WWE SmackDown results, recap, grades: Team Hell No competes, Rusev gets vicious

July 4, 2018 - WWE

Last week’s SmackDown Live resolved with one of a some-more pleasing surprises we’ve seen on WWE radio in utterly a while, with a reunion of Team Hell No holding place as Kane returned to save Daniel Bryan from a clutches of a Bludgeon Brothers. On this week’s SmackDown, a dual were strictly reunited with one another as a group for a initial time in 5 years, and they picked adult right where they left off — contention with any other and all while being forced to tackle top-notch competition. 

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Team Hell No off to a winning start

Renee Young non-stop SmackDown in a ring by welcoming, together for a initial time in 5 years, Team Hell No. Bryan pronounced that while their attribute might be hilly sometimes, when they step in a ring together, they’re an unstoppable unit. Kane followed that adult by observant that no matter what, Bryan always has a demon examination over him. Bryan questioned either Kane truly has always had his back, office behind to their 2014 argument — usually before Bryan was forced to relinquish a WWE undisputed championship — where Kane attempted to finish his career, and on tip of that, kidnap his mother Brie Bella. After they bickered behind and onward for a bit, The Usos finished their approach out to ridicule a fact that Bryan and Kane were radically means a shot during a tab group championship during Extreme Rules. Next out was ubiquitous manager Paige, who announced that a categorical eventuality of Tuesday’s uncover would see Team Hell No go opposite Jimmy and Jey Usos with a chapter that if The Usos emerge victorious, they will be combined to a tab group pretension hitch during Extreme Rules. 

Team Hell No def The Usos around pinfall: Team Hell No will still have a tab group championship event all to themselves during Extreme Rules after Kane got a pin after a chokeslam to Jey Uso. Following a victory, a Bludgeon Brothers finished their approach out to a ramp for a glance down with their challengers to tighten a show. 

Yep, it’s official: Bryan and Kane as Team Hell No is still one of a some-more interesting acts in a company, in a ring and out of it. This was a plain display for them in their initial bit of movement as a group in 5 years, and now we unequivocally get a feeling their showdown with Harper and Rowan in reduction than dual weeks could be one of a improved matches on a label when a dirt settles.. Grade: A-

Rusev sends a infamous summary to AJ Styles

Styles returned after a one-week deficiency to a carol of dueling “AJ Styles!” and Rusev Day!” chants. The WWE champion remarkable that he was good wakeful of all Rusev pronounced final week. though this is still a residence that AJ Styles built. Rusev and Aiden English finished their approach out to a ring, where a pretension challenger during Extreme Rules admitted that he’s prepared to pierce into a residence that he built by earning a WWE championship. 

AJ Styles def. Aiden English around submission: Despite an early daze from Rusev, Styles picked adult a easy win with a Calf Crusher. Immediately following a win, Rusev pulled Styles out of a ring and pounded him, joining with a Machka Kick on a outside. Rusev rolled Styles behind into a ring and slapped on a Accolade for good measure. 

They’ve finished a good office so distant of presenting Rusev as a convincing hazard to Styles’ WWE championship, and a post-match kick down helped in that courtesy this week. But we have to blemish your conduct during WWE once again altering someone’s purpose simply to fit a certain situation; we know, arrange of what was usually pulled with Nia Jax on Raw streamer into her argument with Ronda Rousey. Rusev has been teetering toward a babyface side as of late as his organic recognition grew, and even shook hands with Styles after he was winning to turn a No. 1 contender a integrate weeks ago. Now, all of a sudden, he’s behind to being a dishonourable heel? There would be no mistreat whatsoever in usually vouchsafing a dual characters as they were face off for a WWE pretension in front of what will be a prohibited throng in Pittsburgh. Grade: C-

What else happened on SmackDown?

  • United States Championship —  Jeff Hardy (c) def. The Miz around pinfall to keep a title: Hardy, nationalistic face paint and all, hold another United States championship open plea in respect of Independence Day. Miz would be suggested as a male to answer that call. Hardy degraded Miz with a Swanton Bomb after Miz was held attempting to take a win with his feet on a ropes. 
  • SAnitY hull a New Day pancake eating contest: Advertised for Tuesday’s SmackDown was a New Day holding their initial annual Third of Jul Pancake Eating Contest. The competition hardly got underway when SAnitY’s song strike and they blindsided New Day with a hide conflict in a ring. They annihilated a renouned trio, finishing things off in a ring by putting Xavier Woods by a table. 
  • Asuka vs. James Ellsworth finished in a double countout: Asuka was physically winning Ellsworth, that caused Carmella’s servant to hightail it divided from a ringside area with Asuka in pursuit, causing a countout finish. They finished their approach behind toward a ring, and when they did, a SmackDown women’s champion laid out Asuka once again. Later in a evening, Paige sensitive Ellsworth he will face Asuka again subsequent week, usually this time a ring will be surrounded with womanlike lumberjacks as a outcome of how things unfolded on Tuesday night. 
  • Becky Lynch def. Peyton Royce around submission: Lynch warranted a win after creation Royce daub to a Dis-Arm-Her. You’re starting to get a feeling that, after all this time, there is a plain devise in place long-term for Lynch who continues to shelve adult wins. It’s about time. 

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