WWE SmackDown results, recap, grades: AJ Styles gets startling Extreme Rules challenger

June 20, 2018 - WWE

Money in a Bank has come and gone, and as we in. closer toward one of a biggest shows of a year in SummerSlam, there’s one some-more pay-per-view stop to make with Extreme Rules om Jul 15. Tuesday’s night’s book of SmackDown Live emanated from Toledo, Ohio, and given what took place during Money in a Bank, there was simply one doubt on everyone’s mind: Who will be a subsequent to plea WWE champion — and WWE 2K19 cover star — AJ Styles? 

Luckily for us, a blue code gave us a star-studded gauntlet compare on SmackDown to assistance answer that question. 

AJ Styles gets a startling challenger

SmackDown Live ubiquitous manager Paige announced a five-man gauntlet compare to establish Styles’ No. 1 contender. Let’s demeanour during how this compare unfolded, in order:

1. Daniel Bryan def. Big E around pinfall: Bryan and Big E started off a No. 1 contender gauntlet match, and they got things kicked off with some implausible action. Bryan warranted a pinfall after throwing Big E with a using knee, and Samoa Joe was out next. 

2. Daniel Bryan def. Samoa Joe around countout: Joe held Bryan on a outward and sealed in a sleeper, meditative he could get Bryan knocked out on a outward and get behind into a ring before 10-count. The devise backfired, though, when Bryan transient and fled behind into a squared round first. Immediately, a Bludgeon Brothers, who Bryan had a glance down with when he was creation his approach down a ramp to start a compare as they were headed behind following their victory, strike a ring and powerbombed a infirm victor. Of course, we could all try a theory as to who was streamer to a ring next. 

3. The Miz def. Daniel Bryan around pinfall: Miz bolted to a ring, picked adult a routine Bryan, nailed a Skull-Crushing Finale and picked adult a pin. While a Bludgeon Brothers’ impasse is a bit peculiar and an reason will need to be presented relocating forward, this was a good further to a ongoing Miz-Bryan story. Rusev was a final aspirant out to a bout. 

4. Rusev def. The Miz around submission: In one ruin of a startling turn to everything, Rusev warranted his initial one-on-one event during a WWE championship when he done Miz daub to a Accolade, many to a pleasure of a crowd. Afterwards, Styles done his approach down to a ring to shake hands with his Extreme Rules challenger. Aiden English changed in for a handshake as well, calculated Styles out, afterwards held a fist to a face for his try to finish a show. 

Most fans — admittedly, myself enclosed — have been job for Rusev to get a big-time opportunity, and that impulse has finally arrived. A mid-level uncover before SummerSlam is a ideal environment to prerogative Rusev for all a good work he’s been putting in within a past year, and while a chances of him rising with his initial WWE championship subsequent month are slim, it’s good to see a good change of gait such as this. Styles and Rusev have all a collection to put on an interesting compare come Extreme Rules, and a gauntlet compare we witnessed on Tuesday to get us to this indicate was high-quality movement for a good apportionment of a second half of a show. Grade: A

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What else happened on SmackDown?

  • Carmella and James Ellsworth get a improved of Asuka: Carmella kicked off SmackDown by appearing to be common in a ring during a commencement of her promo, though of course, she was only trolling everyone. After a common gloating per her accomplishments as of late, bragging about “defeating Asuka all by herself” stirred Asuka’s song to hit. Naturally, we didn’t get Asuka, rather we got Ellsworth instead. In a initial promo given his lapse during Money in a Bank, Ellsworth suggested he had returned to offer a biggest vital lady of all time — and he even compared Carmella to a likes of Trish Stratus, Lita, Mother Teresa and Beyonce. Asuka eventually done her approach out, and she immediately struck Ellsworth with a flog to a mid-section for his actions on Sunday. While dreaming from putting Ellsworth in his place, a SmackDown women’s champion connected with a superkick to Asuka, and she and Ellsworth headed to a back. 
  • Becky Lynch def. Billie Kay around submission: Lynch done Kay daub to a Dis-Arm-Her, notwithstanding a best efforts of Peyton Royce to assistance her best crony from a outside. After maybe a best altogether display of all a women on Sunday in a Money in a Bank match, it looks like a movement that Lynch has built adult on TV newly will continue. 
  • Jeff Hardy-Shinsuke Nakamura argument brewing: It didn’t take prolonged to learn in that instruction Nakamura will be headed following his latest unsuccessful try to constraint a WWE championship. Hardy cut a backstage promo with his behind to a camera, explaining how Nakamura’s Kinshasa from dual weeks ago influenced him both physically and mentally. The United States champion afterwards incited to a camera to exhibit his his face fully-painted, and on proclaiming that his eyes are now open following a incident, suggested tradition contacts to compare a black and white makeup. In a backstage shred with Renee Young after in a show, after addressing his Money in a Bank loss, Nakamura pronounced that if Hardy crosses him again, he’ll tighten his eyes. This argument going brazen has a ton of intensity if rubbed delicately and correctly. 
  • SAnitY debuts with a aroused statement: The advertised hitch between The Usos and a debuting SAnitY never took place, with SAnitY aggressive their maestro opponents and laying rubbish to them but a bell ever ringing. A flog down of a former tab organisation champions to announce SAnitY’s attainment — finally — might have been a best approach to flog off a categorical register army for a group. 
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championship — Bludgeon Brothers def. Luke Gallows Karl Anderson around pinfall to keep a titles: Much like dual nights ago during Money in a Bank, Harper Rowan defended their titles. Other than to fill some time, it seems as if there was no other reason to reason this rematch on a show. If anything, a Bludgeon Brothers’ communication with Bryan while streamer adult a ramp following their win finished adult holding a many importance. 

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