WWE SmackDown results, recap: Daniel Bryan earnings to a ring … as a referee

December 13, 2017 - WWE

With Clash of Champions — WWE’s final pay-per-view of 2017 — only a handful of days away, SmackDown Live took a vital step brazen in building a co-main eventuality of a show.

While a AJ Styles-Jinder Mahal argument feels impossibly forced — as did many things with Mahal in 2017 — a swerving debate surrounding SmackDown’s management total and 4 of a best wrestlers played a vital purpose around a whole episode.

Let’s take a demeanour during what transpired Tuesday night and how Clash of Champions now stands with all staid on a blue brand. CBS Sports will be covering Clash of Champions live on Sunday, Dec. 17, so be certain to stop by.

Daniel Bryan dons stripes, continues Shane McMahon feud

Early in a show, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn — wearing “Yep! Yep! Yep!” satire T-shirts — were shown flitting out anti-Shane McMahon fliers backstage and dogmatic that a “Yep! Movement” had begun. General manager Daniel Bryan was after shown on a phone with McMahon assuring a commissioner that all would be OK while he’s divided this week only as Owens and Zayn entered to palm him a flier. When they strike a ring mid by a show, Owens announced Shane as a misfortune McMahon of all-time and attempted to Occupy SmackDown only as Bryan did Raw a few years ago. When Owens asked for others to join them and inundate a ring, Bryan seemed and perceived regard from a best friends.

Bryan pronounced Owens and Zayn are zero like him and that a “Yes! Movement” was not greedy (about him) yet unselfish (about a fans). “It was about what a WWE Universe wanted, and it was about what they deserved,” he explained. Bryan went on to contend that he and McMahon have any other’s back, and for that reason, he will also join a categorical eventuality of Clash of Champions as a second special guest referee. It was finished transparent by Bryan that a banishment chapter would sojourn for Owens and Zayn, and they would have no one to censure yet themselves for their ouster if they lose.

Later in a show, Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura were interviewed in a ring by Renee Young and finally given an event to explain because they are even in this match. “They are both repulsive and self-entitled,” Orton pronounced of a best friends, to that Nakamura responded, “Yep!” During a indirect Nakamura-Owens match, Bryan argued constantly with Byron Saxton about his preference while display some transparent heel tendencies as Saxton claimed Owens and Zayn had Bryan in their pocket. When Owens inadvertently knocked out a referee, Bryan stole his shirt and took control of a squared circle. A daze from Zayn authorised Owens to strike Nakamura with a Pop-Up Powerbomb and collect adult a 1-2-3 from Bryan.

Business is positively picking adult here both in terms of a McMahon-Bryan storyline and hints that maybe Bryan will indeed lapse to a WWE ring as a performer. It might all be a snake — operative as a arbitrate is not holding dangerous bumps — yet this is a many Bryan has finished physically given his concussion diagnosis. The angle is also being taken to a turn where one would consider physicality between Bryan and McMahon is a finish goal.

WWE authorised Orton and Nakamura to indeed explain their roles in a argument with Owens and Zayn on Tuesday, that was too small too late yet most indispensable for a build to Clash of Champions. The dual categorical segments for this argument — along with a compare itself — were all tip quality. SmackDown took a vital step brazen from a week ago yet still has a prolonged ways to go to contest with Raw, that is unhappy deliberation progressing this year SmackDown was simply a some-more critically acclaimed show.

What else happened on SmackDown?

  • AJ Styles non-stop a uncover by slicing a promo on Jinder Mahal. It was rather benign. When a Singh Brothers strike a ramp to respond, Styles played footage from Mahal’s violence them adult and invited them to a ring to “hug it out,” that they did. The Singhs thanked him for his support and offering to be in his dilemma — instead of that of Mahal — during Clash of Champions. Styles speedy them to let it all out, so Sunil Singh began insult Mahal while Samir Singh attempted to ease him down. That led Styles to uncover some-more footage of them by Mahal’s side only final week in India; he afterwards called them liars and delivered a integrate headbutts while Mahal stared him down outward a ring. Later in a show, Mahal and a Singhs pounded Styles backstage and talked a bit of trash. It is crazy that a WWE pretension continues to be a delegate storyline on SmackDown, that it has been given a day Mahal became a No. 1 contender. 
  • Chaos ensues after Charlotte Flair def. Ruby Riott around disqualification: Natalya sat on commentary, while a rest of a Riott Squad hung around during ringside. Flair found herself outward a ring late in a compare and started overhanging during everybody during a ringside area. Natalya eventually retaliated, ensuing in a DQ. The Riott Squad attempted to take Flair out a same approach they did Naomi, yet she ran down to a ring and strike a illusory double descending dropkick before laying out Riott inside a ring. The rest of a lumberjacks set to attend Sunday afterwards pounded a Riott Squad from behind as a several groups of women stared any other down.
  • Dolph Ziggler def. Baron Corbin around disqualification: Bobby Roode sat ringside and only incidentally motionless to insert himself into a movement mid by a match. He strike both Ziggler and Corbin with a Glorious DDT — one after another — before posing in a core of a squared circle. There was no greeting from a throng whatsoever.
  • Fashion Files is no some-more … during slightest on TV. You can now find it on WWE.com, yet they showed adequate on SmackDown to make it transparent that Breezango would be severe a Bludgeon Brothers during Clash of Champions.
  • The Bludgeon Brothers def. Colin Delaney Joe Monroe around pinfall: Another squish compare over some jobbers. They debuted an assisted lay down powerbomb that should be their finisher as against to a one they indeed use.
  • Rusev Aiden English def. The Usos around pinfall: All 4 teams in Sunday’s championship compare cut brief promos before a hitch began. With everybody yet English outward a ring, Rusev delivered a superkick onto Jey Uso (who was laying on a ring apron), permitting English to gain for a 1-2-3. It is a second purify win for Rusev English in as many weeks as they kick The New Day one week ago.

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