 2014 and is thankfully staid to be separated from WWE World Heavyweight Championship row early Sunday night.


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Winner: Paige

The No. 1 contender to a WWE Divas Championship has had a ensign week of sorts.

First, she headlined Raw during a agreement signing with Charlotte, evoking a name and memory of a champion’s late brother, Reid Flair. From there, she intent a second-generation star in a furious fight to tighten a show.

Thursday night, she was delightfully evil, totally unapologetic following her scornful difference toward Charlotte. She done it extravagantly transparent that a usually thing she cares about is a pretension and, some-more importantly, warned Charlotte that she should not concede a few difference to get underneath her skin if she is to be champion for an extended duration of time.

It was a shining bit of mic time from a womanlike performer who is not endangered with removing a apportionment of a assembly to like her. She is a heel who gets cheered, not a heel who longs to be cold for a consequence of a reaction.

Those are singular in today’s WWE.


Winner: The Miz

Essentially a promotional apparatus for WWE during this point, a former universe champion has been underrated and underused for good over a year now. Thursday night, Miz showed usually how good a performer he indeed is, arguing with his guest as they stole control of his speak uncover from him, usually to eat a outrageous right palm from Dean Ambrose.

Then, following a blurb break, he complained like a marred brat of a luminary he is and demanded his compare to be called off. Cesaro would have nothing of it and kick him in brief order.

Miz is a association man, a performer gallant to make a dope of himself to hoard a reaction. That is something he does as good as anyone: remonstrate fans to respond to him. He is a great, aged propagandize wrestling heel who understands that it is his pursuit to continue his comeuppance earlier or after and does it in glorious and thespian fashion.

At a time when WWE is struggling to furnish stars, it is rather dumbfounding that it has not attempted to reconstruct a former categorical eventuality star who has a crossover interest that a association so cherishes. 

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