WWE SmackDown results, recap: Daniel Bryan returns, sets women’s MITB rematch

June 20, 2017 - WWE

No one blames we for carrying a green ambience in your mouth entrance out of a Money in a Bank pay-per-view. Not usually was it not unequivocally good, a top-billed hitch — a first-ever women’s MITB ladder compare — finished though a lady climbing a ladder and grabbing a desired briefcase. WWE betrothed fortitude to that on Tuesday, and while it delivered, it was utterly apparent that a whole unfolding was a pristine ratings grab.

While SmackDown did not indispensably live adult to expectations, it did allege some storylines and keep a spectator compelled, even in some of a down moments. The 3 men’s titles all seem headed in an apparent instruction with dual months left until SummerSlam, and WWE unequivocally set adult some things to play out in a nearby future.

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WWE SmackDown results

Backstage — Daniel Bryan and a women’s division: The whole multiplication — with a difference of Naomi, Carmella and Lana — were on a same page dissapoint about what transpired during Money in a Bank. SmackDown ubiquitous manager Daniel Bryan, creation his return, pronounced they would any get a possibility to be listened in a ring. After Carmella’s entrance in a ring, Charlotte Flair finished her box one-on-one to Bryan, observant he indispensable to do a right consider given he’s station in a approach of history. Following a night’s initial match, Natalya attempted to siphon adult to Bryan by wishing him a happy Father’s Day, though Snuka — sporting a large hash on her left bicep — interrupted her with threats, call Bryan to contend he would have a preference soon. 

In a ring — Carmella and James Ellsworth: Carmella pronounced everybody has been articulate about her a final 48 hours though for a wrong reasons. She explained that a other women all get regard for a accumulation of reasons, though she outsmarted them all by creation skeleton for her future. Ultimately, she pronounced she won a compare “fair and square” given it was no suspension with no rules, and she compared it to Kane assisting Seth Rollins behind in 2014. Carmella subsequent called a throng pitiable for angry to Bryan and forcing him to make a matter about a result.

Big E def. Jimmy Uso around pinfall: Prior to a match, The New Day cut a meaningless promo. Big E had a advantage on Uso in a center of a match, heading Uso to squeeze his hermit and try to leave. Kofi Kingston thwarted that attempt, and Big E shortly strike a Big Ending for a victory.

Backstage — Naomi and Lana: Asked her thoughts on a MITB situation, Naomi pronounced she was unhappy though would be prepared for anything. Lana thereafter challenged her to a rematch, that Naomi indeed supposed for subsequent week. “Lana looked fantatsic — blew divided expectations,” JBL pronounced afterwards.

Forty mins into SmackDown Live entrance off a large pay-per-view and zero of note has happened. The outcome of a men’s ladder compare has not even been mentioned, nor have we seen a new SmackDown superstars.

Tom Phillips interviews Randy Orton: Noting that he knows how a numbers diversion works given he’s been partial of it before, Orton pronounced he’s not dissapoint about a tangible loss. Instead, he’s dissapoint that Jinder Mahal disrespected his family and claimed “there’s no branch back” even if he had to go to India and dump RKOs on a whole Mahal family.

Shinsuke Nakamura def. Dolph Ziggler around pinfall: Another peculiarity compare from these two. Ziggler avoiding a Kinshasa with a knee flog and a Famouser resulted in a initial tighten fall. Nakamura countered by locking in a cranky armbreaker for a nearby submission. Ziggler thereafter avoided an exploder suplex by flipping over Nakamura and strike a ZigZag though could usually conduct a dual count. After a unsuccessful sleeper try by Ziggler, Nakamura kicked him tough in a behind of a conduct and landed a Kinshasa on his woozy foe for a win.

Every once in a while, WWE will give us a extensive compare on Raw or SmackDown, and this one many positively lived adult to that billing, quite given it seemed as if Nakamura competence take his initial loss. Of course, we know improved than that, and a King of Strong Style stays undefeated on a categorical register in singles and tab group competition.

Backstage — Daniel Bryan, Sami Zayn and Becky Lynch: Praising Zayn for his work during MITB, Bryan pronounced he was engagement him one-on-one opposite Baron Corbin subsequent week. Lynch approached and Zayn praised her for her implausible work before vacating and permitting Lynch to make her box to Bryan. Her’s was simple: Everyone else is peaceful to take shortcuts and be handed opportunities, while she fights and battles and gets nowhere. “Is doing a right thing unequivocally complicated?” she asked.

