WWE SmackDown Results: Biggest Winners, Losers and Moments from Mar 19

March 20, 2015 - WWE

With a highway to WrestleMania impending a destination, “The Viper” Randy Orton looked to strike Thursday night as World Wrestling Entertainment presented a latest part of SmackDown.

Roman Reigns was but a partner, battling Seth Rollins and Kane in a encumber match. After improbably picking adult a win (if improbably means “of march he would win”), Reigns found himself on a receiving finish of an Authority beatdown.

Cue Orton’s thesis song and a well-timed run-in.

The former heavyweight champion forsaken his former associates with a flurry of RKOs before station tall, side by side with Reigns to tighten out a show.

The greeting for Orton was phenomenal, proof that his face spin is operative intensely well, roughly to a indicate that it has overshadowed Reigns’ tour to a WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

That creates a St. Louis local one of a Mar 19 show’s biggest winners.

Who assimilated him in that difficulty and who went a conflicting direction, rising from a SyFy network promote as a loser, only days left to retreat their fortunes?

Take a demeanour for yourself.


Loser: Roman Reigns

After a clever few weeks, Wednesday night featured some-more dull engagement of a No. 1 contender.

With a John Cena impression being as seared as it is, a final thing fans wish is a CO copy. While not a goody two-shoes that a personality of a Cenation is, Reigns overcame a contingency Wednesday night to win a encumber compare he practically had no shot during rising victoriously from.

It was another instance of WWE Creative engagement a tip babyfaces to demeanour like Superman when fans would be distant some-more meddlesome in a Batman form who has his weaknesses and, gasp, even has them exploited by a villains from time to time.

Instead, Reigns looks like a universe beater, unqualified of being harm by his associate Superstars, something that will not attraction him to a assembly when a time comes to climax him a new face of a association during WrestleMania.


Winners: Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler

Shortly after a Royal Rumble this past January, Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan took to Twitter and began pulling for a singles compare between them during WrestleMania.

Unfortunately, that will not happen, as both are concerned in a Ladder compare for a intercontinental Championship. Fans who tuned into SmackDown Thursday night, however, got a glance of what they will be blank out on come Mar 29, as Ziggler and Bryan delivered an superb final tumble in a Gauntlet compare that ate adult 30 mins of radio time this week.

Bryan, after a hard-fought feat over Luke Harper, and Ziggler valid their abilities and chemistry with some superb movement that resolved with a Showoff tackling a Yes Lock, ducking a flog and delivering a Zigzag for a pinfall win.

Simply superb work from dual group who will be counted on heavily to safeguard a altogether peculiarity of a IC pretension hitch during WrestleMania.


Losers: The Tag Teams

Tyson Kidd, Cesaro and Los Matadores are gearing adult for what is approaching to be a multiteam compare during WrestleMania with a company’s tab straps during stake. But instead of seizing a spotlight Thursday night, a concentration was put on Natalya and El Torito, something that exceedingly diminishes a credit of a titles.

Natalya pinned El Torito to win a compare for her team. While some will clear a finish, saying that it allows both teams concerned in a pretension hunt to sojourn clever while Torito takes a pin, those fans are not looking during a bigger picture.

Instead of a tab titles being taken severely and treated with respect, they played second fiddle to a comedy act and a Diva who can't means a pull in her possess division.

How can fans be approaching to get vehement for tab pretension bouts when a group and women put in assign of engagement them cannot?

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