WWE SmackDown results, recap: Did Raw lapse a preference with the possess invasion?

October 25, 2017 - WWE

Fresh off an book of WWE Raw opening out of a TLC pay-per-view that enclosed a show-ending advance staged by a SmackDown Live brand, SmackDown had an eventuality to unequivocally strike things out of a park with a illusory follow-up uncover and enthralling storyline.

Consider that eventuality lost. Though a subject of a advance took adult many of a show, there was comprehensive not fallout from it and really small reason as to since or how commissioner Shane McMahon was means to convene his superstars — both faces and heels — together to take down a common opponent.

If we need a refresher, here’s what went down Monday night when Raw was “under siege.” Keep on reading to see how SmackDown unfolded on Tuesday night.

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Fallout from a Raw invasion

Commissioner Shane McMahon started a uncover in a ring, explaining that he schooled good as a child to always chuck a initial punch when entering a fight. He pronounced that once he authorised AJ Styles to fill in during TLC, he motionless to concede him to stay another night and pierce a SmackDown register with him. Though McMahon did not contend either this energetic a invasion, he indicated that Raw ubiquitous manager Kurt Angle doubt a talent of a SmackDown register hermetic a red show’s fate. Sami Zayn’s song hit, and while McMahon common his problems with Zayn, he supposed a superstar’s “selfless” offer to contest for SmackDown by giving him a shot to acquire his approach onto a group opposite Randy Orton after in a show. Kevin Owens seemed backstage over an hour after and told Zayn he had a identical eventuality opposite Shinsuke Nakamura.

In between those segments, SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan questioned McMahon as to since he did not engage Bryan in a preference creation to invade Raw. McMahon pronounced it is his pursuit to be a ultimate preference builder and select what is best for a brand, to that Bryan replied that he was not in preference of a pierce and did not like it. Michael Cole also cut to a backstage camera on a garage doorway mixed times around a show, indicating that SmackDown was expecting some arrange of plea from Raw.

Those invading Raw superstars never came. The categorical eventuality proceeded with Owens attempting to confuse Orton, usually to instead confuse a arbitrate and concede Orton to strike a low blow and afterwards RKO on Zayn to win and join Team SmackDown. After a match, Bryan told McMahon he was propitious no one from Raw showed adult though that they would shortly and it would be on his head.

This was a ho-hum follow-up to an engaging nonetheless foolish finish to Raw on Monday night. Granted, perplexing to book for a pointless code vs. code eventuality is formidable when we start cold, though that’s WWE’s error for not substantiating storylines over a final month that could have been cashed in for a lead-up to Survivor Series. Instead, a whole logic for SmackDown going after Raw right out of a embankment is a “strike first, worry later” mentality. It’s not accurately bad on a surface, though during a same time, it’s comparatively muted when McMahon and Angle had a remarkable adversary and past issues.

There’s still adequate here to reason out wish that business will collect adult in a opening weeks heading into Survivor Series, though there’s zero to do right now though shrug, wait and see. The McMahon-Bryan energetic is during slightest a bit engaging as it might lead to a fracturing of their attribute in some manner. 

What else happened on SmackDown?

  • Chad Gable Shelton Benjamin def. The New Day around pinfall: The Usos were on explanation examination a new No.  1 contenders quarrel a former champions. Gable Benjamin were put over purify with a confusion finish and will expected plea The Usos during some indicate before Survivor Series.
  • Fashion Dogs: A satire of “Reservoir Dogs” this week. The Ascension tied adult James Ellsworth and drank gas before Carmella walked in to intervene. Fandango stole her briefcase to see what was inside and pulled out a span of Ellsworth’s unwashed underwear. The Ascension afterwards attempted to finish a celebration by explaining “2B” is Bludgeon Brothers, to that Breezango abandoned them and announced a Strangerer Things satire subsequent week. These have left from good to OK to awful in a really brief duration of time.
  • Sin Cara def. Baron Corbin around disqualification: Corbin wanted punish for Sin Cara violence him a week ago and wrecked him outward a ring until a arbitrate called for a DQ and announced Sin Cara a victor. 
  • AJ Styles def. Sunil Singh around submission: After Jinder Mahal cut a decent promo opposite Paul Heyman and Brock Lensar, Styles tapped out Singh around a calf crusher in about a minute. Following a match, Mahal demanded from Bryan a compare for Samir Singh opposite Styles subsequent week.
  • Becky Lynch def. Carmella (via submission), Charlotte Flair, Naomi and Tamina Snuka: Backstage progressing in a show, Bryan told whole women’s multiplication — sans champion Natalya — that it would contest as Team SmackDown during Survivor Series. Lana was vehement though remarkable there were 6 women, and Bryan joked that of march she was not on a team. He afterwards requisitioned this compare with a leader apropos group captain. Carmella seemed on her approach to winning, though Lynch sealed her adult in Dis-Arm-Her to collect adult a daub out victory.
  • There was a third Bludgeon Brothers vignette, and it was a same as a initial two.
  • Dolph Ziggler cut off Renee Young backstage and incited his courtesy from opening themes to catchphrases, claiming that he valid final week by violence Bobby Roode that he was superior. Roode afterwards approached, and Ziggler told him they’re not friends only since they invaded Raw together. Roode pronounced he wanted a rubber compare in their array afterwards suggested a 2-out-of-3 falls compare that Ziggler accepted.

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