Kevin Owens’ U.S. Championship Open Challenge: Owens pronounced he would put his pretension on a line opposite any internal wrestler and proprietor of Dayton, Ohio. AJ Styles immediately strike a ring to tell Owens he wasn’t finished with him and had a pretension in his sights, though Owens balked during a plea given it is good famous that Styles is from Georgia. American Alpha’s song strike out of nowhere, and Jason Jordan motioned Chad Gable towards a ring. Owens claimed he knew Gable was not from Dayton either, though Gable pronounced his residence over a mic and Styles assured a arbitrate to ring a bell. (Gable is from Minneapolis, Minnesota.)

United States Championship — Kevin Owens (c) def. Chad Gable around pinfall to keep a title: Gable was considerable as usual, conflict a pleasing moonsault and branch a rollup into a German suplex overpass for a dual count. Owens shortly rebounded with his Pop-Up Powerbomb to win a match.

The takeaway here is that American Alpha was indeed seen on radio again. There is a lot for WWE to do with this gifted team, though it will start with them removing an eventuality to uncover some impression in backstage segments like they did in NXT. Gable removing some gleam opposite Owens was good and reminded fans what he can do in a ring. It looks like Owens-Styles will breeze adult going down again during SummerSlam unless they go with a multi-person match.

Backstage — Daniel Bryan and The Hype Bros.: Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley attempted to remonstrate Bryan that there was no death date on a tab group pretension compare they earned, though he disagreed, observant that a multiplication altered drastically given Ryder’s injury. Instead, he gave them a possibility to acquire another shot: a compare opposite The Usos subsequent week.

In a ring — Daniel Bryan and a women’s division: The GM pronounced he huddled for dual days deliberating this conditions and was told to go by a manners and take his heart out of it. After a women assimilated him in a ring, Bryan certified that a MITB ladder compare is no suspension and there’s zero in a order book opposite someone else holding a briefcase down. While Bryan certified there has been other multiplication in a past, “there has never, ever been someone who climbs a ladder, unhooks a briefcase and thereafter hands it to someone else.” He pronounced that while removing in a face of Ellsworth, who called him soothing now that he’s a daddy to a vegan, hippie baby. Bryan responded by revelation Ellsworth to “shut adult … if we speak about my baby lady one some-more time, I’ll punch we in a face so tough we won’t be means to breathe, and I’ll glow you.”

The other women began arguing, so Bryan cut them off and told Carmella she would also be a initial lady ever to palm over a MITB briefcase. “I am not going to let somebody like [Ellsworth] miscarry one of a many critical moments in women’s WWE history,” he said. Bryan motionless that, subsequent week on SmackDown, there would be a women’s MITB rematch. Flair and Lynch thereafter finished Carmella pay, conflict her with Natural Selection and a Dis-Arm-Her in a center of a ring.

Segment was rubbed good by all parties, and a outcome was a scold one in terms of progressing some firmness for a women’s division. Now we know a engagement preference during MITB was quite a ratings squeeze for SmackDown Live over a two-week span.

Jinder Mahal def. Luke Harper around pinfall: Harper positively tranquil a compare from a start, winning a WWE champion while using by his pierce set, including high-risk maneuvers. It was not until a finish that Mahal strike a superplex on Harper and Baron Corbin’s song strike and a MITB briefcase hilt did a path around a ring before walking behind adult a ramp. With Mahal distracted, Harper rolled him adult for a dual count. A Singh Brother thereafter jumped on a ring apron to confuse Harper, permitting Mahal to bond with a foot and thereafter a Khallas for a victory. Orton’s song strike after a match, and he ran down to a ring to conflict Mahal, conflict him with an towering DDT from off a ringside barricade. Just as Orton was gearing adult for a RKO, a Singh Brothers interfered. Orton strike RKOs on both, throwing a second one drifting from off a tip rope.

Harper went from doing a pursuit to Erick Rowan to removing a categorical eventuality compare opposite a WWE champ? Mahal gets positively dominated by Harper and can still usually kick him interjection to a ringside distraction? Corbin is hardly even mentioned as winning MITB until his song hits? What’s even some-more implausible is that this compare was not even teased progressing in a dusk — a WWE champion in a categorical eventuality was not mentioned. WWE continues to build a champion diseased for no good reason, and it’s costing them a possibility to get Mahal over.

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