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November 8, 2014 - WWE

With a infancy of a register vacating for a European tour, this week’s SmackDown was left with fewer Superstars than normal. That was not indispensably a bad thing, however, as a spotlight was shone on some honourable individuals, quite the Intercontinental and Tag Team champions.

Dolph Ziggler, a member of Team Cena during a arriving Survivor Series PPV, squared off opposite Corporate Demon Kane inside a steel cage. Speaking of a cage, tab champions Gold Stardust shielded their titles opposite Jimmy and Jey Uso inside a revengeful structure.

Elsewhere on a show, a budding adversary between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt grown serve as they assimilated a returning Christian on a Peep Show.

Ryback distant Cesaro in considerable fashion, Tyson Kidd continued to squeeze some much-deserved categorical register approval and Adam Rose bloody a Bunny, signaling a change in opinion for a proprietor celebration animal.

With usually dual weeks until WWE presents a annual Nov spectacular, SmackDown was home to some of a week’s biggest winners and losers.

Who were they? Let’s take a look.


Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Continuing to build movement for himself as partial of Team Cena and, thus, adversary to a Authority, Dolph Ziggler was afforded a eventuality to bask in a spotlight as one of a tip babyfaces on Friday’s broadcast.

Earning a madness of a Authority, Ziggler not usually found himself on a receiving finish of threats by Triple H, he also was requisitioned in a enclosure compare opposite one of a many sadistic and dangerous Superstars of all time: Kane.

Despite a strenuous contingency opposite him, a reigning Intercontinental champion degraded Kane and now enters Survivor Series with a many movement he has gifted given capturing a World Heavyweight Championship in Apr 2013.

Hopefully WWE Creative listens to a crowd, gets a good denote of usually how many they venerate and conclude Ziggler for all of a tough work and loyalty he puts into his ring work and finally gives him a second possibility during a legitimate categorical eventuality run.


Loser: Adam Rose

After years spent in WWE’s developmental system, mostly underneath a moniker of Leo Kruger, Adam Rose’s attainment to a categorical register should have been a defining impulse of his career. Instead, a celebration animal was greeted with finish detachment by a WWE Universe, dooming his run before it ever got started.

On a Halloween part of SmackDown, R-Truth even forked out that a fans don’t caring about Rose, that a Bunny is some-more over. On Friday night, Rose authorised his frustrations to boil over and pounded a Bunny before withdrawal with a Rosebuds.

This remarkable opinion change seems to prove that WWE Creative recognizes a apocalyptic straits Rose finds himself in. It is a panic pierce by a essay staff that unsuccessful a former developmental standout from a impulse he walked by a curtain.

Whether it works and allows Rose to benefit some credit with a fans stays to be seen, though one can't repudiate that a downward turn of a Rose impression is simply one of a many unsatisfactory stories of 2014.


Winner: Ryback

Since his return, Ryback has ripped by a competition, defeating a likes of Bo Dallas and Titus O’Neil. Friday night, his stand behind adult a ladder was expedited when he demolished former United States champion and Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal leader Cesaro.

Ryback has been on a hurl given his lapse from damage and will block off with former opposition John Cena in a categorical eventuality of this Monday’s Raw, which was announced during Friday’s broadcast.

A win over Cena would erase a year of unsatisfactory bookings for a Big Guy and immediately lapse him to aptitude as a intensity categorical eventuality babyface.

There are unequivocally few times that Vince McMahon and WWE Creative acknowledge that they were wrong about a performer or finished a mistake. That seems to be a box here, as a association attempts to reconstruct Ryback and lapse him to a mark on a label he enjoyed before to his detriment to Mark Henry during WrestleMania 29.


Winners: Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt

Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt’s adversary before to this week’s SmackDown had been rather disappointing. WWE Creative had clearly not come adult with a transparent trail to take with a dual Superstars or unequivocally grown a reason for a dual to be feuding outward of Wyatt’s impasse in a compare between a Lunatic Fringe and Seth Rollins during Hell in a Cell.

That all altered Friday evening, as Wyatt tapped into Ambrose’s essence and struck a haughtiness by bringing adult his father. From there, he played some-more mind games, clearly withdrawal a inconstant star shaken.

The shred was intensely good done, quite a demeanour in that Wyatt left from a tip of a ramp, usually to cocktail adult behind Ambrose. It was a vivid picture that will assistance conclude a adversary in a weeks and months to come.

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