WWE SmackDown results, recap: Raw and The Shield invade, Charlotte wins a title

November 15, 2017 - WWE

WWE indispensable a clever build to Survivor Series, and that is accurately what a association achieved during a past dual weeks on both Raw and SmackDown Live. Tuesday night’s uncover was well-developed as it told a finish story on dual hours streamer into an approaching though nonetheless sparkling conclusion.

A new champion was crowned, blue-brand feuds were modernized and a theatre was set for what is arguably WWE’s third-biggest pay-per-view of a year. Check out a summation and examination below, and be certain to lapse to CBS Sports on Sunday for live coverage of Survivor Series.

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The Shield leads a Raw invasion

In a center of a compare between The New Day and a group of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, The Shield’s song strike and a Hounds of Justice strolled by a throng and into a ring. The 5 SmackDown superstars stood together usually for Owens and Zayn to embankment New Day before The Shield entered a ring to conflict their opponents on Sunday. The Usos ran out from a behind and stared down Roman Reigns for a second before Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins took caring of them. Sheamus and Cesaro afterwards entered a ring to assistance as a Raw women were shown backstage invading a locker room. The masculine rosters afterwards ran in from a throng and backstage area, though usually as SmackDown was removing a tip hand, Raw ubiquitous manager Kurt Angle seemed from a behind and brought out Braun Strowman, who privileged a trail to a ring and spotless house.

The Shield forced SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon to demeanour around a ring during all of his depressed superstars before Angle grabbed him by a face. “You consider this is bad?! Wait until Sunday,” Angle said, instructing The Shield to cavalcade McMahon with a Triple Powerbomb. Angle afterwards carried him adult for a Angle Slam, though with scarcely dual mins left on a show, everybody stood around in a ring not doing most of anything. The Shield strike McMahon with one some-more Triple Powerbomb before a Raw register distinguished on stage.

While this advance was telegraphed for weeks, it did not indispensably disappoint. The go-home shred of a go-home uncover for Survivor Series achieved accurately what it is ostensible to, that is surprisingly not always common for WWE streamer into large pay-per-views. Say what we will about how a #undersiege angle started, though WWE unequivocally came together over a final two-plus weeks to book Raw and SmackDown unusually strong.

There are apparent elements that will come during Survivor Series, including Owens and Zayn factoring into a McMahon elimination, Kane doing a same for Strowman, etc. Nevertheless, there is so most star energy during a tip of this label that there’s no approach WWE screws it adult … right?

A special night for a Flairs

In front of her hometown crowd, Charlotte Flair challenged Natalya for her SmackDown women’s championship. Flair took some odd risks, including environment adult for a moonsault from a tip of a barricade; Natalya grabbed Flair and powerbombed her spine-first into a ring post instead. With Flair knocked out, Natalya sealed a challenger in a Sharpshooter though could not get a submission. Flair afterwards forced Natalya out of a ring, booted her in a face when she reentered and sealed in a Figure Eight to make a champ tap. Women’s Championship — Charlotte def. Natalya (c) around acquiescence to win a title

After a match, a new champion called out Raw women’s champion Alexa Bliss and betrothed to better her during Survivor Series. She afterwards thanked a Charlotte throng and — with tears in her eyes — dedicated a feat to her father, Ric Flair, who she pronounced was examination from home. To Charlotte’s surprise, Ric’s song strike and a 16-time universe heavyweight champion met her on a theatre for an romantic impulse we can watch below.

It’s allergies, we tell you. While a pretension change was a bit of a warn — we approaching Flair to win a tag during a Starrcade residence uncover after this month — it give us a illusory Flair-Bliss compare during Survivor Series that will make a already-stacked label even some-more exciting. As for her father’s return, it was a illusory impulse that authorised WWE fans to see Ric though holding any of a spotlight off of Charlotte winning a championship. Here’s anticipating Ric’s liberation continues and we see copiousness some-more of him on WWE TV over a years.

What else happened on SmackDown?

  • McMahon pep talk, Daniel Bryan speech: SmackDown began with an apparently pre-taped shred with McMahon station on a theatre perplexing to get his code juiced for Survivor Series. McMahon betrothed SmackDown would turn “the show” in WWE and that nobody could stop them on Sunday. 
  • Daniel Bryan advocates for AJ Styles: In a ring, ubiquitous manager Bryan betrothed SmackDown would be prepared for a intensity Raw advance and guaranteed his code will be winning on Sunday. He afterwards introduced Styles, a new WWE champion, and offering to be his personal disciple for a night. Bryan proceeded to ridicule Paul Heyman’s introduction of concept champion Brock Lesnar and impute to Lesnar as a quitter for withdrawal WWE once and drumming out to a “half-assed knee bar” in UFC. He went on to contend Lesnar does not have anywhere nearby Styles’ stamina and that a WWE champion will mentally conquer Lesnar during Survivor Series. “I can talk, I’m not a puppet like Brock Lesnar,” Styles added. “… we will find a approach — to a final exhale in my physique — we will find a approach to kick Brock Lesnar and infer that SmackDown Live is a ‘A show.'” After a break, Jinder Mahal told Styles backstage he will recover a WWE title.
  • United States Championship — Baron Corbin (c) def. Sin Cara around pinfall to keep a title: Corbin’s had his best matches with Sin Cara; they unequivocally work good together. He eventually strike End of Days for a 1-2-3.
  • McMahon and Bryan crush it out: Backstage, Bryan pronounced — after Survivor Series — he needs to have a review with McMahon about never consulting him about #undersiege. When McMahon attempted to explain himself, Bryan gave him a palm and left.
  • Bludgeon Brothers vignette: The final one, hopefully, as they lapse subsequent week.
  • Jimmy Uso def. Chad Gable around pinfall: Once Shelton Benjamin and Jey Uso got concerned on a ring apron and outside, Jimmy Uso took advantage of a dreaming Gable with a superkick for a purify win.
  • The New Day vs. Kevin Owens Sami Zayn ends in a no contest: Owens and Zayn complained backstage about not being on Survivor Series, blaming McMahon and observant they should be a ones confronting The Shield. The New Day cut a promo in a ring about how The Shield is usually together for preference and is not a genuine team. Their compare got underway though was never finished due to a invasion.

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