WWE SmackDown results, recap: Daniel Bryan, Shane McMahon determine before WrestleMania

April 4, 2018 - WWE

With only 5 days to go until WrestleMania 34, Tuesday night’s SmackDown Live brought us a final categorical register charity before a biggest uncover of a year takes place in New Orleans. Of course, when you’re deliberating a blue brand, everybody is looking brazen to a jubilant in-ring lapse of Daniel Bryan as he teams with Shane McMahon to take on Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, with a dual best friends’ jobs unresolved in a balance. Given a past tragedy between Bryan and McMahon on SmackDown, though, could these dual unequivocally be on a same page for WrestleMania? We didn’t have to wait prolonged to get that answer on Tuesday’s go-home book of SmackDown. 

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Bryan and McMahon determine before New Orleans

Bryan got a final SmackDown before WrestleMania kicked off on Tuesday night. Immediately, he welcomed out McMahon who was creation his initial entrance on a uncover given being diagnosed with diverticulitis. McMahon congratulated Bryan on apropos medically privileged to contest in a ring again, before using down his possess health issues that have tormented him over a past few weeks. McMahon did state that he, too, has been medically privileged and is prepared for Sunday in New Orleans. 

Bryan certified to his commissioner that he was right all along in regards to vouchsafing his loyalty with Owens and Zayn get in a way, and soon apologized. McMahon followed adult with an acknowledgment that he’s recently been stubborn, clearly putting a differences a dual of them have had recently on a uncover behind them. They hugged it out in a center of a ring before proclaiming they’re going to absolved SmackDown of Owens and Zayn during WrestleMania. 

It seemed as if that would be all for this angle for a evening, though that was not a case. Prior to a categorical event, Owens and Zayn seemed by a crowd, jumped on a announce list and began using down Bryan and McMahon. The written assault even enclosed Zayn holding personal shots during a SmackDown ubiquitous manager by referencing his mother Brie Bella and his daughter Birdie. 

Bryan and McMahon were examination this all take place backstage on a monitor, and they immediately had a microphones cut. As Owens and Zayn were exiting by a crowd, a SmackDown management total came out to a ramp and told everybody to get a good final demeanour during a twin on a blue brand. 

This would have been excellent with only a opening shred of Bryan and McMahon promulgation that one final message, though with Owens and Zayn hijacking residence shows recently, their entrance in this demeanour was a bit necessary. Bryan’s in-ring lapse has unequivocally saved what once was an angle that was solemnly murdering a show, though we still can’t shake a feeling that one is branch on a other come Sunday notwithstanding a settlement on a go-home SmackDown. 

The champ turns a tables on a challenger

AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura def. Chad Gable Shelton Benjamin around pinfall: The WrestleMania WWE championship compare participants were teammates on Tuesday night’s go-home show. The tragedy between Styles and Nakamura was high, naturally, though a dual were means to get a feat following a Styles Phenomenal Forearm to Gable. Prior to conflict a forearm, Styles finished it transparent clear to Nakamura that one was entrance for him on Sunday in a Superdome. 

The champ wasn’t finished promulgation messages, however. 

As Styles was creation his approach adult a ramp, Nakamura was pounded from behind by Benjamin. The WWE championship challenger was means to deflect off a attack, though Styles strike a ring to feign out Namakura with a Phenomenal Forearm — many like he was calculated out final week by Nakamura’s Kinshasa. To finish branch a tables on his competition for Sunday, Styles afterwards patted Nakamura on a head, before withdrawal a ring confident that he had gotten his indicate opposite while Nakamura stood in a ring furious. 

Did this WWE championship argument get a build that it deserved? Probably not, though a final dual weeks with these extraordinary performers have been only adequate to hype we adult that many some-more to see them face off with one another for a initial time given their initial matchup over dual years ago. Build aside, there’s no doubt this compare has all a intensity in a universe to be a one revolutionary wrestling fans remember a many entrance out of a built label on Sunday. 

What else happened on SmackDown?

  • Charlotte Flair def. Natalya around submission: Flair finished Natalya contention with a Figure Eight, and she even had to frustrate nonetheless another cash-in provoke by Carmella by kicking a briefcase out of her grasp. Following a match, Asuka finished her approach out to a ring to confront her WrestleMania competition only 5 days before they clash, though before she could ask Flair her signature doubt of either she was ready, a champion indeed pondered either her challenger was a one who’s ready. 
  • Rusev def. Jinder Mahal around pinfall: In his adopted hometown of Nashville and with Bobby Roode on commentary, a “Bulgarian Brute” got a 1-2-3 after a Machka Kick. As Rusev was celebrating, United States champion Randy Orton nailed tonight’s hero with an RKO, before nailing Aiden English with one as good with a assistance of Roode. 
  • Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Primo Colon Mojo Rawley def. Zack Ryder, Breezango Tye Dillinger around pinfall: Corbin got a win for his group after conflict a End of Days on Fandango in a preview compare for a Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal on Sunday. 

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