WWE SmackDown Results: Biggest Winners, Losers and Moments from Jan 2

January 3, 2015 - WWE

WWE SmackDown strike a SyFy airwaves Friday night, and a whole WWE Universe was still buzzing about The Authority’s return to energy following a events of this past Monday.

With questions surrounding a outcome they will have on a Superstars obliged for their passing during Survivor Series, and any other group or women celebrating their tumble from grace, all eyes were on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Except they were not.

That is given The Authority, who was so vivacious to be behind in power, took Friday night off and left a uncover in a hands of Edge and Christian.

Yep, WWE followed adult a outrageous angle that, for improved or worse, had fans debating on amicable media by not including a tip heels in a association on a really subsequent broadcast.

Instead, WWE Creative requisitioned a placeholder uncover with dual categorical events featuring vague finishes.

It was an impossibly bad bid and a phenomenally bad proceed to flog off a new year for WWE programming.

As miserable as this week’s uncover might have been, there were still really apparent winners and losers.

Who were they? Which Superstars delivered a excellent performances in annoy of a feeble assembled show, and that Superstars were victims of muted writing?

Take a demeanour for yourself.


Winner: Bray Wyatt

Despite a reduction than stellar compare opposite former supporter Erick Rowan, Bray Wyatt lands in a winner’s round this week interjection to a post-match promo that both put over a movement that preceded it and also hyped Monday night’s ambulance compare opposite Dean Ambrose.

If he is peaceful to leave Rowan, someone he loves, fibbing in a heap, what is he peaceful to do to Ambrose come Raw, he asked. It was a income line and one that does wonders to build expectation for Monday’s categorical event.

After all, Wyatt rehabilitated Rowan, afterwards set him giveaway in a uncover of love. Yet, when a time came, he distant him.

The many effective of Wyatt’s promos are a ones that are focused, that have a transparent summary that is not mislaid in a repetition and wayward of a cult leader. Friday featured one of those promos, and as a result, fans who indeed tuned in to this week’s SmackDown are some-more expected to be some-more vehement about Monday’s outrageous categorical eventuality than they might have differently been.


Loser: SmackDown

For a uncover whose pierce behind to Thursday nights has been overly hyped, SmackDown continues to be a home of incomprehensible matches and dull booking.

With all of a blurb surrounding a lapse of a uncover to a night it called “home” for 7 years before to a switch to Fridays, not to discuss a hype that will approximate that initial promote on a new evening, there is copiousness of intensity for WWE to revive credit to a show.

Unfortunately, it appears calm to continue treating a uncover as if it were a red-headed stepchild of a company, holding really small time to erect anything even remotely imitative a suggestive or sparkling show.

Ultimately, that proceed will infer any hype surrounding a Thursday night relaunch futile.


Winners: Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

While Tyson Kidd had a ensign year in 2014, interjection to his work on NXT, it would not be a widen to cruise Cesaro’s year a large disappointment.

After a large win in a Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal during WrestleMania XXX, it seemed as yet he was in line for a enormous push. That, of course, would have done too most sense. Instead, he was left to decay in a deep, dim abyss that is a WWE midcard.

Taking into comment a substantial talent of both Kidd and Cesaro, a preference to put them together as a tab group was a intelligent one, generally given it was extravagantly transparent that WWE Creative had no skeleton to use them as legitimate singles competitors.

Their feat over Los Matadores Friday night was another stepping mill en track to a tab pretension compare opposite The Usos. With a stream tab champions carrying competed opposite Gold and Stardust, and Miz and Mizdow repeatedly, a uninformed compare opposite a group they would be guaranteed to have superb matches with is only what a alloy ordered.

While it might not be where possibly of a dual competitors envisioned himself, Kidd and Cesaro have a event to make names for themselves as tip contenders in tab group wrestling and, during a same time, revive some credit to that division.

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