WWE SmackDown results, recap: Kevin Owens, Mojo Rawley make waves

November 29, 2017 - WWE

WWE SmackDown was … engaging on Tuesday. Interesting in that there were some important moments that done a spectator perk adult yet copiousness of others that left a bit of a green ambience in one’s mouth.

A new coterie perceived a bit some-more backstory than was offering a week ago, while a long-time face done a long-awaited heel spin that might have depressed a bit brief given a circumstances.

Let’s take a demeanour during what went down.

A large win for Kevin Owens

SmackDown non-stop with commissioner Shane McMahon job out ubiquitous manager Daniel Bryan to explain because he kept Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn on a roster. McMahon and Bryan went behind and onward with a approaching arguments before McMahon supposed Bryan’s matchmaking of Owens vs. Randy Orton from final week, yet he barred Zayn from ringside and done it a no-disqualification match. Backstage, Owens and Zayn immediately ran to Bryan to complain, yet he would have nothing of it.

The Orton-Owens review concerned copiousness of weapons and eventually done a approach to a opening ramp where Zayn battered Orton, who was in control during a time, with some diseased chair shots. (Due to Zayn not being ringside and a review being no DQ, he did not technically violate a rules.) Orton recovered behind in a ring, yet Owens took out a knee shop-worn by Zayn, combined a superkick and followed by attack a large frog dash from a tip wire to collect adult a victory.

This is all going somewhere yet accurately where stays adult in a air. McMahon and Bryan were not totally during contingency on Tuesday, and while Zayn’s division will positively annoy McMahon, there is no transparent trail for a twin with Clash of Champions entrance adult in 3 weeks. It will be engaging to see what unfolds in a following weeks, yet for now, a lead storyline on SmackDown is kind of, well, meh.

The Riott Squad creates an groundless statement

Early in a show, Charlotte Flair, Naomi and Natalya vowed to take caring of those that battered them final week. The supposed Riott Squad introduced themselves backstage after on with Ruby Riott as a transparent personality of a pack. Shortly after a review began, Natalya left ringside and incited it into a encumber match. Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan broken Naomi outward a ring, environment adult a steel stairs plumb and throwing her into them before fixation them over her conduct and attempting a slingshot. The arbitrate continued a review for some different reason notwithstanding examination all of this transpire. Riott sealed Flair in a acquiescence for a while in a center of a ring before a 3 coterie members attempted to take her out one on one. Flair fought them off for a while, yet a knee and flog to a conduct eventually forced Flair out for a count. Naomi was placed on a house and carried divided from ringside.  

This D-squad women’s coterie is unwell to stir from a get-go. It is so identical to Absolution on Raw — another women’s coterie introduced a same week with 3 identical-looking members — that it is roughly unfit to do anything yet review them. Whereas Absolution facilities 3 strong, believably widespread women, The Riott Squad is a approach reduction discriminating mock-up copy. It’s roughly as if WWE came adult with one unequivocally good engagement thought for Raw and simply said, “Yeah, let’s do a same thing on SmackDown with 3 women who demeanour similar.” There is no other reason for it unless a dual factions are somehow related, that is a probability that seemed to blur in week two.

What else happened on SmackDown?

  • The New Day def. Chad Gable Shelton Benjamin around pinfall: In another stirring SmackDown tab group match, New Day eventually prevailed after attack Up Up Down Down on Benjamin for a 1-2-3. Gable Benjamin were due a tab group pretension shot opposite The Usos, who watched from ringside, so New Day going over here was positively a extraordinary decision.
  • Mojo Rawley turns | The Bludgeon Brothers def. The Hype Bros around pinfall: In a one-minute squash, Harper and Rowan took out Zack Ryder in an instant. After a match, while giving an in-ring interview, Ryder was battered from behind by Mojo Rawley. “The Hype Bros are dead! Do we hear me?!” Rawley screamed during Ryder mixed times as he battered him with clubbing blows while laid out on a mat. After a break, he explained his actions backstage by simply saying, “The landscape has changed.”
  • Baron Corbin interrupted a Bobby Roode interview backstage, heading Roode to plea Corbin for a United States championship on SmackDown. Corbin declined and walked off. Betcha they quarrel during Clash of Champions!
  • AJ Styles def. The Singh Brothers around pinfall: Just as Styles was stepping into a ring before a match, Jinder Mahal battered him from behind and kick him down. The Singhs took an early advantage, yet Styles fast rebounded and strike an violent Styles Clash from a second rope, dropping one Singh onto a other for a win. Angered by their failures, Mahal strike any Singh with The Khallas after a match.
  • There was another book of Fashion Files. It was a take-off on “Saw.” These segments jumped a shark weeks ago. Now they’re only consistently bad and clearly heading positively nowhere.

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