WWE SmackDown results, recap: Dolph Ziggler drops US pretension and walks out

December 20, 2017 - WWE

Dolph Ziggler walks out

With a light “you merit it” intone welcoming him to a ring, a new United States champion pronounced he’s taken any verbatim and incongruous strike that’s been thrown his approach a final 12 years and always valid that he’s a best. He afterwards showed footage of his initial U.S. pretension win behind in 2011, his 5 intercontinental pretension victories and his universe heavyweight championship cash-in win before screaming about how he’s been underappreciated. Ziggler pronounced fans were not estimable of him and did not merit to be in his presence. He afterwards laid a pretension down during his feet and left a ring though observant another word.

Rumors of Ziggler’s contingent depart from WWE have left on for years, mostly due to a fact that he’s frequency perceived a legitimate and extensive push. This is possibly all of that finally entrance to delight as his agreement nears a end, or it is what could be a illusory storyline personification off of those sentiments. It’s too early to contend for sure, though given Ziggler was comparatively deceptive in his promo, it’s substantially a latter. WWE’s biggest disaster here was not going to a commissioner or ubiquitous manager for their greeting to one of a brand’s tip champions possibly walking off a uncover and/or relinquishing his title.

Daniel Bryan, Shane McMahon block off

After Bryan distinguished a women’s Royal Rumble and announced Tuesday night’s categorical eventuality to open a show, McMahon strike a ring and recounted a events of Sunday night. McMahon certified he let his emotions get a best of him by not counting 1-2-3 for Sami Zayn though pronounced Bryan has given no reason for his discerning count. Bryan responded that he done a pierce to save McMahon from himself and safety SmackDown’s “land of opportunity” motto. McMahon pronounced he accepted Bryan’s consolation for Zayn and Kevin Owens though betrothed they would gash him in a behind earlier than later. Bryan asked pointedly if McMahon is perplexing to tell him to do what’s “best for business,” a word he has fought opposite his whole career. “If we have a opposite vision, that’s your prerogative. And if we need to glow someone, glow me,” he said, “because we don’t wish to see Shane O’Mac spin into Mr. McMahon.” After a prolonged pause, McMahon responded that he respects and trusts Bryan practically before wishing him fitness a rest of a night.

Owens and Zayn handed Bryan a bottle of champagne backstage to appreciate him in a after segment, though he pronounced he didn’t do what he did during Clash of Champions for them and that he did not drink. Owens and Zayn afterwards insincere Bryan did it since of Randy Orton — with whom Bryan prolonged feuded — so he told them to purify a smiles of their faces and stop gloating or he will glow them himself.

WWE really has us unresolved by a corner of a seats here as we wait some arrange of complicated growth in this storyline. Right now, it stays a delayed build — and that’s OK as prolonged as it goes somewhere. we could see a unfolding in that any has a deputy block off to establish who controls SmackDown. Of march … they could also go one-on-one themselves … if Bryan gets privileged to wrestle.

What else happened on SmackDown?

  • Chad Gable Shelton Benjamin def. The Usos around pinfall in a non-title match: This argument was paused for a Fatal 4-Way during Clash of Champions, and examination this compare creates one consternation because it transpired that way. Yet another extensive tab group compare on SmackDown featured both teams removing copiousness of offense. Gable strike Jimmy Uso with a roll-through German suplex, holding him out of a match, delivering another to Jey Uso beforer climbing a tip wire for an towering clothesline from a tip wire for a purify 1-2-3. They might not be American Alpha, though Gable Benjamin really work as a team.
  • Charlotte Flair talks women’s Royal Rumble: After a video package aired announcing a first-ever women’s Royal Rumble, Flair thanked a fans for forcing this into existence by chanting in arenas and perfectionist that WWE government put a women on equal balance as a men. She afterwards pronounced she will be watchful for a leader during WrestleMania 34, that led Naomi out to a ring to announce herself a initial central entrant. The Riott Squad followed, though before they could even speak, Naomi tore them detached and challenged them to a match.
  • Charlotte Flair Naomi def. Ruby Riott Sarah Logan around pinfall: A scorpion flog and springboard Insiguri from Naomi hobbled Logan, and she followed with a Rear View for an easy victory.
  • The New Day def. Rusev Aiden English around pinfall: All dressed in Christmas costumes, The New Day, Rusev and English encountered any other backstage and showed off their new WWE Shop sell before Rusev challenged New Day to a match. After New Day forced English’s face into a smoke-stack of pancakes and churned cream on a ringside table, they picked adult a easy win behind inside a ring.
  • AJ Styles, Randy Orton Shinsuke Nakamura def. Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn Jinder Mahal around pinfall: Just as a faces were removing an top hand, The Singh Brothers strike Nakamura from behind and got ejected. Orton afterwards strike an RKO on Mahal and a double towering DDT on a Singhs, who refused to leave ringside immediately. Styles combined a Phenomenal Forearm on Owens, and Nakamura finished things off with Kinshasa on Zayn for a widespread win.

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