WWE SmackDown Results: Biggest Winners, Losers and Moments from Aug 29

August 31, 2014 - WWE

The Aug 29 part of Friday Night SmackDown continued a show’s repute of being a placeholder for World Wrestling Entertainment. Despite appearances from former heavyweight champions such as Dolph Ziggler, a Miz, Big Show, Mark Henry and Jack Swagger, no storylines were modernized and really small of piece indeed occurred.

Instead, fans were treated to a plain night of veteran wrestling, with several peculiarity bouts and some pivotal victories for tip stars.

As Night of Champions fast approaches, design a significance of a SyFy network’s rarely rated module to boost exponentially. Until then, relive this week’s part of SmackDown by holding a demeanour behind during a winners and losers from a Aug 29 show.


Winner: Roman Reigns

SmackDown has turn a Roman Reigns uncover in new months, and a second-generation star has benefited tremendously as a result. As a biggest and brightest star on a program, he is treated like a legitimate categorical eventuality attraction, something that will usually assistance with fan notice in a prolonged run.

Friday night, he and Bray Wyatt wrestled a plain compare to flog off a uncover before competing in a outrageous six-man tab group categorical eventuality also featuring Big Show, Henry, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper.

The babyfaces emerged winning on a behind of Reigns, who exploded into a compare late, executed his heading offense and finished Harper off with a Spear. It capped off another glorious display for Reigns, who gains some-more and some-more movement with each flitting week and continues to settle himself as a destiny face of WWE.


Losers: The Wyatt Family

Wyatt, Harper and Rowan capped off a misfortune week of their WWE careers by personification punching bags for Big Show, Henry and Reigns in Friday’s categorical event—the second time in 5 days that they filled that purpose for higher-ranking babyfaces.

Since dropping a Last Man Standing compare to John Cena at Payback in June, Wyatt had mislaid substantial movement and has floated aimlessly around a midcard, feuding with Chris Jericho in an unexcited program.

Harper and Rowan’s new losing strain is quite unsatisfactory deliberation a superb compare they wrestled opposite The Usos behind during Battleground. The dual teams stole that show, though a large group have given found themselves frequently losing to a likes of Henry and Big Show and Stardust and Goldust.

The contingent is in unfortunate need of a spark. With so many tip stars inextricable in other rivalries, that hint might have to come in a form of a midcard module in that they can rediscover a elements that done them one of a many constrained acts in wrestling only months earlier.


Winner: AJ Lee

The former Divas champion continued to infer that we can't out-crazy crazy as she confronted Paige following a Brit’s considerable feat over Emma and continued to play mind games with her rival. 

She presented Paige with candies, afterwards continued to chuck a Divas champion’s difference behind in her face. AJ brought adult Paige’s claims of love, afterwards watched as she reluctantly ate one of a chocolates and squabble it out. As Paige done her approach adult a ramp, AJ ate some of a chocolates and looked entirely unhinged, formulating a clarity of annoy within a younger champion.

The skirmish behind into stupidity for AJ has been a acquire serve to a rivalry. When she returned, she showed flashes of apropos a general babyface, something that simply did not fit her. Returning her to a instability that helped make her a initial vital dermatitis Diva in years is accurately what a argument indispensable to take a subsequent step forward.


Loser: Rob Van Dam

And so a RVD’s latest army in WWE ends not with a crash though a whimper.

His detriment to Seth Rollins on SmackDown brought to a end one of a many unsatisfactory stretches in Mr. PPV’s Hall of Fame career. After losing distant some-more than he won, he leaves a association as a saved midcarder, a star whose best days are so distant behind him that today’s fans are doubtful to know a hype surrounding a performer or since he is as renouned as he is.

An encouragement talent whose pursuit it was to put over a likes of Rollins and Cesaro, Van Dam valid ineffectual in that purpose since he was never authorised to remind fans of his past greatness. Instead, he returned and lost. And lost. And mislaid some more. Beating him meant zero since he meant nothing, during slightest during this final run.

If he earnings to WWE, hopefully government and WWE Creative commend a issues with his latest run and repair them. Otherwise, Van Dam will continue to harm his bequest and deplane serve and serve into mediocrity, that is something no fan wants to see from someone who has brought them such fun and party via his career.

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