WWE SmackDown Results: Biggest Winners, Losers and Moments from Aug 8

August 9, 2017 - WWE

    Lana continues to be one of a some-more enchanting characters on WWE radio interjection to a solid growth and unusual work on her behalf.

    The video packages that preceded her SmackDown entrance suggested we would bear declare to an overly sexualized impression whose strongest item was her ability to dance on a chair. Instead, a WWE Universe has seen a immature lady perplexing so tough to be supposed by her peers though proof how confused she indeed is.

    She was smoked in 3 championship opportunities opposite Naomi, a initial lady separated from a Fatal 5-Way compare during Battleground and generally outclassed during each turn. And after so many defeats and disappointments, she has begun to uncover frustration.

    Such was a box Tuesday night when she true slapped Charlotte in a face after a former women’s champion mocked her during their match. Of course, she ate a large foot and tapped to a Figure Eight in brief order, though that was to be expected.

    The story arc was not.

    Lana has turn spooky with proof her doubters wrong and has shown persistence in doing so. Even after she was squashed by Charlotte Tuesday night, The Queen done certain to give her a small applause after a match, as if to contend she appreciated a effort.

    Tamina putting over Lana’s aspiration during a backstage shred usually hammers home a thought that Lana wants desperately to be taken severely as a wrestler by a other women in a division. Like Ariel in The Little Mermaid, she wants to be partial of their world.

    That is a constrained and fascinating story WWE Creative on a SmackDown Live side of things should concentration on. Lana, to her credit, has played a partial to perfection, substantially since it reflects her possess aspirations.

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